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Catch Collection Madison Avenue Review

Madison Avenue Rich Mint

Swedish Snus Review

The first thing that hit me when I put this portion under my lip was – This reminds me of a mint
candy my grandmother used to buy when I was a kid. I got a little nostalgic. It was a mint-toffee kind of candy and I remember my grandmother always carrying these mint-toffee’s in her purse during the time she was trying to quit smoking.  Me and my sister loved walking around with her in the city, because every 15 minutes we would stop and get a candy. My grandmother was very close to me and even though she died when I was nine, I still miss her a lot. I have the cigarettes to blame for her being ripped out of my life far too early.

Mmmmm Mint!

This is one of the best mint flavors I’ve tried. It has both a little sweetness and a saltiness to it. The mint flavor combined with the hints of caramel is a perfect match. You can also still taste the tobacco very mildly in the background. It’s a very fresh, rich mint flavor that gives you a nice subtle burn under your lip. What makes me sad is that this is a Catch Collection snus which means that this flavor will eventually go away and be replaced with a new one. I really want Madison Avenue to stay!! I might just start a petition for that!

A Nice Treat

I carried this snus with me on our road trip to Grand Canyon last week. With an angry 1 year old screaming in the backseat this was a much needed treat. The nicotine at 4mgs per portion doesn’t really do it for me, but that means I can use them more often and with this amazing flavor I tend to pop another portion in after just a while. It’s good to know you can do that without worrying about suffering from a nicotine overdose. 

The Organized Snus

This is a white mini portion snus and I could easily use 2 at a time if I needed more of a nicotine buzz. The portions are pretty moist compared to other white portions so you still get the freshness from a white portion but without the feeling of it sucking all the moisture out of your mouth. I also like Swedish Match’s mini snus cans. They are cute and tiny and fits into my small purse packed with other things I don’t need, but forget to take out (like my 1,5 inch pile of old receipts and coupons). Since I’m obviously pretty unorganized it’s good to have something that is, and this snus as well as many other Swedish Match products has the neat star formation which means the portions are organized in a star pattern as you can see on the picture below.

Overall this is a really good snus, I don’t have anything negative to say about it except maybe you would want a little higher nicotine level, but then again that’s easily fixed; These portions are small so you can easily have two in at the same time. This is a really good snus with a flavor that to me is just divine! It took me back a lot of years to good memories hidden away somewhere back in my mind. I’ll make sure to pick up a few more of these before they disappear from the market!
Thank you Swedish Match for an awesome snus!

Written by Josie

Skruf Xtra Stark White Portion Review

Skruf Extra Strong White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Skruf Extra Strong White Portion Snus I am obsessed with Skruf now! Last night I put in a list of requests to the awesome Snus Girl, that included just about every product in their range including: los, tranbar (cranberry), the strong mint and the new organic tobacco portions (can’t wait to taste and review them all!)
Today is all about the Skruf extra sterk white portion. I've seen these white packaged portions around the traps for years and I know they have quite a cult like following. Once again I kick myself for not trying skruf earlier, but it’s all good. What attracts me to sterk now is not just the great taste or the awesome strength, but the quality of the tobacco they use. I was reading on their website today, through their terribly atrocious English translation, that they source their tobacco from the finest selections around the world. I believe it too. Skruf has a clean and smooth taste with a long lasting nic hit. They started like most of us wish we could do in life. Follow our dreams and start a small company doing what we love to do the most, and from that love, comes a commitment to quality and longevity.

Can Design

The can is unmistakably Skruf and a sharp marketing ploy on their behalf.  Early in modern snus
production days, most cans were either black or earth tones and by creating a solid white can, Skruf stood out from the crowd. The 4 dot strength indication is also present meaning STRONG! I'm starting to love this 4 dot system makes my mouth water and my heart palpitate just looking at it.

Delightful Smell

The smell is delightful. A rich tobacco with grapefruit tones and rose oil. A lot richer than most
bergamot scented snus, and I love that the tobacco comes through.  One of my favorite things in the world to do is smell cigars. I love to compare the mellow and the mild, the strong and rich, and I am happy when these qualities transfer over to snus, I truly appreciate quality and strength.
Skruf Xtra Strong White and Skruf Xtra Strong Slim Portions

Used To Be The Strongest Portions

Strength, yea, these portions have a whole bunch! They used to be the strongest portions on the market back in the day. Now of course they have several competitors. It’s almost like companies are in competition with each other, who can make the strongest palatable snus (and V2 is questionable, just kidding! I love you junkie V2!) :)  The exact Mg is not readily disclosed by Skruf, but in estimate its about 17-19mg per portion.  Rather high but not the strongest anymore. Surprisingly these portions don’t really have an effect on me as far as head spins or total snus inhalation, but I do notice that if I have a lot of strong portions at night I get very drowsy. I always thought tobacco was a stimulant, hmph…maybe I have ADHD or something, either that or my heart is giving out. :)

Strong Taste

Skruf Xtra Stark Snus Portion
The taste is rather strong for a white portion, i was pleasantly surprised.  If your into citrus and Turkish delight you will love these!  The flavor is long lasting, slightly salty and very invigorating! Skruf sure has their stuff together with the moisture content. Once again i can keep a portion in for a good hour with no drip. enough to keep the portion moist, but not enough to cause that horrible brown run down your to love that!  Im interested to try their regular extra sterk portions to get a comparison between the two, but im sure they are just as awesome.  Being a white portion i was concerned about dryness and unadequate flavor and nicotine absorption.  Lets just say that there is nothing left to be desired and the portions are still reasonably moist for a white variety. Ahh skruf, please dont become my new lover, you are too much of a pain in the ass to get from the Swedish factory all the time!

It's Everything You Want...

I would have these or any Skruf product again in a heartbeat. Its one of the very few snus's that has so many good things going for it.If you have ever sat and wondered...hmmm...I wish this snus had such and such, then give Skruf a try, I'm sure it's everything you want out of tobacco and more! The cost is also affordable and competitive with other decent and good quality snus.

Im really looking forward to what Skruf has in store for us in the near future....we will keep you posted! :)

Written By Sarah S


Skruf Slim Extra Strong Portion Review

Skruf Slim Extra Stark Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Out of all the snus cruise ship gifts this is the one that tantalized my extremities the most, finally,
Skruf Extra Strong Slim Portion
another long and strong portion to add to my regular usage collection. Yall know how I feel about long and strong. Its seems to be my motivation in life, to seek out the longest and strongest of them all ;)  To me, long portions just make more sense and the comfort and enjoyment factor is off the charts good! I am sorry to say that I have never tried Skruf before. I guess because it is not available to us American’s anymore and back in the day, I was too busy chasing highly flavored candy snus to stand up and take much notice, Shame on me! And now that I do truly appreciate strong and natural flavored snus it becomes unavailable. Isn’t that always the way? Happens all the time with my make-up brands!

Lucky for me I have good friends who can help a sister out, and in turn I can review the exlusive Nordic products so when you do get to try it, you know all the good stuff! J


According to AB tobacco, the packaging of Skruf extra sterk slim is “really innovative, that fits into
all social situations, but distinguishes it from all other products on the market.” Haha ok.  I don’t see it being different from the new packaging that SM or odens has adopted, but I do like the new designs. 

Skruf Strength Indication System

Skruf now comes with a circle dot indication system on the side of the can, indicating the strength of
the tobacco. For example 2 dots is regular and 4 dots is extra strong. According to AB this provides easier strength detection to people who might be new to snus and unsure of the strength they are buying. Extra sterk slim had approximately 19 grams of nicotine per portion, which is remarkably strong snus and is marginally comparable with other strong snus on the market, for example: odens extreme, thunder RAW and Extra sterk Swedish Match products.


Bergamot and Rose Oil

The Smell of Skruf is similar to all bergamot scented snus but with a very important and enjoyable difference. Skruf adds rose oil to their tobacco which is wonderfully exotic. It adds almost a sweet floral undertone that once you smell through the bergamot you get a subtle warmth and difference in  character. I'm sure that if skruf was the snus that non snusers smelled first, they wouldn’t have the sudden urge to vomit and turn away in disgust. Even I made a point never to smell snus when I first started using. I would hold my breath and then breathe out through my nose to avoid accidental inhalation. Now I don’t care, and love to bury my nose in all things snus.

The Taste of Skruf

Thankfully the taste is very similar to the smell. I was so hoping this was going to be the case. I've
been craving a full bodied tasty portion for a while now. The bergamot is definitely there AND you can taste the subtlety of the rose oil!  This is such a treat, I wish more snus’s had flavored oil additives that didn’t stop and end with peppermint. I could so see a lavender or a rosemary or even a Frankincense. OMG, we could have a whole biblical herb collection! I soo need to have my own snus manufacturer, my wants and desires are endless!

Strength and Nicotine Level

Now back to the strength, Hmm a slight letdown.  For some reason it doesn’t seem that strong to me, I've done 2 portions in the last hour and then had to do a pris of loose. That never happened with odens or thunder but then again, I've been hitting the sterk portions hard lately so it could just be me and my current nicotine tolerance. No I definitely think Odens and thunder sterk are stronger, or maybe its the portion material on Skruf.  Its thicker then others on the market and the portions seem rather dry. Almost like a white portion but a little more moisture content. So if you want a quick nicotine hit go for a V2 product, and if you want a slow long delivery, forget about my need for instant gratification and try Skruf! :)

Written By Sarah S