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White Bite 6mg Fresh Mint and Citrus Mint Review

White Bite

Tobacco Derived Nicotine Pouches 

Don’t we all just love new and exciting products!!! I know I do and I have the best job ever, getting the opportunity to try new things and review them all.  I have been hearing rumors from the snus king for a while now about a new portion that is also like a chewing gum! well almost. A snus that you chew and then place up in your lip and then chew again every time you want a little extra flavor and nicotine.

No Tobacco

I first tried this on Christmas day. The king and I were watching people hurt themselves on you tube and was nice enough to offer me a portion and explain to me how awesome and innovative these new products are. I am all about 'snus's that are targeted at wide audiences and are considered more of a food product then an oral tobacco, and as it turns out White Bite contains no tobacco at all! none! So really you can't call this product snus. The real name for it is Tobacco Derived Nicotine Pouches. I'm gonna call it snus anyway, it's easier for me that way.

Discreet Packaging

White bite comes in the same packaging as Northerner purified snus. A sleek oval sleeve with a top opening lid and an ever convenient used portion holder. The perfect size to put into a pocket or a purse and the discreet size is one of its appealing features. Its taken me a while to realize that not everybody likes a dirty big mouthful of los under their lip and a big tin in the pocket, I know, crazy right!

Super Strong For a 6mg

The product line is simple but effective. 2 flavors: Fresh Mint and Fresh Citrus Mint that come in either
1, 3 or 6mg's of nicotine... This i found interesting. As most of you know I am a strong snus user and simply do not like any weaker forms of snus as I don't get enough of a hit. The cans I got sent were both in 6mg and I thought that I would just have to use 2 portions to get the same effect as my usual snus varieties but NOOO, one 6mg was more then adequate. I didn't think this could be right so I waited an hour until I was totally hanging for a nice hit and once again, I put one 6 mg in and it did the trick! It totally curbed my cravings and left me satiated and satisfied. Another awesome fact is that when it is getting low on nicotine you take it down and give it a little chew and stick it back up again and its good as new. I also tested its durability and due to the fact that there is no tobacco drip you can keep a portion in for literally hours! Just be sure to take it out before bed unless you want a portion in your lungs ;)

Another consideration is that White Bite is quite economical. With one portion in for hours you can replace 3-4 portions of your regular snus making a 20 portion tin last a lot longer then normal, which is great for the one a day caners like me! it might last me 2-3 days for a change.

Tobacco Derived Nicotine

White Bite's main ingredient is tobacco derived Nicotine Bitartrate, the pure crystalline salt of
nicotine, so it's basically the equivalent to nicotine wonder it's so effective! Who needs that pesky tobacco stuff when you can get a direct line right into your gums. mmmmm! The nicotine also comes on a lot quicker then tobacco based oral products and acts almost instantly. I'm also curious to see how well the 1 and 3 mg portions work, i will ask snus girl to hook me up and I will get back to you on that one.

How To Use White Bite

Learning how to use the portions takes a little bit of work. I was so keen to try the first portion I bit into it like a kid on a chocolate cake and the bag split open in my mouth. The same thing happened with the second portion as I bit down on it with my sharp eye teeth. Third time is a charm and this time I got it. You use the dull molar teeth in the back to give it a few chomps and you are ready to go.  You will know because the portion gets moist, firm and has a gum like quality to it.


I will break down the flavor and smell into each of the flavor varieties:

Fresh Mint: Tastes exactly like a menthol cigarette but with more of a minty burn to it. Nothing like any snus i have tasted before and can only compare the taste with menthol cigarettes and e-cig cartridges, for which White Bite tastes a whole lot better! I was also surprised by the level of burn this has, and it has one dont worry! It's not like thunder or anything but it is strong.  The smell is very mild compared to the taste but once it mixes with the saliva in your mouth the portion turns harder like chewing gum and the flavor just comes alive!

Fresh Citrus Mint: Ohhh this one is my favorite! It tastes just like a cross between a  Mojito and A Margarita cocktail...Its delicious! A little bit of sweetness, strong vibrant lemons and limes, an undertone of mint and a total fresh breath experience. I'm renaming this Margajito! I actually like the clean pure taste of these portions as they have no overpowering tobacco taste.  Dont get me wrong, i loves me some good tobacco, but sometimes it's just nice to have something pure and simple without the heaviness.

Discreet Mini Pouches

The pouches are mini's and are only 1/3 of the way full of white crystalline powder, but expand to full capacity when mixed in your mouth. The material is soft and once again they last a long ass time! I literally forget that these portions are in my mouth and have to make a conscious effort to remove them.

Snus With a Purpose

As with all snus it has to have a purpose for me and I have found the perfect use for them as gaming snus. I'm a huge fan of civilization v and and White Bite will be perfect for me to chew on while i play for hours at a time, kicking the butts of teenagers in Korea and the Netherlands and taking on total world domination.

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my snus, down to ride til the very end, it's me and my snus...

Try it, you will love it!

Written By Sarah S

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    What manufacturer makes White Bite?