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Catch Licorice White Large Portion Review

Catch Licorice White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

The first thing I said to myself when I felt one of these portions was “now that is a perfect snus!” the moisture content is absolutely perfect! I mentioned it to my friend when I was sitting down to lunch and he thought I was crazy, I guess you have to be a snuser to truly understand and appreciate. As soon as you touch the portion material you get a light mist of tobacco on your fingers, yet the portion material is still dry. It’s amazing, it's everything you want in a white portion and more.

Improved White Portions?

Im not usually a fan of white portions, most of them are dry and irritating to my mucus membranes, taking all my spit with it till my gums are dry and sore but not this one, the material acts like a barrier to enhance the nicotine absorption, yet keep the tobacco directly off your skin, it’s like magic! These must be new and improved portions because I’ve never seen anything like it before.

A Design Update

I knew I had heard of this snus before but I didn’t recognize the packaging, then I remembered it has had a couple of facelifts.  Back in the day it was a white can with a white label, then a white can with a black label and now it’s a white can with a purple label.  I must say I like the purple the best, its different and looks good against the white can. 

Great Diversity and Portion Material

I dont always like all of the catch products but i truly appreciate the diversity they offer and their constant effort to keep up to date with new and exciting flavors and packaging styles and the ingenuity of company's that constantly change and improve their marketing and quality never ceases to amaze me.  Now on to this amazing portion material. Its wonderfully soft and touching it is like picking up a little ball of cotton.  The tobacco is positioned in a wedge so it needs a little ruffling before insertion, which is perfect for me as i get to marvel at the moisture content and bore my friends with snus talk.

Both Tobacco and Licorice

The smell is not overwhelming and its one of the very few lakrits portions where you can actually smell the tobacco and not just the flavorings.  The licorice is warm and spicy and the tobacco comes through first adding a peppery element that sets this apart from other white portions.  The taste is salty and mild and reminds me exactly of dutch double salt licorice with a tobacco twist, very pleasing.

Longlasting Portions

Like with most white portions it lasts a long time.  Ive had portions in for over 45 minutes with no drip or dulling of taste or character and the flavor is mild and required a little prodding to get a full licorice taste.

The pouches say large but really its smaller and less full then a jakobssons portion and does not show on the teeth or give any bulging snus lip. Haha maybe they need to change the name because when i am buying snus and i see the word "large" i automatically stay away, which is a shame because i could have missed out on a truly awesome snus! so im renaming these "Catch White Licorice Perfect size" instead...i hope it catches on!

Despite the high salt content the portion material keeps my lip from getting wrinkled and at 8mg's of nicotine i could do these all day.

"Catch White Licorice Perfect Size"

Catch white licorice perfect size snus is definitely a keeper for me and i will continue to be amazed by its awesomeness for many years to come. If you want to experience a white portion with the characteristics of both white and wet portions then give it a try, you will not be disappointed even if you are not a licorice lover, Catch white licorice perfect snus is for YOU!

Written By Sarah S

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