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RivoSig 18Mg Disposable Siberian Menthol Review

RivoSig 18mg Siberian Menthol

Disposable E-cigarette Review

Im all for e-cigarettes. Let’s face it; some people are just born to smoke. They don’t want to cut back or quit and they live for the nicotine and something to do with their hands. To that I say get some snus and a Rubik's cube! Lol
For me, I am so happy I found oral tobacco. I remember an old quote from one of my best good friends who’s a Blackhawk pilot in the US army. It was after a night of passion, I pulled out a cigarette and he reached for his can of cherry Skoal. “They can take my jaw, but they aint cutting out my lungs!” he says. No truer words have ever been spoken. Sometimes in life It’s about harm minimization and the lesser of 2 evils.  I went out for dinner with a friend recently and he stunk of cigarette smoke. It was so bad Ive forgotten how nasty it smells.  It was in his hair, on his skin and clothes and of course his breath…I couldn’t wait to get away from him, geez I never thought I would be an anti-smoking snob!
Some people are like me and are more than happy with snus and others need the help of e-cigs. The e-cig technology was invented in China. No surprise there, wasn’t everything? They also created the water vapor pipe which is a similar process.

Couldn't Be Easier

Im very impressed with all the new e-cig technology that has hit the market in the last few years, although I must admit, some you need a degree in electrical engineering to figure out how to use them! I am grateful that I got sent a single disposable cigarette. All you do is just take it out of the packaging and start puffin away; couldn’t be easier!

The RivoSig Company

This time it’s RivoSig! An innovative, modern company from Middletown Connecticut created by 2 advertising executives, and boy do they know their job!  Their website is all geared towards sales and they even have a free smart phone app!
Haha the name they give their products are funny. RivoSig is a combination of the Italian words for revolution and cigarette. (rivoluzione and Sigaretta)
For right now they have 3 flavors: cured tobacco (yea ok, that’s doable), Oregon blackberry (lols!), and now for the finale and what we are reviewing here today… Siberian Menthol!  That one made me laugh the most; I keep having visions of a Mongolic native Siberian, living in a Yurt, drinking horse milk and puffing away on a menthol e-cig whilst taking part in a throat singing duet.  Ok, maybe I have a wild imagination, but it’s nothing compared to these guys! J And if none of these tickle your fancy, more flavors are coming in the next few months.  Swiss Chocolate: Tulare Cherry: Sava Vanilla and Appletini are some of the flavors that are being considered.

Flavors and Nicotine Strength

The wonderful people at Northerner have all three flavors available at 18mg strength. According to the Rivosig website they also have a 24Mg available, which are for the hard core Virginia red smokers!
That’s one of the things that sets this brand apart from the other e-cigs available….they don’t mess around with strength! If you can’t handle an 18-24mg cartridge, then stay the hell out of the kitchen!
I agree with this actually, a lot of people fool themselves into thinking they are not as addicted to nicotine as they are, buy a low strength e-cig or snus, only to revert back to smoking when it doesn’t satisfy their needs. Why not set yourself up for a win the first time and be done with smokes forever! Hail to RivoSig and their extraordinarily high atomizer cartridges!

Longevity and Cost

One thing that does bother me about e-cigs is their longevity and ongoing cost. For some reason I have no problem dropping down hundreds on snus but wouldn’t on e-cig refills. Of course that’s because I am a snuser and not an e-cigger, but at least with snus you can see how many portions you have left, with e-cigs your last puff is literally your last until you get more.  This is not really a problem, just takes a little planning and always having a spare so you aren’t caught short and tempted to smoke again.
The price of Rivosig is a whooole lot cheaper than most.  You can get the starter kit for $29.95 (comes with recharger, spare batteries and cartridges) and the disposable for $9.74. 
The disposable claims to last for 800 puffs which is about equivalent to 2 packs of smokes.  So a hardcore smoker would go through say 3 of these a week. So that’s $29.22 a week.  6 packets of cigarettes here in California would cost roughly $38.70.  Its not much of a difference (unless you live in New York and now pay 12.50 for a pack! Whaaat!) but you are still saving money and you save even more if you buy more than 3 at a time (bringing the cost down 3-6%).

Taste and Throat Feel

Now for the taste and throat feel.  This is the closest thing to a cigarette you will ever get my friends. The burn is real, the flavor is authentic smokey menthol and the drawback feels the same as a tight filtered Marlboro.  It takes about 2 seconds of drawing for the filter to kick in and release the vapor, but when it does you are met with a wall of authentic flavor and the vapor you release is pure white, thick and steamy, just like real smoke. 
If i was just quitting smoking and looking into the e-cig, this would be my pick, no doubt about it! I look forward to trying and reviewing the other flavors.

Written By Sarah S

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