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Other Blogs

Other snus blogs we follow. Enjoy!

Smokeless Aficionado:
All smokeless tobacco gathered in one place. Find reviews on Swedish snus, E-cigarettes, Dissolvable, Chewing tobacco, Dry snuff and a lot more. This web page is run by my good friend Rob. He really writes the best reviews and I'm a big fan.

These guys have the latest snus news, Swedish snus reviews, video reviews and overall good information about snus and how to use it. This was the blog that made me wanna try snus in the first place. Thank you Snubie.

Dr. Snus:
This is a really cool snus blog. Good reviews often with a little fun input to it.

Snus Authority:
A really good site to learn about snus, health aspects of snus and of course read Swedish snus reviews.

A British guy writing a lot about EU and snus as well as awesome snus reviews.

The Northerner Blog:
Always find the latest snus news and Swedish snus reviews, guides about quitting smoking and more. 

Velvet Glove, Iron Fist:
A political blog with a lot of articles about snus.

Smokes & Steel:
Both Cigar and Swedish Snus reviews.

Chainin Nuuskablogi
A snus blog in Finnish.

Video blog, this one also in Finnish. Wish I understood what he's saying :)

Snusy Girl
This blog translates our reviews to korean language! Awesome!!

Snus Tastings 
This is a new snusblog that I'm really excited to follow!

If you have a snus blog that I should follow, feel free to contact me

2 comments on "Other Blogs"
  1. Anonymous29.3.14

    What about SnusOn? One of the best for information and discussion regarding snus imo.

  2. It's an excellent snus blog that will our snus fan to know more about Swedish snus!