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Kapten Original Portion Review

Kapten Original Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I’ve been hearing rumors for weeks about this magical Kapten snus that has been sent straight over
Kapten Original Portion from the Warehouse in Sweden. This intrigued me for multiple reasons.

1. I think I've tried most snus available in the US market now,
2. I've always wanted to try more AG snus products,
3. I'm always up for new flavors and a different take on the snus market. I don’t know if it’s just pure curiosity or if I am really looking for a new favorite to add to my line up. I’m guessing it’s kind of both…life would be pretty boring without snus.

A Nautical Theme

I'm noticing a theme here with AG snus, a water based theme that’s adventurous and oceanic! First the Blue Ocean, with light blue portions and now a range of Kapten snus that is a total polar opposite in both flavor and texture, but still with the nautical theme. Turns out AG has many brands now including Blue Ocean, Kapten, Jagarpris, and INK (more reviews of those to come).

The first thing I love is the packaging. AG really knows how to run with their theme and I guess because of their limited brand supply, they can afford to be a little more creative then somebody like V2 who relies on sales volume and diversity of product line. The white tin is very striking and the blue and gold strip is instantly Navy.  I would love to say that the insignia on the label is a genuine Danish Naval officers ranking colors but alas its not. (I already checked it out! Lol) But its still cool anyway and on our boat trip it was the perfect accompaniment.

Kapten Original Open TinThe Smell of Kapten Original

The Smell is something so different from any other snus but yet similar in some ways.  To me it smells like a really strong, good quality Earl grey tea. Yup that’s exactly what it smells like.  My favorite drink at starbucks is an earl grey tea latte with vanilla (called a London Fog), and smelling this bring me right back. I remember hearing the story of Wallis Simpson and all she would eat was earl grey tea and crackers to keep her size 6 figure.  It didn’t work with me but I guess I was using vanilla syrup and cookies instead. wonder! Lol




A Subtle Taste

The taste is very subtle.  All the bouquet of the bergamot is totally lost in the mouth and instead you are left with a salty ocean taste with a slight floral hint.  Not bad…not bad at all but definitely not the Wallis Simpson-earl grey punch I was looking for.

A No-Drip Portion

One thing I really love about these portions is that there is NO DRIP! I mean at all, even after an hour and a half, still nothing, and it’s not as if they are dry and harsh on the gums.  The portion material is very soft and comforting but its different from any other brand on the market. Its very thick, almost like a linen, with a slight moisture content that keeps the whole mouth environment dry and habitable.  This also seems to be a double edged sword.  Because of the thickness it takes a long time for nicotine absorption to happen and the taste is not as readily available like other portions.  There is always a compromise in life I guess. A runnier portion and thinner paper provide excellent taste and nicotine hit, but definitely don’t last as long.  If you are really hanging for nicotine this is not the portion for that, but if you have been topping up during the day and want something relaxing and comforting then Kapten is for you.

Average Nicotine Level

The nicotine level is a regular strength at 8mg. After doing nothing but Jakobssons strong and thunder frosted all week, I had to slowly wean myself off with weaker portions so I can appreciate regular strength snus again.

My Plan For Kapten

Kapten is not everybody's cup of earl grey tea (har har!) but some will appreciate its subtle flavors and longevity.  I already have a plan for it.  I will be doing a lot of air travel this year with trips to Canada. I will put my cans in the freezer now so i can enjoy Kapten awesomeness during long flights of intermittent sleep, where spicy tobacco drip is not optimal.
Kapten Original and White Portion Reviews
Kapten is available as both original and white portion. A review for the white portion will be up soon! yay for Kapten! :)

Written By Sarah S

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