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Skruf Xtra Stark White Portion Review

Skruf Extra Strong White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Skruf Extra Strong White Portion Snus I am obsessed with Skruf now! Last night I put in a list of requests to the awesome Snus Girl, that included just about every product in their range including: los, tranbar (cranberry), the strong mint and the new organic tobacco portions (can’t wait to taste and review them all!)
Today is all about the Skruf extra sterk white portion. I've seen these white packaged portions around the traps for years and I know they have quite a cult like following. Once again I kick myself for not trying skruf earlier, but it’s all good. What attracts me to sterk now is not just the great taste or the awesome strength, but the quality of the tobacco they use. I was reading on their website today, through their terribly atrocious English translation, that they source their tobacco from the finest selections around the world. I believe it too. Skruf has a clean and smooth taste with a long lasting nic hit. They started like most of us wish we could do in life. Follow our dreams and start a small company doing what we love to do the most, and from that love, comes a commitment to quality and longevity.

Can Design

The can is unmistakably Skruf and a sharp marketing ploy on their behalf.  Early in modern snus
production days, most cans were either black or earth tones and by creating a solid white can, Skruf stood out from the crowd. The 4 dot strength indication is also present meaning STRONG! I'm starting to love this 4 dot system makes my mouth water and my heart palpitate just looking at it.

Delightful Smell

The smell is delightful. A rich tobacco with grapefruit tones and rose oil. A lot richer than most
bergamot scented snus, and I love that the tobacco comes through.  One of my favorite things in the world to do is smell cigars. I love to compare the mellow and the mild, the strong and rich, and I am happy when these qualities transfer over to snus, I truly appreciate quality and strength.
Skruf Xtra Strong White and Skruf Xtra Strong Slim Portions

Used To Be The Strongest Portions

Strength, yea, these portions have a whole bunch! They used to be the strongest portions on the market back in the day. Now of course they have several competitors. It’s almost like companies are in competition with each other, who can make the strongest palatable snus (and V2 is questionable, just kidding! I love you junkie V2!) :)  The exact Mg is not readily disclosed by Skruf, but in estimate its about 17-19mg per portion.  Rather high but not the strongest anymore. Surprisingly these portions don’t really have an effect on me as far as head spins or total snus inhalation, but I do notice that if I have a lot of strong portions at night I get very drowsy. I always thought tobacco was a stimulant, hmph…maybe I have ADHD or something, either that or my heart is giving out. :)

Strong Taste

Skruf Xtra Stark Snus Portion
The taste is rather strong for a white portion, i was pleasantly surprised.  If your into citrus and Turkish delight you will love these!  The flavor is long lasting, slightly salty and very invigorating! Skruf sure has their stuff together with the moisture content. Once again i can keep a portion in for a good hour with no drip. enough to keep the portion moist, but not enough to cause that horrible brown run down your to love that!  Im interested to try their regular extra sterk portions to get a comparison between the two, but im sure they are just as awesome.  Being a white portion i was concerned about dryness and unadequate flavor and nicotine absorption.  Lets just say that there is nothing left to be desired and the portions are still reasonably moist for a white variety. Ahh skruf, please dont become my new lover, you are too much of a pain in the ass to get from the Swedish factory all the time!

It's Everything You Want...

I would have these or any Skruf product again in a heartbeat. Its one of the very few snus's that has so many good things going for it.If you have ever sat and wondered...hmmm...I wish this snus had such and such, then give Skruf a try, I'm sure it's everything you want out of tobacco and more! The cost is also affordable and competitive with other decent and good quality snus.

Im really looking forward to what Skruf has in store for us in the near future....we will keep you posted! :)

Written By Sarah S

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  1. Anonymous26.4.13

    Nicotine is a stimulant, but.. too much and it has the opposite effect. Search nicotinic receptor blockade or anticholinergic effect. Imagine the receptor as a your arms doing a push up, do too many and your arms are too tire to move for awhile. Fire a stimulating receptor too many times and it gets tired and needs to recharge, temporarily shutting off the receptor and giving the opposite effect, i.e. drowsiness. Over simplified but at least know that it is the nicotine, not your ADHD. Keep snusing.

  2. i HATE this snus.

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