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White Bite 6mg Fresh Mint and Citrus Mint Review

White Bite

Tobacco Derived Nicotine Pouches 

Don’t we all just love new and exciting products!!! I know I do and I have the best job ever, getting the opportunity to try new things and review them all.  I have been hearing rumors from the snus king for a while now about a new portion that is also like a chewing gum! well almost. A snus that you chew and then place up in your lip and then chew again every time you want a little extra flavor and nicotine.

No Tobacco

I first tried this on Christmas day. The king and I were watching people hurt themselves on you tube and was nice enough to offer me a portion and explain to me how awesome and innovative these new products are. I am all about 'snus's that are targeted at wide audiences and are considered more of a food product then an oral tobacco, and as it turns out White Bite contains no tobacco at all! none! So really you can't call this product snus. The real name for it is Tobacco Derived Nicotine Pouches. I'm gonna call it snus anyway, it's easier for me that way.

Discreet Packaging

White bite comes in the same packaging as Northerner purified snus. A sleek oval sleeve with a top opening lid and an ever convenient used portion holder. The perfect size to put into a pocket or a purse and the discreet size is one of its appealing features. Its taken me a while to realize that not everybody likes a dirty big mouthful of los under their lip and a big tin in the pocket, I know, crazy right!

Super Strong For a 6mg

The product line is simple but effective. 2 flavors: Fresh Mint and Fresh Citrus Mint that come in either
1, 3 or 6mg's of nicotine... This i found interesting. As most of you know I am a strong snus user and simply do not like any weaker forms of snus as I don't get enough of a hit. The cans I got sent were both in 6mg and I thought that I would just have to use 2 portions to get the same effect as my usual snus varieties but NOOO, one 6mg was more then adequate. I didn't think this could be right so I waited an hour until I was totally hanging for a nice hit and once again, I put one 6 mg in and it did the trick! It totally curbed my cravings and left me satiated and satisfied. Another awesome fact is that when it is getting low on nicotine you take it down and give it a little chew and stick it back up again and its good as new. I also tested its durability and due to the fact that there is no tobacco drip you can keep a portion in for literally hours! Just be sure to take it out before bed unless you want a portion in your lungs ;)

Another consideration is that White Bite is quite economical. With one portion in for hours you can replace 3-4 portions of your regular snus making a 20 portion tin last a lot longer then normal, which is great for the one a day caners like me! it might last me 2-3 days for a change.

Tobacco Derived Nicotine

White Bite's main ingredient is tobacco derived Nicotine Bitartrate, the pure crystalline salt of
nicotine, so it's basically the equivalent to nicotine wonder it's so effective! Who needs that pesky tobacco stuff when you can get a direct line right into your gums. mmmmm! The nicotine also comes on a lot quicker then tobacco based oral products and acts almost instantly. I'm also curious to see how well the 1 and 3 mg portions work, i will ask snus girl to hook me up and I will get back to you on that one.

How To Use White Bite

Learning how to use the portions takes a little bit of work. I was so keen to try the first portion I bit into it like a kid on a chocolate cake and the bag split open in my mouth. The same thing happened with the second portion as I bit down on it with my sharp eye teeth. Third time is a charm and this time I got it. You use the dull molar teeth in the back to give it a few chomps and you are ready to go.  You will know because the portion gets moist, firm and has a gum like quality to it.


I will break down the flavor and smell into each of the flavor varieties:

Fresh Mint: Tastes exactly like a menthol cigarette but with more of a minty burn to it. Nothing like any snus i have tasted before and can only compare the taste with menthol cigarettes and e-cig cartridges, for which White Bite tastes a whole lot better! I was also surprised by the level of burn this has, and it has one dont worry! It's not like thunder or anything but it is strong.  The smell is very mild compared to the taste but once it mixes with the saliva in your mouth the portion turns harder like chewing gum and the flavor just comes alive!

Fresh Citrus Mint: Ohhh this one is my favorite! It tastes just like a cross between a  Mojito and A Margarita cocktail...Its delicious! A little bit of sweetness, strong vibrant lemons and limes, an undertone of mint and a total fresh breath experience. I'm renaming this Margajito! I actually like the clean pure taste of these portions as they have no overpowering tobacco taste.  Dont get me wrong, i loves me some good tobacco, but sometimes it's just nice to have something pure and simple without the heaviness.

Discreet Mini Pouches

The pouches are mini's and are only 1/3 of the way full of white crystalline powder, but expand to full capacity when mixed in your mouth. The material is soft and once again they last a long ass time! I literally forget that these portions are in my mouth and have to make a conscious effort to remove them.

Snus With a Purpose

As with all snus it has to have a purpose for me and I have found the perfect use for them as gaming snus. I'm a huge fan of civilization v and and White Bite will be perfect for me to chew on while i play for hours at a time, kicking the butts of teenagers in Korea and the Netherlands and taking on total world domination.

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my snus, down to ride til the very end, it's me and my snus...

Try it, you will love it!

Written By Sarah S


Kapten White Portion Review

Kapten White Portion

Swedish Snus Review
Kapten White Portion Review
Ahhh what a lovely week at sea! A first cruise for all of us and the excitement wasn’t even stifled by the long check in and immigration process or the tight quarters on board the ship.  The prospect of time in Mexico and Catalina Island with friends had us all on a high and a quest for adventure.  Of course typical me, didn’t bring enough snus, but never fear Snus Girl is always prepared and came baring gifts.  These delightful specialties were brought over from the land of Vikings and Norsemen, and I felt very safe fairing the ocean with people from such a long seafaring tradition (and they did so much better than me who was sick on the first night!), there really is something to the concept of genetic predisposition. 

On the last day when my snus preserves where at an all-time low and we had a whole day at sea on the leg home, Snus Girl came to me with arms full of portioned snus. First came the challenge of taking photos, not an easy task when the waves were as high as a house, a grey sky and new bikini swimwear gone to waste with no hope of swimming on such a treacherous day.  We made the best of it and sat around drinking, laughing and trying all the different flavors from the European factories. (I’ll write reviews for them all I promise!)

Kapten snus is one I was really looking forward to trying. I ran around the ship frantically trying to
find the captain of the Carnival Inspiration to take a photo with him and the snus but alas, they keep him under lock and key.

Kapten White And Original PortionThe Can Design

Another product from AG snus, Kapten White portion stood out from the crowd with a bright white tin with rounded corners and a white and gold label which distinguishes it from its original portion relative. It also has a large used portion container on top which is a huge plus, especially when three people are using the same tin! Haha

Mmmm Bergamot

The smell is very similar to the original, but for some reason, is slightly spicier.  You still get the delicious Earl Grey that I love, (I even went to the store today and brought some earl grey tea so I could experience the total bergamot flavor invasion!)……. mmmmm Bergamot…..But you also get a spicier tobacco scent. I'm totally lost on where this comes from as far as the differences between the two, but it’s a nice variation that offers a different depth.
Kapten White Open Snus Tin

The Portions

The portions are quite large at 8mg regular strength, but unlike other brands, tuck nicely inside the upper lip with no visible overhang.  The material itself is also thick but has a silky texture to it. Quite bizarre to touch, they are slick, dry and smooth with a slight sticky feeling, especially when slightly squeezed. I call these my little cocoons.  A silky woven exterior with a grub inside, but instead of a grub its snus! Yay! I wish they felt as soft as silk on my gums, but due to the dry nature, are a little irritating.  I have to lick it before I stick it and then I am free to have an hour of non-irritating pleasure.  Another huge plus as mentioned before is the no drip factor!  I never thought I would find a snus that had no drip whatsoever and I am happy to say my search is over.  AG snus is where it’s at if you want something that is truly discreet, drip and spit free.

Kapten White And Original PortionsThe Taste

Now for the taste…ummmm……there is none! Nope, I can’t taste a thing, even when pressed with the tongue, all I can taste is a slight saltiness, but the flavor is just nonexistent.  I had to dip my portions into my cup of earl grey tea to get the flavor I longed for. Now to me this is not a good quality, but to others who are new to snus, or do not like the taste snus imparts on the mouth and nose cavity, then this is for you.  I will definitely be letting my friends who do not like the taste of snus try these.  Now they have nothing to complain about and have to quit smoking! Yeah!

My Opinion

AG snus provides a different snusing experience that is unlike any other brand, and you really have to try it to decide if its right for you or not.  To me as an experienced snuser, i feel like the products are unfinished.  Its like they are almost there in a lot of respects, but lack the final finishing touches that make some snus better then others and some enjoyable and others not. The good qualities of Kapten white outweigh the bad, but i like a snus full of strength and flavor, but i know others do not. So try it yourself and tell me what you think. I'll stick with the Kapten original, same great non drip benefits, but with some taste! :)

Written By Sarah S


Kapten Original Portion Review

Kapten Original Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I’ve been hearing rumors for weeks about this magical Kapten snus that has been sent straight over
Kapten Original Portion from the Warehouse in Sweden. This intrigued me for multiple reasons.

1. I think I've tried most snus available in the US market now,
2. I've always wanted to try more AG snus products,
3. I'm always up for new flavors and a different take on the snus market. I don’t know if it’s just pure curiosity or if I am really looking for a new favorite to add to my line up. I’m guessing it’s kind of both…life would be pretty boring without snus.

A Nautical Theme

I'm noticing a theme here with AG snus, a water based theme that’s adventurous and oceanic! First the Blue Ocean, with light blue portions and now a range of Kapten snus that is a total polar opposite in both flavor and texture, but still with the nautical theme. Turns out AG has many brands now including Blue Ocean, Kapten, Jagarpris, and INK (more reviews of those to come).

The first thing I love is the packaging. AG really knows how to run with their theme and I guess because of their limited brand supply, they can afford to be a little more creative then somebody like V2 who relies on sales volume and diversity of product line. The white tin is very striking and the blue and gold strip is instantly Navy.  I would love to say that the insignia on the label is a genuine Danish Naval officers ranking colors but alas its not. (I already checked it out! Lol) But its still cool anyway and on our boat trip it was the perfect accompaniment.

Kapten Original Open TinThe Smell of Kapten Original

The Smell is something so different from any other snus but yet similar in some ways.  To me it smells like a really strong, good quality Earl grey tea. Yup that’s exactly what it smells like.  My favorite drink at starbucks is an earl grey tea latte with vanilla (called a London Fog), and smelling this bring me right back. I remember hearing the story of Wallis Simpson and all she would eat was earl grey tea and crackers to keep her size 6 figure.  It didn’t work with me but I guess I was using vanilla syrup and cookies instead. wonder! Lol




A Subtle Taste

The taste is very subtle.  All the bouquet of the bergamot is totally lost in the mouth and instead you are left with a salty ocean taste with a slight floral hint.  Not bad…not bad at all but definitely not the Wallis Simpson-earl grey punch I was looking for.

A No-Drip Portion

One thing I really love about these portions is that there is NO DRIP! I mean at all, even after an hour and a half, still nothing, and it’s not as if they are dry and harsh on the gums.  The portion material is very soft and comforting but its different from any other brand on the market. Its very thick, almost like a linen, with a slight moisture content that keeps the whole mouth environment dry and habitable.  This also seems to be a double edged sword.  Because of the thickness it takes a long time for nicotine absorption to happen and the taste is not as readily available like other portions.  There is always a compromise in life I guess. A runnier portion and thinner paper provide excellent taste and nicotine hit, but definitely don’t last as long.  If you are really hanging for nicotine this is not the portion for that, but if you have been topping up during the day and want something relaxing and comforting then Kapten is for you.

Average Nicotine Level

The nicotine level is a regular strength at 8mg. After doing nothing but Jakobssons strong and thunder frosted all week, I had to slowly wean myself off with weaker portions so I can appreciate regular strength snus again.

My Plan For Kapten

Kapten is not everybody's cup of earl grey tea (har har!) but some will appreciate its subtle flavors and longevity.  I already have a plan for it.  I will be doing a lot of air travel this year with trips to Canada. I will put my cans in the freezer now so i can enjoy Kapten awesomeness during long flights of intermittent sleep, where spicy tobacco drip is not optimal.
Kapten Original and White Portion Reviews
Kapten is available as both original and white portion. A review for the white portion will be up soon! yay for Kapten! :)

Written By Sarah S


Röda Lacket Loose Review

Roda Lacket Los

Röda Lacket Loose
Swedish Snus Review

Dear Röda Lacket,
You have been my best friend for many many years and I owe it to you and to everyone else to write a review so they can also be aware of your awesomeness!  At the beginning I didn’t even want you. I was on a desperate hunt for licorice flavored snus and somebody on the forums told me that you had lakrits characteristics. I ordered you in the Los, not knowing back then that there was even a difference between los and portions.  You arrived on my doorstep a week later, delivered by the cutest UPS man I have ever seen. I opened up the box and your shiny red jacket and gold top shone back at me, beckoning to be touched.

The shock on my face was quite recognizable as I opened you up and looked at your midnight black interior.  See you were only my second order, I had no idea what to expect or what our future together would bring.  I was looking for you in portions but you came to me loose and ready for fun.  To be honest I had no idea what to do with you. I delved my fingers into your tin to feel you, it was moist and sticky and you black immensity stuck to my palms like you were made of pure tar.  To begin with I was quite perturbed.

Smell Of Röda Lacket

Röda Lacket Loose Snus
Your smell was not what I had expected.  Soo rich in tobacco it’s like you were not even snus, but a concentrated extraction of nicotine that is so decedent that you took on qualities of fruit and berries.  Almost sweet rather than savory, but definitely not licorice.  I was originally very disappointed by that but once my disappointment wore off; I opened my mind to accept you for you and not what you aren’t.

Back then there was not a lot of licorice on the market like there is today.  You had your Catch, Offroad and limited edition V2 product and that was about it.  I really wanted to get into Swedish Match products as I had liked the others I had ordered from them so I wanted to try more in their range.

After complaining bitterly to the person who had once recommended you, I decided to give you a try.  Having no ice tool back then, it was up to me to handbake you into a pris.  Due to your luxuriously fine texture it only took a couple of goes before you transformed into a cylindrical wonder that fit perfectly in my mouth…and then wow! I had the honor of tasting you!

Taste of Röda Lacket

Röda Lacket and IceTool The first thing that hit me was your salt. Your not the saltiest on the market but you're definitely up there. I can also taste your sweetness and your most favorable quality a smooth mellow finish that is reminiscent of all fine goods. Just like an expensive cigar or scotch, you have the air of aristocratic humbleness that is both enjoyable and admirable. I love that you have the characteristics of the best of all snus, rolled into one small pris, and are yet mild enough to do continuously during the day. It is true that i am indeed hooked on you my friend, and use one can a day as unbelievable as that sounds! i just can never get enough! You are the king of all drugs, mild on my gums and heart, and sweet on my mind and palate.

There is no other snus on the market that i prefer, and no other that i can dip all day and not get sick of. If i was stuck on a deserted island you would be all that i need, much more fulfilling and reliable then a man and more comforting then 1000 goose down blankets cocooned around my body.  I can honestly say that without you i could not live. Your 8mg nicotine is more then enough to keep me satisfied and you are one of the few things i look forward having in my day.

I recommend you to all those who use snus, and even those who dont! In my opinion you will not find a snus that is more well rounded, that encompasses the personality of ALL snus and that imparts a sense of peace and wellness on you as much as Roda Lacket.  Your superior quality and tobacco aroma is hard to beat with any other brand. The grain is perfect, the taste is perfect and its smoothness makes me do a dance of appreciation.

All hail Roda Lacket!

I love you with all my heart and here's to many more years of happiness! xxx

Written By Sarah S


IceTool Review

Icetool Review

How To Use Your Icetool

Pink IceTool
My Loved and well used Ice Tool
If you are a loose dipper like me, you cannot live without an icetool!  Well you can but life is never the same once you get one.  I don’t know how my life would be now without it. It would probably involve stained fingers and hands and misshaped portions that hang down over my teeth, although after 5 years id probably be pretty good at packing.  Sometimes when I am really bored and in a diabolical mood, I practice doomsday drills for the “just in case of earthquake, tsunami, or building fire. “  The first thing I always reach for is my ice tool.  Kind of silly considering all the valuables in my apartment and my snus would be all burned up or missing, but that’s how important it is to me! Haha

Back in the day - Without an Icetool

I remember back in the day (barely but I do!), my first can of loose snus. I excitedly scooped up a large portion and rolled it together in my hands and formed what looked like a golf ball! It’s a dream come true for me these days, as in having lips big enough to account for the circumference of a wad of snus, but alas, it was unpractical and  I scoured youtube videos to find out how to hand bake.  My second and third attempts were not much better. It kept crumbling in my hands, the juice was getting all over me and I could not get the sizing right.  Finally I managed to get something that was manageable into my mouth and for the first time I felt like a real snuser!
IceTool & Loose Snus
As easy as step 1.....pack it down
I did this for a few cans and finally begged Snubie to have pity on me and give me an icetool.  They used to be crazy expensive!! Like im talking over $50.00 for a small piece of aluminum and I just couldn’t justify the price. After all that’s a lot of snus I could buy with that money.  He was kind enough to send me a blue one, but I always wanted a pink ice tool so as soon as I had some spare cash I got it in pink.

If You Want To Be My Boyfriend...

I use my ice tool all day every day and its well worth the money when you take into account how quick it is to use and there is no wastage.  I’ll even take it with me on trips. My trusty friend has been to Yellowstone and all over the southern states and far eastern seaboard.  I put all my snusing gear in a large Ziploc baggie for safe keeping (you definitely don’t want to lose it! and i always keep mine in the packaging) Its also a great conversation piece when people come over, it usually starts with “what the hell is that?!” lol thinking its some kind of drug paraphernalia, well…. I guess it is in a way.
I even show non-tobacco people how to use it.  If you want to be my boyfriend you have to be able to pack a decent portion to my size specifications in under 30 seconds. Not an easy task, but you won’t get to third base without it! And any rolling of the eyes or complaining is strictly forboden!

Choosing Your Icetool

Choosing an icetool is an important step.  First you have to pick a color (pink is the best of course ;), but they also come in shiny silver (which for some reason is the most expensive), brushed silver, green, blue, black, red, gold and champagne and then comes the sizing.  They come in 3ml, 4ml and 5ml. Remember the larger you get the bigger the portioned snus will be so I have always stuck with a 3ml and that seems to work fine for me, if you are a guy or have a larger mouth, then feel free to get bigger.

How To Clean Your Icetool

Pink IceTool and Loose Snus
Step 2... squeeze it tight
Ice tool’s require a little bit of maintenance to keep in tip top condition and need regular cleaning and oiling.  I have a system for this that only takes a few minutes. I pull the pieces apart and wipe all the tobacco reside off with paper towels, then squirt the inside and middle tampering component with butter flavored Pam.  I know right, I bet you are all laughing at me for using flavored cooking spray but NOBODY TELLS YOU!! Haha nobody tells you how to clean it and what to use. All the packaging says is: clean and oil regularly. Yea thanks for that guys! I would also like to do a video on how to clean Ice tools, if there is a demand for it :)
Let me tell you that I have used every edible lubricant known to man (remember it has to be edible because residue will end up in your mouth).  For me things like olive and liquid vegetable oils start to smell and leave a really sticky residue on my tool ;) so not attractive! Also the same with higher quality oils (jojoba and avocado).  I have found that Pam works the best and the butter flavor imparts a really nice mellowness to the first few portions after cleaning.

Choose The Right Snus For Your Icetool

Now when it comes to icetools (and especially hand baking), not all snus’s are created equal.  In my long and extensive journey I have found that the high grade fine grained Swedish Match products are the easiest and best (roda lacket, prima fint etc).  Pioneer is also great but due to its fine silky nature, it does tend to gum up the ice tool and requires it to be cleaned out more often. General , ettan, V2 and Odens los come in second and large grained snus like grov are the most difficult. You are walking a fine line between packing it tight enough to stay together but not too tight because as soon as it comes out of the icetool it falls apart. Haha so many times I have been so proud of packing a good size pris, only to have it fall apart in your hands and worse yet, your mouth!
Pris Formed With Icetool
And step 3! pop it out! yay!, now eat it up!

How To Use Your Icetool

Using an ice tool is easy and before long you will be able to do it blindfolded. All you do draw back the center tamper (there is a measurement gauge on the side cut into the metal but i dont really use it), and stamp the tool down to pack in the tobacco.  However many times you do this will depend on how long you want your pris.  Mine are usually pretty large these days and after a while you will eyeball how much you want.  Squeeze the icetool between your thumb and forefinger to pack the snus and press down to extract your perfectly formed pris! 

A Lot Cheaper

The great news is that northerner now has Ice tools for a lot cheaper then what they used to be! i nearly fell of my chair when i looked at what they cost now. $33.24!! amazing. i paid nearly double that for mine. Whoever buys an icetool now is LUCKY, and remember me, who paid nearly double that price.
Ice Ice baby!

Written By Sarah S



Oden's Extreme Licorice Portion Review

Oden's Extreme Licorice Portion 

Swedish Snus Review

oden's extreme licorice portion
I am so so naughty! I've had these portions since Christmas and still haven’t written a review. Snus girl gave me half of her tin, plus sent me 3 more (which ive nearly used up!), definitely time to write the review now, and I should say I am the perfect person to write it since I’ve had 3 and a half tins! Lol

I guess I was just enjoying them too much. They are everything I want in a portion and incorporate my ideal that every snus should be.  They are strong, dark, licorice and delicious! Stormy is the word I use to describe them to people.  It’s like having a tornado in your mouth, with different elements and just when you think you can’t handle one characteristic, another one comes and knocks you out!

Every time I have a portion I have visions of Willy wonka and the chocolate factory (1971). Everyone is standing around and Violet tries the forbidden gum despite wonka’s warning.   “It’s the most amazing, sensational gum in the whole wide world! A 3 course meal in one piece! Bull, no roast beef but I haven’t quite got there yet!”

The Burn and Flavor

Oden's extreme snus canWhy you ask? Because Oden’s Extreme Lakrits has 3 major ever changing elements! First there is the burn, oh a burn that you are too apprehensive to leave right next to your gums and constantly move it around with your tongue till it dies down (that would be the tomato soup part), then the licorice comes through, it’s quite strong my friends, if you are not a fan of licorice then move along to Odens Cold, Kanel or Wintergreen.  (That’s the roast beef part), and then, just when you think you can’t take it anymore, a smooth mellow tobacco lingers in your mouth.  Now at this point we are up to the blueberry pie and I am expecting Oompa Loompa’s to break through my apartment door and roll me off to the juice extraction room.  Luckily for me that NEVER happens, although I would love to have one as a pet! Especially if he sang to me: “What do you get when you gobble up sweets, eating as much as an elephant eats” I could never get tired of that and would be running around my living room doing the Harlem Shake. J

Cool Design and Candy-like Licorice Smell

Oden's extreme portionOk back to reality; let’s talk about…the can! Classic Oden’s can in black, navy blue label embellished with bright red and gold, and don’t forget the classic Oden’s scavenger animals (wolves and crows) printed on the top of the lid, ready to pick my bones clean when I finally succumb to my tobacco addiction. Haha I’m kidding of course, I've never felt better in my life then when I started using snus!

The smell is very candy like and not that of true licorice root. Which is fine for me right now, im on a very low carb diet in preparation for a very special cruise in a few days, so candy is definitely off the menu and if I can have snus to stop my sweet AND nicotine cravings then it’s a win win!

Mega-strong Nicotine Snus

The portions are large, comfortable and medium filled but it’s the nicotine level that blows me away…22mg! that’s quite a lot and definitely one of the highest nic levels on the market, but yet it doesn’t give me headspins or make me feel ill.  Probably due to the fact that this is my favorite just before bed snus, so ive been eating all day and am already drowsy.  I don’t know if I could do this as soon as I wake up or if I have not had any strong portions that day, as the label says: caution, it can blow your mind, and if for someone who not used to strong snus, I believe it can! (Odens also has regular lakrits which is 9mg's of nicotine for those who find the extreme a little too strong)

Oden's extreme open canThe portions are regular and strong so they do have a little bit of a drip, but not as bad as thunder.  I sometimes have the habit of spitting my portions into a tissue when used up and its always interesting to see how well the strong portions can turn the whole thing brown with tobacco juice, yet surprisingly it never stains my teeth and i always use a whitening toothpaste so that helps as well. Me being as vein as i am, if i experienced any negative appearance from snus i would be the first one to stop it immediately, but so far so good!

My only complaint about Odens is that i wish the can contained more portions (its only 18 mg's).  It always seems to go so quickly. It does make sense considering its cheaper then the Swedish match products (that contain 24mg's), but i myself would not mind paying more per can if it could last a little longer.

I definitely want more of this snus and as mentioned above it has a place in my regular snus line up, i go to bed with it every night, but we never wake up together!  I recommend it to those who love licorice, even licorice candy and since it comes in 2 different strength's, there's literally something for everyone, as long as you like licorice of course! ENJOY! :)

Written By Sarah S


Discreet Snus, Cool Mint & Peach Review

Discreet Snus, Cool Mint & Peach portions

American Snus Review

When I started snusing this was one of the first snuses I tried. Much due to the name of it I guess, I really wanted something discreet and since I wasn't that used to having a portion stuck under my lip I thought it felt weird with bigger portions and even if no one else could tell, I just felt like I got the worst bulging snus-lip.

Discreet Cool Mint

It feels strange trying this snus again because it is not at all as I remembered it from the first time I tried it. The flavor is super sweet and yes you can feel the mild mint flavor after a while, but it tastes very much like candy. I love candy but personally I don't really care for candy flavored snus. The Northerner brand and Jakobsson's has a little sweetness to it as well but it's nothing compared to this. Also I like the nice burning feeling you get from most mint snuses, but this has none at all.
This is a low nicotine snus and doesn't really do it for me, but I guess it's a great snus to start with if you're new to it. After all I used to like it when I started snusing.

Discreet Peach

Oh No..... This is not good. Way too sweet and the peach flavor tastes so unnatural. Again, I can't believe I used to like this snus. I might have had high expectations since I remembered it to be so good. Again, I think there are many people out there who would like this snus just because of it's sweet flavor.

This snus comes in a little bag with 10 pouches in it. Yes, Discreet is it's name and this bag fits very discreetly into your pocket. The negative thing about the bag-snus is that you don't get the used-portions compartment that's usually places in the lid of the snus can. Not really a big problem, but I find it convenient to have somewhere to place the used portions when I can't find a trash can.

The portions are so small. These might be the tiniest, cutest portions I've ever seen.

I can not say I care for this snus at all, but I used to like it a few years ago. That's why I think this might be good for those of you who are new to snus. Also if you like really sweet snus with a candy-like flavor to it, this might be the snus for you.

Written By Josie