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Oden's Extreme Licorice Portion Review

Oden's Extreme Licorice Portion 

Swedish Snus Review

oden's extreme licorice portion
I am so so naughty! I've had these portions since Christmas and still haven’t written a review. Snus girl gave me half of her tin, plus sent me 3 more (which ive nearly used up!), definitely time to write the review now, and I should say I am the perfect person to write it since I’ve had 3 and a half tins! Lol

I guess I was just enjoying them too much. They are everything I want in a portion and incorporate my ideal that every snus should be.  They are strong, dark, licorice and delicious! Stormy is the word I use to describe them to people.  It’s like having a tornado in your mouth, with different elements and just when you think you can’t handle one characteristic, another one comes and knocks you out!

Every time I have a portion I have visions of Willy wonka and the chocolate factory (1971). Everyone is standing around and Violet tries the forbidden gum despite wonka’s warning.   “It’s the most amazing, sensational gum in the whole wide world! A 3 course meal in one piece! Bull, no roast beef but I haven’t quite got there yet!”

The Burn and Flavor

Oden's extreme snus canWhy you ask? Because Oden’s Extreme Lakrits has 3 major ever changing elements! First there is the burn, oh a burn that you are too apprehensive to leave right next to your gums and constantly move it around with your tongue till it dies down (that would be the tomato soup part), then the licorice comes through, it’s quite strong my friends, if you are not a fan of licorice then move along to Odens Cold, Kanel or Wintergreen.  (That’s the roast beef part), and then, just when you think you can’t take it anymore, a smooth mellow tobacco lingers in your mouth.  Now at this point we are up to the blueberry pie and I am expecting Oompa Loompa’s to break through my apartment door and roll me off to the juice extraction room.  Luckily for me that NEVER happens, although I would love to have one as a pet! Especially if he sang to me: “What do you get when you gobble up sweets, eating as much as an elephant eats” I could never get tired of that and would be running around my living room doing the Harlem Shake. J

Cool Design and Candy-like Licorice Smell

Oden's extreme portionOk back to reality; let’s talk about…the can! Classic Oden’s can in black, navy blue label embellished with bright red and gold, and don’t forget the classic Oden’s scavenger animals (wolves and crows) printed on the top of the lid, ready to pick my bones clean when I finally succumb to my tobacco addiction. Haha I’m kidding of course, I've never felt better in my life then when I started using snus!

The smell is very candy like and not that of true licorice root. Which is fine for me right now, im on a very low carb diet in preparation for a very special cruise in a few days, so candy is definitely off the menu and if I can have snus to stop my sweet AND nicotine cravings then it’s a win win!

Mega-strong Nicotine Snus

The portions are large, comfortable and medium filled but it’s the nicotine level that blows me away…22mg! that’s quite a lot and definitely one of the highest nic levels on the market, but yet it doesn’t give me headspins or make me feel ill.  Probably due to the fact that this is my favorite just before bed snus, so ive been eating all day and am already drowsy.  I don’t know if I could do this as soon as I wake up or if I have not had any strong portions that day, as the label says: caution, it can blow your mind, and if for someone who not used to strong snus, I believe it can! (Odens also has regular lakrits which is 9mg's of nicotine for those who find the extreme a little too strong)

Oden's extreme open canThe portions are regular and strong so they do have a little bit of a drip, but not as bad as thunder.  I sometimes have the habit of spitting my portions into a tissue when used up and its always interesting to see how well the strong portions can turn the whole thing brown with tobacco juice, yet surprisingly it never stains my teeth and i always use a whitening toothpaste so that helps as well. Me being as vein as i am, if i experienced any negative appearance from snus i would be the first one to stop it immediately, but so far so good!

My only complaint about Odens is that i wish the can contained more portions (its only 18 mg's).  It always seems to go so quickly. It does make sense considering its cheaper then the Swedish match products (that contain 24mg's), but i myself would not mind paying more per can if it could last a little longer.

I definitely want more of this snus and as mentioned above it has a place in my regular snus line up, i go to bed with it every night, but we never wake up together!  I recommend it to those who love licorice, even licorice candy and since it comes in 2 different strength's, there's literally something for everyone, as long as you like licorice of course! ENJOY! :)

Written By Sarah S

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