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General Classic White Strong Review

General Classic White Strong Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I can just imagine the business meeting Swedish match had not so long ago. CEO: we need to upgrade and extend our General product line and give the people what they want. Employees (marketing guy, manufacturing guy and secretary of awesomeness): Ja Ja Ja! hah im sure they have more staff then that but i think that's how it went down because taadaa! we now have more general products then ever before and i couldn't be more happy with the changes. Now im not one that likes change, i am the one who gets dragged kicking and screaming into the the future and normally, products that i do like get discontinued, but not lately, i haven't had a sordid teary "what the hell am i going to use now!" moment for years i am happy to say.

Great For a Night Out

Picture it: me, 2 weeks ago, getting ready to go out on the drink with friends and needing a snus that was not only strong, but would also meld with the flavors of upscale Chinese American food and copious amounts of fuffy fuffy alcohol targeted at women.  There can only be one who can stand up to the general white strong!
Lucky for me i had a fridge full and i grabbed a can, put on my high heels (which made 6'3) and ran for the door.
Considering the citrus nature of General, i catered my whole evening around its fragrant floral proprieties. This included hot and sour soup, orange peel chicken, chocolate orange torte, 2 Cadillac gold margaritas and the piece de resistance, Key lime pie martini! I couldn't have been more happy with the meal and snus pairing. Most people just pair food and alcohol. When your a snuser you have to incorporate another element into the mix.  I left feeling satisfied, drunk.  I didnt get lucky that night, but i am lucky in love with General!

A White Portion to Love

Swedish Match white portions seem to be the only white portions that i really like.  They have worked out just the right amount of moisture and flavor to makes life interesting and me coming back for more, and you can tell the care and attention they give to their products at all stages of the manufacturing process.
When i sobered up, i took it upon myself to explore all the qualities the new general product line has.

The Smell and Portion Material

The smell is that of all general, very characteristic, citrusie and refreshing with a noticeable tobacco odor, but as with all white portions, they are not as strong or earthy as regular.  The portion material is perfectly dry (although i do like the long portions better) but not drying enough to suck all the moisture out of your gums.
There is nothing worse then trying to rip a dry portion out along with half your skin..that wont happen here! But now i always make sure I lick it before I stick it! ;)

Quality and Nicotine Level

The nicotine level is ideal. I have worked out that 12mg's seems to be where im at with my nicotine addiction. It leaves me satisfied and not longing for more anytime soon.
The one quality i find redeeming about white portions in the low drip and this one has no drip. General can be a little overpowering when it starts to run down the back of your throat but that wont happen here. This is for all of those who find regular portion or los general a little too flavorful and strong.

I am glad that i have learned to acquire a taste for general, and even happier now with all the new options on strength, shape and portion material, there is now something for everyone, and unlike alcohol, you dont have to enjoy snus in moderation! ;)

Written By Sarah S

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