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Sting Free Snus Might Be Available Soon

We might be able to see a Sting Free Swedish Snus on the market very soon. A product that can not only improve the gum health of snus users but also a product that inventor Bengt Wiberg believe can save tobacco smokers lives. I spoke to Bengt again, about his invention and how he believes that Sting Free snus can change the future.

"Snus is scientifically proven considerably less harmful than smoking. According to the WHO more than 6 million smokers dies prematurely annually to a cost for the world society of about $1,1 trillion. Worldwide, one billion smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings with cigarettes instead of snus ... until now", he starts. Bengt's patent has already been approved in Sweden but he also has a patent pending in the USA and the rest of Europe. 

Almost half of Swedish Snus users find the sting unpleasant.
I know a lot of you (including me) have come to like the sting. I even know a person who put a piece of ginger under their upper lip when they quit using snus, because the sting was more difficult to give up than the nicotine.
Turns out though, according to a survey conducted among over 600 Swedish Snus users - that only 11% of women and 17% of men found the burning feeling in their gums pleasant.

Imagine trying snus for the first time and you feel a strong burning feeling under your upper lip, wouldn't that make you wonder if there is something wrong with the product? Maybe you are sensitive to it? Maybe it's just not a good option for you? I have heard from a lot of people that try snus for the first time, and are worried about the "sting". They are wondering why this happens and if there are any alternatives, very soon we might be able to tell them about one.

High Demand
Customers are already asking tobacco store owners about the sting free snus product that does not yet exist on the market and not surprisingly Bengt has also found people ready to invest in a his invention. His story has spread and been covered many times, both in blogs and newspapers over the world. He says he is most proud of an article in Dagens Hälsa (Today's Health) The biggest newspaper for health matters in Scandinavia. 
"Imagine a tobacco product, Sting Free Snus in this case, being promoted by a paper for health. This is the first time any such thing has happened.", he says. 
He was also awarded the prize for best business idea in Venture cup, a big competition for Entrepreneurs in Sweden and just recently he was in the TV show "Företagsänglarna" which is the Swedish version of the TV show Shark Tank or Dragon's Den. It will be aired this fall and he cannot yet speak about the outcome. 

His patented invention is not actually a new tobacco product, but a membrane that gives snus manufacturers the possibility to make their products pain free!
The ultra-thin membrane can be integrated in the sachet production of snus. Think, almost like a patch that protects a wound. "The best thing is that it does not affect taste, smell or nicotine experience", he says.

Easier for Smokers to Embrace Tobacco Harm Reduction
Bengt speaks about how Sweden has one of the lowest rates of tobacco related mortality in the world. Sweden also has one of the lowest rates of smokers in the world, still Swedes consume just as much tobacco as other EU countries, but Swedes use snus more and instead of cigarettes. 
 "Still there is one million Swedes (11 % of the population) who haven’t been able to quit smoking although snus have been available for almost 200 years. Now you might ask yourself why?" Bengt says. 

If we go back to the survey above again, 4 out of 10 snus users consider the stinging of the snus "unpleasant". Bengt also tells me about another survey that shows that 7 out of 10 snus users in Sweden are former smokers.
 "You don’t have to be a professor in order to draw the conclusion that a big number of smokers can’t bear the pain of the stinging of snus and therefore continue smoking in spite of the snus availability The patented Sting Free Snus has solved the snus pain on gum and oral mucosa problem. Thus there will be much easier to embrace harm reduction, by switching cigarettes for snus, in the future. Smoking kills – Snus doesn't.", says Bengt.

A representative for Swedish Snus Store told me they would be very interested in adding a Sting Free Snus product to their assortment of Swedish snus "I believe there would be a demand for this type of product and that it would have especially big potential for those that use snus a lot. With a lot I mean they pretty much have a portion in 24/7. Sometimes these people can have problems with their gums and a Sting Free Snus could really help them", he says.


How Kathie Quit Smoking After 35 Years.

Altid spitless tobacco free nicotine pouch

When I met Kathie a couple of years ago, she had no intentions to quit smoking. Ever. I kept her company during her smoke breaks and enjoyed the smell of cigarette smoke. Interestingly enough, I still love the smell even though I have not had a cigarette in over 7 years. Of course I offered her to try my Swedish Snus, but she had no interest at all. She loved her cigarettes and did not plan to retire them anytime soon. 

Was I surprised when I received a text from Kathie a couple of months ago, saying she had quit smoking? YES! I instantly knew I had to interview her for Snus Girl.

A Long Time Smoker

Kathie had been smoking 10-12 cigarettes a day pretty consistent for 35 years. In June 2016 she was so busy at work, she found herself stuck at her desk for hours without any opportunity for a smoke break.
"I purchased a starter vape to try that and I used altid in conjunction with the vape, then without realizing it stopped using the vape and I was only using altid", Kathie tells me.

What Is Altid?

Altid is a tobacco free, spitless nicotine pouch that you put in your upper lip so the nicotine can be absorbed by the mucous membranes in your gums. The nicotine is derived from tobacco, however the product does not contain any tobacco or salt like Swedish snus does. Altid is also more effective in delivering nicotine to your blood stream which can make the nicotine content seem higher than in Swedish Snus. Altid is simply nicotine, food grade colorings and a gum base. The gum base gives you the option to chew gently on the pouch to release more nicotine.
"I never did try Swedish Snus.  I loved smoking but not the taste of tobacco if that makes any sense", Kathie explained.

How Kathie Quit Smoking 

Being a former smoking myself I know how hard it can be to quit. I asked Kathie about her recipe for success.
"That's the funny thing. I never intended to quit smoking. I loved smoking. I started using altid and when I would have a cigarette it tasted completely disgusting. I didn't need the nicotine fix as much as before because of the altid. All of a sudden, I just didn't want to smoke anymore", she says.
Kathie is happy that she gave up smoking. Now she is noticing how much easier she is breathing. As an extra bonus she tells us that altid helps her from overeating. "Finish your meal, slip in a pouch and you won't eat more than you intended", she adds.

When Discreet & Convenient is a Preference.   

Kathie says what she loves most about altid is the taste and the convenience.
"Nobody has to know you have the pouch in your lip unless you tell them. There is no spitting. You can drink with it in. The taste of the flavors is unbeatable. They really are so good", says Kathie.
altid comes in four flavors and three different strengths. Kathie uses all of the flavors, but is fast to claim wintergreen as her favorite.
"The tastes vary so much from flavor to flavor. If you want sweet, go with Dragon Fruit, it reminds me of berries and cotton candy. Wintergreen tastes exactly like a Wintergreen lifesaver. Ice mint is a wonderful pepperminty flavor and Citrus Mint gives you that hint of orange and lemon with a little mint", she describes.

Saving Money

Not only is Kathie's health better since quitting smoking. She is also saving a lot of money. She used to spend over $150 a month on cigarettes. She tells us a can of altid would last her about a week and is only $3.36 at Northerner.
I ask her if she misses smoking and she tells med there are triggers that makes her miss it.
"I have tried one or two since I started using altid and while I miss the general idea of smoking, I do NOT miss the taste or smell."

Easier Than She Thought

Kathie's story sure is inspiring. For a lot of people quitting smoking is a huge endeavor, but for her it came naturally when using another product. Lastly I ask her if she has any advice for other people struggling to quit smoking.
"You would be shocked at how much you will love altid id as an alternative to smoking. I never ever thought I would be able to quit that easily.  If you had told me this product would have me quit smoking in about 2 days I would have laughed at you. The taste and ease of it makes all the difference in the world."

You can buy altid online and in a selection of stores in the US.
Go to their webpage to learn more about altid. You can also find contact information if you would like to find stores that carry their products.

Now it's your turn, have you ever been a smoker? How did you quit? Ever tried altid? Would love to hear your stories.

Love, Snus Girl