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IceTool Review

Icetool Review

How To Use Your Icetool

Pink IceTool
My Loved and well used Ice Tool
If you are a loose dipper like me, you cannot live without an icetool!  Well you can but life is never the same once you get one.  I don’t know how my life would be now without it. It would probably involve stained fingers and hands and misshaped portions that hang down over my teeth, although after 5 years id probably be pretty good at packing.  Sometimes when I am really bored and in a diabolical mood, I practice doomsday drills for the “just in case of earthquake, tsunami, or building fire. “  The first thing I always reach for is my ice tool.  Kind of silly considering all the valuables in my apartment and my snus would be all burned up or missing, but that’s how important it is to me! Haha

Back in the day - Without an Icetool

I remember back in the day (barely but I do!), my first can of loose snus. I excitedly scooped up a large portion and rolled it together in my hands and formed what looked like a golf ball! It’s a dream come true for me these days, as in having lips big enough to account for the circumference of a wad of snus, but alas, it was unpractical and  I scoured youtube videos to find out how to hand bake.  My second and third attempts were not much better. It kept crumbling in my hands, the juice was getting all over me and I could not get the sizing right.  Finally I managed to get something that was manageable into my mouth and for the first time I felt like a real snuser!
IceTool & Loose Snus
As easy as step 1.....pack it down
I did this for a few cans and finally begged Snubie to have pity on me and give me an icetool.  They used to be crazy expensive!! Like im talking over $50.00 for a small piece of aluminum and I just couldn’t justify the price. After all that’s a lot of snus I could buy with that money.  He was kind enough to send me a blue one, but I always wanted a pink ice tool so as soon as I had some spare cash I got it in pink.

If You Want To Be My Boyfriend...

I use my ice tool all day every day and its well worth the money when you take into account how quick it is to use and there is no wastage.  I’ll even take it with me on trips. My trusty friend has been to Yellowstone and all over the southern states and far eastern seaboard.  I put all my snusing gear in a large Ziploc baggie for safe keeping (you definitely don’t want to lose it! and i always keep mine in the packaging) Its also a great conversation piece when people come over, it usually starts with “what the hell is that?!” lol thinking its some kind of drug paraphernalia, well…. I guess it is in a way.
I even show non-tobacco people how to use it.  If you want to be my boyfriend you have to be able to pack a decent portion to my size specifications in under 30 seconds. Not an easy task, but you won’t get to third base without it! And any rolling of the eyes or complaining is strictly forboden!

Choosing Your Icetool

Choosing an icetool is an important step.  First you have to pick a color (pink is the best of course ;), but they also come in shiny silver (which for some reason is the most expensive), brushed silver, green, blue, black, red, gold and champagne and then comes the sizing.  They come in 3ml, 4ml and 5ml. Remember the larger you get the bigger the portioned snus will be so I have always stuck with a 3ml and that seems to work fine for me, if you are a guy or have a larger mouth, then feel free to get bigger.

How To Clean Your Icetool

Pink IceTool and Loose Snus
Step 2... squeeze it tight
Ice tool’s require a little bit of maintenance to keep in tip top condition and need regular cleaning and oiling.  I have a system for this that only takes a few minutes. I pull the pieces apart and wipe all the tobacco reside off with paper towels, then squirt the inside and middle tampering component with butter flavored Pam.  I know right, I bet you are all laughing at me for using flavored cooking spray but NOBODY TELLS YOU!! Haha nobody tells you how to clean it and what to use. All the packaging says is: clean and oil regularly. Yea thanks for that guys! I would also like to do a video on how to clean Ice tools, if there is a demand for it :)
Let me tell you that I have used every edible lubricant known to man (remember it has to be edible because residue will end up in your mouth).  For me things like olive and liquid vegetable oils start to smell and leave a really sticky residue on my tool ;) so not attractive! Also the same with higher quality oils (jojoba and avocado).  I have found that Pam works the best and the butter flavor imparts a really nice mellowness to the first few portions after cleaning.

Choose The Right Snus For Your Icetool

Now when it comes to icetools (and especially hand baking), not all snus’s are created equal.  In my long and extensive journey I have found that the high grade fine grained Swedish Match products are the easiest and best (roda lacket, prima fint etc).  Pioneer is also great but due to its fine silky nature, it does tend to gum up the ice tool and requires it to be cleaned out more often. General , ettan, V2 and Odens los come in second and large grained snus like grov are the most difficult. You are walking a fine line between packing it tight enough to stay together but not too tight because as soon as it comes out of the icetool it falls apart. Haha so many times I have been so proud of packing a good size pris, only to have it fall apart in your hands and worse yet, your mouth!
Pris Formed With Icetool
And step 3! pop it out! yay!, now eat it up!

How To Use Your Icetool

Using an ice tool is easy and before long you will be able to do it blindfolded. All you do draw back the center tamper (there is a measurement gauge on the side cut into the metal but i dont really use it), and stamp the tool down to pack in the tobacco.  However many times you do this will depend on how long you want your pris.  Mine are usually pretty large these days and after a while you will eyeball how much you want.  Squeeze the icetool between your thumb and forefinger to pack the snus and press down to extract your perfectly formed pris! 

A Lot Cheaper

The great news is that northerner now has Ice tools for a lot cheaper then what they used to be! i nearly fell of my chair when i looked at what they cost now. $33.24!! amazing. i paid nearly double that for mine. Whoever buys an icetool now is LUCKY, and remember me, who paid nearly double that price.
Ice Ice baby!

Written By Sarah S


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  1. The "shiny silver" is the most expensive one, because it's stainless steel and the other colors are aluminum ;)

    Create review though!

  2. ahhh, well now i know. Im always looking at the pink so, i never take much notice of the rest ;)

  3. Oops, too drunk to write correctly create -> great :)

    Have you tried prismaster, if so, could you write review of that also? :)

  4. hmm no, but i could ask Snus girl to send me one and i can review it! :)
    haha then i'll have a drink with you to celebrate! ;)

  5. Anonymous1.10.13

    "And step 3! pop it out! yay!, now eat it up!" I've never seen anyone "pop it out" on one's hand. In finland we shoot it straight up to where it belongs because it's more convenient and the snus positions better. You might want to try this technique too :)