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General Wintergeen White Portion Review

General Wintergreen White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I am actually really surprised that General comes in flavored varieties. It has its own strong persona; you wouldn’t think it would meld well with additional characteristics but for some reason it works.  Sure we are only talking about mint and wintergreen but still, totally different flavors.  This particular snus is geared towards the American market being distributed out of Richmond Virginia, but made in Sweden.

The Wintergreen Flavor

General Wintergreen White Portions
Tuxedo Tin!
 I’ll let you in on a secret; I actually crave wintergreen and I'm not too fussy where I get it from. Well I don’t see myself dipping a can of Skoal anytime soon but as far as snus goes, I'm game and hungry for it all.  I dream of meeting a tall cowboy, riding in to LA on a white horse, wearing a 10 gallon hat and breathing wintergreen breath down the front of my shirt. Ahhhh!
I have mentioned the origins of wintergreen before so I won’t bore you with that, but it is interesting to see how many wintergreen products are available on the market.  Northerner, for example has American dip, stonewall and ariva lozenges, liquid flavoring, tobacco plugs and just about every brand of snus carries a wintergreen variety, although it is more popular with the American companies.  Why you ask? Because its amazing!  It works to mask strong tobacco flavors for those who don’t like that, and it freshens the breath and cleans the sinuses without the burn of menthol.
General Wintergreen Star Formation
ooohhh star formation!
The taste is hard to describe, kinda like mint but not, kinda like licking a pine tree but not, kinda like crest white toothpaste but not.  Think of it as encapsulating all of these qualities and yet adding its own unique spin on things.

These general wintergreen portions are wonderful! Sticky sweet and dewy, it reminds me of encapsulating tentacles on a sticky carnivorous plant and being left with a slight residue that smells woodsy and minty, and like most things that you shouldn’t play with, you want go back and touch more!

Tuxedo In a Can

The first thing I noticed about general wintergreen is the packaging. I call it the tuxedo can because of the stripy green and black with white and silver accents…very smart and stylish!
Oh the smell! Its everything I described above AND more! I cant get enough and each sniff brings with it a different heightening sense of euphoria, and no, that’s not just the propylene glycol talking, this is loooove…sweet wintergreen looove!

Surprising Taste

The taste is minty, piney and smokey.
Portion Snus
Wedge shaped white portion
Smokey? This cant be right I thought to myself! Then I looked at the ingredients list. Low and behold there is an artificial smoke ingredient. Hmm I can honestly say I have never come across this before. I quite like it; it adds a different element then the usual snus flavors, a smokey component that mellows out the harshness of wintergreen and the spiciness of tobacco, perfect!  There is also a slight burn, a slight sweetness, a mintiness and a saltiness. It’s like the four elements of Thai cooking in a snus! I am well impressed!

Portion Material and Nicotine Strength

The portion material is the softest in the business. It makes me feel good to know that I no longer have to avoid white portions all together.  The strength is 8mg which if fine considering I always like to chase a flavored portion with a pris of roda lacket (really hard to do with a strong portion! Haha)
I guarantee you have never had a snus like this before and it’s well worth a try.  General wintergreen will go right up alongside my reigning champion Jakobssons wintergreen!
Wintergreen for everybody!

Oh, and check out Northerners deal on General. Buy 20 cans, get free shipping and 10% off.  Good deal if you're a General fan.

Written By Sarah S

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