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Kronan White Portion Review

Kronan White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Kronan white portionsI can honestly say that I have never tried Kronan before. Hang on let me think about it….nope never. I can’t remember why I haven’t; I’ve tried pretty much everything else.  Launched in 2005 by Swedish Match as a “value priced” snus, value priced? The quality is still streets ahead most other brands.  I guess even the trashiest SM product is still great.


The Meaning of Kronan

Kronan means Crown in you didn’t know that did you! ;) I didn’t either, I had to translate it, but now that I know I can now understand why there are pictures of crowns on the can (It’s also the name of a courageous Swedish warship from the 1670’s, I like to think its named after this). Speaking of the can, it looks amazing! Im so glad Swedish Match have tried to mix up their product packing, it makes life a lot more interesting and I LOVE white cans. I guess its because I use loss in the cardboard wax packaging all day every day, so when I get portions in a new package, I get all excited! And I love white; it looks so clean and modern.  I knew instinctively that this can was something special. White can, white label with black writing and little gold crowns or Kronan’s J

The Best Companion

As soon as I opened the can I knew I had an instant companion to my recent beverage of choice.  Last week at a Sushi restaurant I realized once and for all that I HATE sushi, but I love Sake! It’s cheap, it gets you absolutely tossed and there is no hang over…bonus!!
I ran to the Japanese market the next day and brought a whole bunch of exotic sake’s.  I enjoy it warm and have no shame in drinking at home, I don’t have to eat sushi that way, nor do I have to talk to other people (im not the most sociable creature, especially when im drinking). Plus it makes every meal special, even Stouffers frozen lasagna!  Like snus, sake has many flavor variants and I wanted something light, floral and complimentary.  I tried a couple of my different portions and found that Kronan did the trick!

Owerpowering Smell

The smell is that of spicy tobacco, floral citrusy bergamot and fresh herbs.  It’s quite overpowering and hedonistic and found myself sniffing it continuously over the course of 5 minutes.  Its so strong in fact that you could use it to mask life’s unpleasentries.  I remember watching documentaries about the bubonic plague in Europe, and how people would stuff their noses with an assortment of herbs and spices in an effort to ward of the evil that lives in some stenches. Its too bad they didn’t have kronan back then. Im sure it would have worked 100 times better!

Kronan White Can by Swedish MatchThe Taste of Kronan White

The taste is complex with many different characteristics. First you get hints of orange, then spice (such as dill and cilantro), then pure cured tobacco. It tastes very similar to other Swedish Match products, Goteborg’s Rape comes to mind, as does a slight Grov and Ettan aroma, but individual enough to stand out as its own special beast.

White Portion Unlike Other White Portions

The packaging says Vit, which means white portion, but nothing about it really screams white portion to me.  Sure the pouches are whiter than a regular portion, but yet the material is soft and has all the characteristics of a regular portion. So I have come to the conclusion that Kronan embraces the best of both worlds.  The drip free durability of a white portion, and the soft and moist texture of a regular portion all in one which is appealing to all snus users, I certainly wouldn’t kick it out of bed if it crawled in there with me.
The tobacco level 8mg, a standard medium but with the rich spiciness it’s more than satisfying.  If you are looking for a good all round snus and something different that stands out from your regular line up then give Kronan Vit a try….I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

Written By Sarah S

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