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Kronan White Portion Review

Kronan White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Kronan white portionsI can honestly say that I have never tried Kronan before. Hang on let me think about it….nope never. I can’t remember why I haven’t; I’ve tried pretty much everything else.  Launched in 2005 by Swedish Match as a “value priced” snus, value priced? The quality is still streets ahead most other brands.  I guess even the trashiest SM product is still great.


The Meaning of Kronan

Kronan means Crown in you didn’t know that did you! ;) I didn’t either, I had to translate it, but now that I know I can now understand why there are pictures of crowns on the can (It’s also the name of a courageous Swedish warship from the 1670’s, I like to think its named after this). Speaking of the can, it looks amazing! Im so glad Swedish Match have tried to mix up their product packing, it makes life a lot more interesting and I LOVE white cans. I guess its because I use loss in the cardboard wax packaging all day every day, so when I get portions in a new package, I get all excited! And I love white; it looks so clean and modern.  I knew instinctively that this can was something special. White can, white label with black writing and little gold crowns or Kronan’s J

The Best Companion

As soon as I opened the can I knew I had an instant companion to my recent beverage of choice.  Last week at a Sushi restaurant I realized once and for all that I HATE sushi, but I love Sake! It’s cheap, it gets you absolutely tossed and there is no hang over…bonus!!
I ran to the Japanese market the next day and brought a whole bunch of exotic sake’s.  I enjoy it warm and have no shame in drinking at home, I don’t have to eat sushi that way, nor do I have to talk to other people (im not the most sociable creature, especially when im drinking). Plus it makes every meal special, even Stouffers frozen lasagna!  Like snus, sake has many flavor variants and I wanted something light, floral and complimentary.  I tried a couple of my different portions and found that Kronan did the trick!

Owerpowering Smell

The smell is that of spicy tobacco, floral citrusy bergamot and fresh herbs.  It’s quite overpowering and hedonistic and found myself sniffing it continuously over the course of 5 minutes.  Its so strong in fact that you could use it to mask life’s unpleasentries.  I remember watching documentaries about the bubonic plague in Europe, and how people would stuff their noses with an assortment of herbs and spices in an effort to ward of the evil that lives in some stenches. Its too bad they didn’t have kronan back then. Im sure it would have worked 100 times better!

Kronan White Can by Swedish MatchThe Taste of Kronan White

The taste is complex with many different characteristics. First you get hints of orange, then spice (such as dill and cilantro), then pure cured tobacco. It tastes very similar to other Swedish Match products, Goteborg’s Rape comes to mind, as does a slight Grov and Ettan aroma, but individual enough to stand out as its own special beast.

White Portion Unlike Other White Portions

The packaging says Vit, which means white portion, but nothing about it really screams white portion to me.  Sure the pouches are whiter than a regular portion, but yet the material is soft and has all the characteristics of a regular portion. So I have come to the conclusion that Kronan embraces the best of both worlds.  The drip free durability of a white portion, and the soft and moist texture of a regular portion all in one which is appealing to all snus users, I certainly wouldn’t kick it out of bed if it crawled in there with me.
The tobacco level 8mg, a standard medium but with the rich spiciness it’s more than satisfying.  If you are looking for a good all round snus and something different that stands out from your regular line up then give Kronan Vit a try….I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

Written By Sarah S


General Wintergeen White Portion Review

General Wintergreen White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I am actually really surprised that General comes in flavored varieties. It has its own strong persona; you wouldn’t think it would meld well with additional characteristics but for some reason it works.  Sure we are only talking about mint and wintergreen but still, totally different flavors.  This particular snus is geared towards the American market being distributed out of Richmond Virginia, but made in Sweden.

The Wintergreen Flavor

General Wintergreen White Portions
Tuxedo Tin!
 I’ll let you in on a secret; I actually crave wintergreen and I'm not too fussy where I get it from. Well I don’t see myself dipping a can of Skoal anytime soon but as far as snus goes, I'm game and hungry for it all.  I dream of meeting a tall cowboy, riding in to LA on a white horse, wearing a 10 gallon hat and breathing wintergreen breath down the front of my shirt. Ahhhh!
I have mentioned the origins of wintergreen before so I won’t bore you with that, but it is interesting to see how many wintergreen products are available on the market.  Northerner, for example has American dip, stonewall and ariva lozenges, liquid flavoring, tobacco plugs and just about every brand of snus carries a wintergreen variety, although it is more popular with the American companies.  Why you ask? Because its amazing!  It works to mask strong tobacco flavors for those who don’t like that, and it freshens the breath and cleans the sinuses without the burn of menthol.
General Wintergreen Star Formation
ooohhh star formation!
The taste is hard to describe, kinda like mint but not, kinda like licking a pine tree but not, kinda like crest white toothpaste but not.  Think of it as encapsulating all of these qualities and yet adding its own unique spin on things.

These general wintergreen portions are wonderful! Sticky sweet and dewy, it reminds me of encapsulating tentacles on a sticky carnivorous plant and being left with a slight residue that smells woodsy and minty, and like most things that you shouldn’t play with, you want go back and touch more!

Tuxedo In a Can

The first thing I noticed about general wintergreen is the packaging. I call it the tuxedo can because of the stripy green and black with white and silver accents…very smart and stylish!
Oh the smell! Its everything I described above AND more! I cant get enough and each sniff brings with it a different heightening sense of euphoria, and no, that’s not just the propylene glycol talking, this is loooove…sweet wintergreen looove!

Surprising Taste

The taste is minty, piney and smokey.
Portion Snus
Wedge shaped white portion
Smokey? This cant be right I thought to myself! Then I looked at the ingredients list. Low and behold there is an artificial smoke ingredient. Hmm I can honestly say I have never come across this before. I quite like it; it adds a different element then the usual snus flavors, a smokey component that mellows out the harshness of wintergreen and the spiciness of tobacco, perfect!  There is also a slight burn, a slight sweetness, a mintiness and a saltiness. It’s like the four elements of Thai cooking in a snus! I am well impressed!

Portion Material and Nicotine Strength

The portion material is the softest in the business. It makes me feel good to know that I no longer have to avoid white portions all together.  The strength is 8mg which if fine considering I always like to chase a flavored portion with a pris of roda lacket (really hard to do with a strong portion! Haha)
I guarantee you have never had a snus like this before and it’s well worth a try.  General wintergreen will go right up alongside my reigning champion Jakobssons wintergreen!
Wintergreen for everybody!

Oh, and check out Northerners deal on General. Buy 20 cans, get free shipping and 10% off.  Good deal if you're a General fan.

Written By Sarah S


RivoSig 18Mg Disposable Siberian Menthol Review

RivoSig 18mg Siberian Menthol

Disposable E-cigarette Review

Im all for e-cigarettes. Let’s face it; some people are just born to smoke. They don’t want to cut back or quit and they live for the nicotine and something to do with their hands. To that I say get some snus and a Rubik's cube! Lol
For me, I am so happy I found oral tobacco. I remember an old quote from one of my best good friends who’s a Blackhawk pilot in the US army. It was after a night of passion, I pulled out a cigarette and he reached for his can of cherry Skoal. “They can take my jaw, but they aint cutting out my lungs!” he says. No truer words have ever been spoken. Sometimes in life It’s about harm minimization and the lesser of 2 evils.  I went out for dinner with a friend recently and he stunk of cigarette smoke. It was so bad Ive forgotten how nasty it smells.  It was in his hair, on his skin and clothes and of course his breath…I couldn’t wait to get away from him, geez I never thought I would be an anti-smoking snob!
Some people are like me and are more than happy with snus and others need the help of e-cigs. The e-cig technology was invented in China. No surprise there, wasn’t everything? They also created the water vapor pipe which is a similar process.

Couldn't Be Easier

Im very impressed with all the new e-cig technology that has hit the market in the last few years, although I must admit, some you need a degree in electrical engineering to figure out how to use them! I am grateful that I got sent a single disposable cigarette. All you do is just take it out of the packaging and start puffin away; couldn’t be easier!

The RivoSig Company

This time it’s RivoSig! An innovative, modern company from Middletown Connecticut created by 2 advertising executives, and boy do they know their job!  Their website is all geared towards sales and they even have a free smart phone app!
Haha the name they give their products are funny. RivoSig is a combination of the Italian words for revolution and cigarette. (rivoluzione and Sigaretta)
For right now they have 3 flavors: cured tobacco (yea ok, that’s doable), Oregon blackberry (lols!), and now for the finale and what we are reviewing here today… Siberian Menthol!  That one made me laugh the most; I keep having visions of a Mongolic native Siberian, living in a Yurt, drinking horse milk and puffing away on a menthol e-cig whilst taking part in a throat singing duet.  Ok, maybe I have a wild imagination, but it’s nothing compared to these guys! J And if none of these tickle your fancy, more flavors are coming in the next few months.  Swiss Chocolate: Tulare Cherry: Sava Vanilla and Appletini are some of the flavors that are being considered.

Flavors and Nicotine Strength

The wonderful people at Northerner have all three flavors available at 18mg strength. According to the Rivosig website they also have a 24Mg available, which are for the hard core Virginia red smokers!
That’s one of the things that sets this brand apart from the other e-cigs available….they don’t mess around with strength! If you can’t handle an 18-24mg cartridge, then stay the hell out of the kitchen!
I agree with this actually, a lot of people fool themselves into thinking they are not as addicted to nicotine as they are, buy a low strength e-cig or snus, only to revert back to smoking when it doesn’t satisfy their needs. Why not set yourself up for a win the first time and be done with smokes forever! Hail to RivoSig and their extraordinarily high atomizer cartridges!

Longevity and Cost

One thing that does bother me about e-cigs is their longevity and ongoing cost. For some reason I have no problem dropping down hundreds on snus but wouldn’t on e-cig refills. Of course that’s because I am a snuser and not an e-cigger, but at least with snus you can see how many portions you have left, with e-cigs your last puff is literally your last until you get more.  This is not really a problem, just takes a little planning and always having a spare so you aren’t caught short and tempted to smoke again.
The price of Rivosig is a whooole lot cheaper than most.  You can get the starter kit for $29.95 (comes with recharger, spare batteries and cartridges) and the disposable for $9.74. 
The disposable claims to last for 800 puffs which is about equivalent to 2 packs of smokes.  So a hardcore smoker would go through say 3 of these a week. So that’s $29.22 a week.  6 packets of cigarettes here in California would cost roughly $38.70.  Its not much of a difference (unless you live in New York and now pay 12.50 for a pack! Whaaat!) but you are still saving money and you save even more if you buy more than 3 at a time (bringing the cost down 3-6%).

Taste and Throat Feel

Now for the taste and throat feel.  This is the closest thing to a cigarette you will ever get my friends. The burn is real, the flavor is authentic smokey menthol and the drawback feels the same as a tight filtered Marlboro.  It takes about 2 seconds of drawing for the filter to kick in and release the vapor, but when it does you are met with a wall of authentic flavor and the vapor you release is pure white, thick and steamy, just like real smoke. 
If i was just quitting smoking and looking into the e-cig, this would be my pick, no doubt about it! I look forward to trying and reviewing the other flavors.

Written By Sarah S


Oden's Extreme Cold Portion Review

Oden's Extreme Cold Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I am loving Odens extreme portions right now! I never thought i would find any snus that could rival my beloved thunder frosted, but if there was one, this would be it. I have enjoyed all their flavors and the nicotine level is through the roof!
I have tried so hard to stay away from strong portions and come back down to regular snus but i just cant, i love them too much, even if they do ruin me for minis forever, its soo worth it!
I am proud to say that i have tried all Odens' regular portions and enjoyed them all, their new make over and  product line can rival any snus manufacturer.
Extreme cold portion, where have you been all my life! I am happy that i get to review the regular portions, i prefer those to white portions and when i get what i want, im a happy girl! :)

It Can Blow Your Mind

The packaging is that of all their extreme portions, eclectically covered in birds and wolves, haha i really dont know what that is about; maybe if you have too many portions you will either be howling like a wolf or your head will be flying around the room like a bird! and dont forget the standard Odens warning: caution, it can blow your mind! now ive never had my mind blown before, i hope its not too painful!  What i do like about Oden's packaging is that they keep their dry portions in a white container and the regular ones in the black container. It sure makes it easier when you are grabbing a can before running out the door, ahh i like life simplified.

A Different Smell

Now the smell my friends, is what is totally different then anything i have experienced in a looong time! Of course you get the spearmint but what you also get a hint of is eucalyptus! I have not had eucalyptus since back in the day, so back in the day that i cannot really remember what their characteristics were until i smelled this, and all the fond memories come flooding back. Now as an Australian i am very patriotic to my national tree. Most people hate them because they drop branches on houses and cars and leave a giant mess everywhere and the wood is really no good for manufacturing but think of all the medicinal uses! Without it we would have no cold and flu salves OR koalas. Now i dont know about you, but i do not want to live in a world of snotty noses and no Koalas, so appreciate eucalyptus and enjoy it in your snus!

The Burning Taste and Nicotine Buzz

You want to know what Odens extreme cold tastes like? it tastes like burning! oh the burning sting of strong snus,  it makes my loins warm and my head freezing cold. A unique experience that makes me come back for more and more!
wow! for the first time in months i have a head spin. My head is light and my body is grounded to my seat. This cant be right...ah! its 22mgs of nicotine!!!! no wonder. i'll be back in 10 minutes when i can actually think again.....

I'm back.... serves me right for having it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach..
Now back to the taste. After the burn and the headspin comes the spearmint flavor. Not quite as strong as thunder and milder in flavor then catch mint, but definitely there.
Despite the painful burn the portion is quite comfortable and then size fits perfectly under my lip with no overhang and its medium filled so as to not bulge my lip out. Perfect!
You can feel safe in the fact that i am adding this snus to my list of other awesome odens products and i will be a fan for life.... in the evening... after plenty of food and pre-snusing! haha! enjoy!

Written By Sarah S


General Classic White Strong Review

General Classic White Strong Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I can just imagine the business meeting Swedish match had not so long ago. CEO: we need to upgrade and extend our General product line and give the people what they want. Employees (marketing guy, manufacturing guy and secretary of awesomeness): Ja Ja Ja! hah im sure they have more staff then that but i think that's how it went down because taadaa! we now have more general products then ever before and i couldn't be more happy with the changes. Now im not one that likes change, i am the one who gets dragged kicking and screaming into the the future and normally, products that i do like get discontinued, but not lately, i haven't had a sordid teary "what the hell am i going to use now!" moment for years i am happy to say.

Great For a Night Out

Picture it: me, 2 weeks ago, getting ready to go out on the drink with friends and needing a snus that was not only strong, but would also meld with the flavors of upscale Chinese American food and copious amounts of fuffy fuffy alcohol targeted at women.  There can only be one who can stand up to the general white strong!
Lucky for me i had a fridge full and i grabbed a can, put on my high heels (which made 6'3) and ran for the door.
Considering the citrus nature of General, i catered my whole evening around its fragrant floral proprieties. This included hot and sour soup, orange peel chicken, chocolate orange torte, 2 Cadillac gold margaritas and the piece de resistance, Key lime pie martini! I couldn't have been more happy with the meal and snus pairing. Most people just pair food and alcohol. When your a snuser you have to incorporate another element into the mix.  I left feeling satisfied, drunk.  I didnt get lucky that night, but i am lucky in love with General!

A White Portion to Love

Swedish Match white portions seem to be the only white portions that i really like.  They have worked out just the right amount of moisture and flavor to makes life interesting and me coming back for more, and you can tell the care and attention they give to their products at all stages of the manufacturing process.
When i sobered up, i took it upon myself to explore all the qualities the new general product line has.

The Smell and Portion Material

The smell is that of all general, very characteristic, citrusie and refreshing with a noticeable tobacco odor, but as with all white portions, they are not as strong or earthy as regular.  The portion material is perfectly dry (although i do like the long portions better) but not drying enough to suck all the moisture out of your gums.
There is nothing worse then trying to rip a dry portion out along with half your skin..that wont happen here! But now i always make sure I lick it before I stick it! ;)

Quality and Nicotine Level

The nicotine level is ideal. I have worked out that 12mg's seems to be where im at with my nicotine addiction. It leaves me satisfied and not longing for more anytime soon.
The one quality i find redeeming about white portions in the low drip and this one has no drip. General can be a little overpowering when it starts to run down the back of your throat but that wont happen here. This is for all of those who find regular portion or los general a little too flavorful and strong.

I am glad that i have learned to acquire a taste for general, and even happier now with all the new options on strength, shape and portion material, there is now something for everyone, and unlike alcohol, you dont have to enjoy snus in moderation! ;)

Written By Sarah S


Catch Licorice White Large Portion Review

Catch Licorice White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

The first thing I said to myself when I felt one of these portions was “now that is a perfect snus!” the moisture content is absolutely perfect! I mentioned it to my friend when I was sitting down to lunch and he thought I was crazy, I guess you have to be a snuser to truly understand and appreciate. As soon as you touch the portion material you get a light mist of tobacco on your fingers, yet the portion material is still dry. It’s amazing, it's everything you want in a white portion and more.

Improved White Portions?

Im not usually a fan of white portions, most of them are dry and irritating to my mucus membranes, taking all my spit with it till my gums are dry and sore but not this one, the material acts like a barrier to enhance the nicotine absorption, yet keep the tobacco directly off your skin, it’s like magic! These must be new and improved portions because I’ve never seen anything like it before.

A Design Update

I knew I had heard of this snus before but I didn’t recognize the packaging, then I remembered it has had a couple of facelifts.  Back in the day it was a white can with a white label, then a white can with a black label and now it’s a white can with a purple label.  I must say I like the purple the best, its different and looks good against the white can. 

Great Diversity and Portion Material

I dont always like all of the catch products but i truly appreciate the diversity they offer and their constant effort to keep up to date with new and exciting flavors and packaging styles and the ingenuity of company's that constantly change and improve their marketing and quality never ceases to amaze me.  Now on to this amazing portion material. Its wonderfully soft and touching it is like picking up a little ball of cotton.  The tobacco is positioned in a wedge so it needs a little ruffling before insertion, which is perfect for me as i get to marvel at the moisture content and bore my friends with snus talk.

Both Tobacco and Licorice

The smell is not overwhelming and its one of the very few lakrits portions where you can actually smell the tobacco and not just the flavorings.  The licorice is warm and spicy and the tobacco comes through first adding a peppery element that sets this apart from other white portions.  The taste is salty and mild and reminds me exactly of dutch double salt licorice with a tobacco twist, very pleasing.

Longlasting Portions

Like with most white portions it lasts a long time.  Ive had portions in for over 45 minutes with no drip or dulling of taste or character and the flavor is mild and required a little prodding to get a full licorice taste.

The pouches say large but really its smaller and less full then a jakobssons portion and does not show on the teeth or give any bulging snus lip. Haha maybe they need to change the name because when i am buying snus and i see the word "large" i automatically stay away, which is a shame because i could have missed out on a truly awesome snus! so im renaming these "Catch White Licorice Perfect size" instead...i hope it catches on!

Despite the high salt content the portion material keeps my lip from getting wrinkled and at 8mg's of nicotine i could do these all day.

"Catch White Licorice Perfect Size"

Catch white licorice perfect size snus is definitely a keeper for me and i will continue to be amazed by its awesomeness for many years to come. If you want to experience a white portion with the characteristics of both white and wet portions then give it a try, you will not be disappointed even if you are not a licorice lover, Catch white licorice perfect snus is for YOU!

Written By Sarah S