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Kapten White Portion Review

Kapten White Portion

Swedish Snus Review
Kapten White Portion Review
Ahhh what a lovely week at sea! A first cruise for all of us and the excitement wasn’t even stifled by the long check in and immigration process or the tight quarters on board the ship.  The prospect of time in Mexico and Catalina Island with friends had us all on a high and a quest for adventure.  Of course typical me, didn’t bring enough snus, but never fear Snus Girl is always prepared and came baring gifts.  These delightful specialties were brought over from the land of Vikings and Norsemen, and I felt very safe fairing the ocean with people from such a long seafaring tradition (and they did so much better than me who was sick on the first night!), there really is something to the concept of genetic predisposition. 

On the last day when my snus preserves where at an all-time low and we had a whole day at sea on the leg home, Snus Girl came to me with arms full of portioned snus. First came the challenge of taking photos, not an easy task when the waves were as high as a house, a grey sky and new bikini swimwear gone to waste with no hope of swimming on such a treacherous day.  We made the best of it and sat around drinking, laughing and trying all the different flavors from the European factories. (I’ll write reviews for them all I promise!)

Kapten snus is one I was really looking forward to trying. I ran around the ship frantically trying to
find the captain of the Carnival Inspiration to take a photo with him and the snus but alas, they keep him under lock and key.

Kapten White And Original PortionThe Can Design

Another product from AG snus, Kapten White portion stood out from the crowd with a bright white tin with rounded corners and a white and gold label which distinguishes it from its original portion relative. It also has a large used portion container on top which is a huge plus, especially when three people are using the same tin! Haha

Mmmm Bergamot

The smell is very similar to the original, but for some reason, is slightly spicier.  You still get the delicious Earl Grey that I love, (I even went to the store today and brought some earl grey tea so I could experience the total bergamot flavor invasion!)……. mmmmm Bergamot…..But you also get a spicier tobacco scent. I'm totally lost on where this comes from as far as the differences between the two, but it’s a nice variation that offers a different depth.
Kapten White Open Snus Tin

The Portions

The portions are quite large at 8mg regular strength, but unlike other brands, tuck nicely inside the upper lip with no visible overhang.  The material itself is also thick but has a silky texture to it. Quite bizarre to touch, they are slick, dry and smooth with a slight sticky feeling, especially when slightly squeezed. I call these my little cocoons.  A silky woven exterior with a grub inside, but instead of a grub its snus! Yay! I wish they felt as soft as silk on my gums, but due to the dry nature, are a little irritating.  I have to lick it before I stick it and then I am free to have an hour of non-irritating pleasure.  Another huge plus as mentioned before is the no drip factor!  I never thought I would find a snus that had no drip whatsoever and I am happy to say my search is over.  AG snus is where it’s at if you want something that is truly discreet, drip and spit free.

Kapten White And Original PortionsThe Taste

Now for the taste…ummmm……there is none! Nope, I can’t taste a thing, even when pressed with the tongue, all I can taste is a slight saltiness, but the flavor is just nonexistent.  I had to dip my portions into my cup of earl grey tea to get the flavor I longed for. Now to me this is not a good quality, but to others who are new to snus, or do not like the taste snus imparts on the mouth and nose cavity, then this is for you.  I will definitely be letting my friends who do not like the taste of snus try these.  Now they have nothing to complain about and have to quit smoking! Yeah!

My Opinion

AG snus provides a different snusing experience that is unlike any other brand, and you really have to try it to decide if its right for you or not.  To me as an experienced snuser, i feel like the products are unfinished.  Its like they are almost there in a lot of respects, but lack the final finishing touches that make some snus better then others and some enjoyable and others not. The good qualities of Kapten white outweigh the bad, but i like a snus full of strength and flavor, but i know others do not. So try it yourself and tell me what you think. I'll stick with the Kapten original, same great non drip benefits, but with some taste! :)

Written By Sarah S

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