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Discreet Snus, Cool Mint & Peach Review

Discreet Snus, Cool Mint & Peach portions

American Snus Review

When I started snusing this was one of the first snuses I tried. Much due to the name of it I guess, I really wanted something discreet and since I wasn't that used to having a portion stuck under my lip I thought it felt weird with bigger portions and even if no one else could tell, I just felt like I got the worst bulging snus-lip.

Discreet Cool Mint

It feels strange trying this snus again because it is not at all as I remembered it from the first time I tried it. The flavor is super sweet and yes you can feel the mild mint flavor after a while, but it tastes very much like candy. I love candy but personally I don't really care for candy flavored snus. The Northerner brand and Jakobsson's has a little sweetness to it as well but it's nothing compared to this. Also I like the nice burning feeling you get from most mint snuses, but this has none at all.
This is a low nicotine snus and doesn't really do it for me, but I guess it's a great snus to start with if you're new to it. After all I used to like it when I started snusing.

Discreet Peach

Oh No..... This is not good. Way too sweet and the peach flavor tastes so unnatural. Again, I can't believe I used to like this snus. I might have had high expectations since I remembered it to be so good. Again, I think there are many people out there who would like this snus just because of it's sweet flavor.

This snus comes in a little bag with 10 pouches in it. Yes, Discreet is it's name and this bag fits very discreetly into your pocket. The negative thing about the bag-snus is that you don't get the used-portions compartment that's usually places in the lid of the snus can. Not really a big problem, but I find it convenient to have somewhere to place the used portions when I can't find a trash can.

The portions are so small. These might be the tiniest, cutest portions I've ever seen.

I can not say I care for this snus at all, but I used to like it a few years ago. That's why I think this might be good for those of you who are new to snus. Also if you like really sweet snus with a candy-like flavor to it, this might be the snus for you.

Written By Josie

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