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Oden's Extreme Cold Portion Review

Oden's Extreme Cold Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I am loving Odens extreme portions right now! I never thought i would find any snus that could rival my beloved thunder frosted, but if there was one, this would be it. I have enjoyed all their flavors and the nicotine level is through the roof!
I have tried so hard to stay away from strong portions and come back down to regular snus but i just cant, i love them too much, even if they do ruin me for minis forever, its soo worth it!
I am proud to say that i have tried all Odens' regular portions and enjoyed them all, their new make over and  product line can rival any snus manufacturer.
Extreme cold portion, where have you been all my life! I am happy that i get to review the regular portions, i prefer those to white portions and when i get what i want, im a happy girl! :)

It Can Blow Your Mind

The packaging is that of all their extreme portions, eclectically covered in birds and wolves, haha i really dont know what that is about; maybe if you have too many portions you will either be howling like a wolf or your head will be flying around the room like a bird! and dont forget the standard Odens warning: caution, it can blow your mind! now ive never had my mind blown before, i hope its not too painful!  What i do like about Oden's packaging is that they keep their dry portions in a white container and the regular ones in the black container. It sure makes it easier when you are grabbing a can before running out the door, ahh i like life simplified.

A Different Smell

Now the smell my friends, is what is totally different then anything i have experienced in a looong time! Of course you get the spearmint but what you also get a hint of is eucalyptus! I have not had eucalyptus since back in the day, so back in the day that i cannot really remember what their characteristics were until i smelled this, and all the fond memories come flooding back. Now as an Australian i am very patriotic to my national tree. Most people hate them because they drop branches on houses and cars and leave a giant mess everywhere and the wood is really no good for manufacturing but think of all the medicinal uses! Without it we would have no cold and flu salves OR koalas. Now i dont know about you, but i do not want to live in a world of snotty noses and no Koalas, so appreciate eucalyptus and enjoy it in your snus!

The Burning Taste and Nicotine Buzz

You want to know what Odens extreme cold tastes like? it tastes like burning! oh the burning sting of strong snus,  it makes my loins warm and my head freezing cold. A unique experience that makes me come back for more and more!
wow! for the first time in months i have a head spin. My head is light and my body is grounded to my seat. This cant be right...ah! its 22mgs of nicotine!!!! no wonder. i'll be back in 10 minutes when i can actually think again.....

I'm back.... serves me right for having it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach..
Now back to the taste. After the burn and the headspin comes the spearmint flavor. Not quite as strong as thunder and milder in flavor then catch mint, but definitely there.
Despite the painful burn the portion is quite comfortable and then size fits perfectly under my lip with no overhang and its medium filled so as to not bulge my lip out. Perfect!
You can feel safe in the fact that i am adding this snus to my list of other awesome odens products and i will be a fan for life.... in the evening... after plenty of food and pre-snusing! haha! enjoy!

Written By Sarah S

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  1. Anonymous6.8.13

    Where did you buy it?? I live in Stockholm and I have been trying to found it, but they don't sell it anywhere! :/