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Swedish Snus Reviews

Here is where we gather all of our Swedish Snus reviews so it's easier for you to find them. Our goal is to have reviews of all the Swedish Snus brands. If you're missing your favorite brand or some flavor you think we should review please write us an email. 

Swedish Match

Catch Madison Avenue, White Mini Portion
Catch Pure Mint, Medium White Portion
Catch Licorice, White Portion 
Catch Licorice, White Portion (by Sarah)
General Stong White, Mini Portion 
General Classic White Strong Portion
General Long, Strong Portion 
General Nordic Mint, Portion  
General Wintergreen, White Portion
Grovsnus Portion
Göteborg's Rapé Lime, Large White Portion by Sarah
Göteborg's Rapé Lime, Large White Portion by Anna 
Göteborg's Prima Fint, Loose Snus 
Jägarpris Orginal Portion
Kaliber White Portion
Kronan White Portion 
Nick & Johnny Radical Red Chili, Extra Strong Portion
Nick & Johnny White Heat, Strong White Portion 
Nick & Johnny Black Tarmac, Licorice Xstrong Portion
Onico, Nicotine Free Snus Portion 
Röda Lacket, White Portion 
Röda Lacket, Loose Snus


Gotland Anis, Loose Snus 
Gotländskt Sommarsnus (Summer snus)
Gotländskt Julesnus (Christmas Snus)
Jakobsson's Melon, Strong Portion
Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion
Jakobsson's Wintergreen, Strong Portion 
Jakobsson's Fläder (Elderflower), Portion
Jakobsson's Icefruit, Portion

V2 Tobacco

Offroad Coola, White Portion
Offroad Coola, White Portion by Kristi
Offroad Licorice, White Portion
Offroad Licorice, Loose
Offroad Mint, White Mini Portion
Offroad Eucalyptus, White Mini Portion
Phantom/Rothbrix Blue, White Portion 
Phantom/Rothbrix Brown, Loose
Thunder Cool Orange, Extra Strong Portion 
Thunder Raw Frosted, Ultra Strong Portion  
Thunder Frosted, Extra Strong Loose  
Thunder Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion
Thunder Berry Blend, Extra Strong Portion 
Thunder Cool Mint, White Portion 
Thunder Wintergreen White Portion
Nordströmmen Julesnus Portion
Nordstömmen Julesnus Loose


Al Capone Mint, White purified mini portion  
Northerner Wintergreen, White purified mini portion
Northerner Boost, White purified mini portion
Northerner Licorice/Lemon, White purified mini portion 


White Bite Fresh Mint & Citrus Mint

Oden's Tobacco

Odens 69 White, Portion
Oden's Cold Portion 
Odens Extreme Portion
Odens Extreme 59 (cinnamon), Loose Snus  
Oden's Extreme 69, White Dry Portion
Oden's Extreme Cold Portion 
Oden's Extreme Cold Dry, White Portion 
Oden's Extreme Licorice, Portion 
Odens Licorice, Portion 
Odens Licorice, Extra Strong Portion
Oden's Extreme Wintergreen, Portion

Skruf Snus

Skruf Xtra Stark White, White Strong Portion
Skruf Slim Xtra Stark, Slim Portion


Pioneer snuff

Pure Nordic

Pure Nordic Liquorish, White Mini Portion
Pure Nordic Icemint, Strong Portion  
Pure Nordic Classic, Portion

AG Snus

Blue Ocean, Blue Portion
Kapten Original Portion
Kapten White Portion

SPT Tobacco

Wow! Wintermint, White Portion

American Snus 

Discreet Cool Mint
Discreet Emerald Ice
Discreet Full Flavor
Discreet Peach
Discreet Strawberry



More coming up soon! 

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