snus from a female point of view

Snus Manufacturing

Swedish Snus Manufacturing

We have had the privilage to visit 2 of the Swedish Snus manufacturers so far. It's very interesting to see how our beloved snus is made from scratch. If you want us to write about your factory, feel free to contact us.


The Gotlandssnus Factory
One of the highest quality brands on the market today is Jakobsson's. Click on the link above to see how it's made.  

Interview With Jimmy Karlsson
It was very exciting to finally get to meet Jimmy Karlsson at Gotlandssnus. I had a lot of questions and he had all the answers.

V2 Tobacco

The V2 Tobacco Factory
Thunder, Phantom/Rothbrix, Offroad, Nordstömmen is all manufactured in this modern factory. I was highly impressed when meeting the V2 brothers, Patrick and Marc. Their innovative minds is really something to envy.

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