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Thunder Wintergreen White Portion Review

Thunder Wintergreen White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Thunder Wintergreen has always been one of my favorites although I’m not too fond of regular portions. I find them too runny and moist also I think white portion are much fresher. That’s why I was super happy when I saw the new Thunder White portions.
When opening this can I was happily surprised it smelled just like the regular Thunder Wintergreen. I’m a huge fan of Wintergreen flavor and it’s aroma smells like heaven to me. I love how it kind of tingles your nose when you breathe it in.

Fresh and Clean

The white portions look very fresh and clean compared to Thunder regular portions and the pouch material is very soft and feels very comfortable in your mouth.

The portion size is good. Can’t really say anything negative about that. It’s smaller than a Jakobsson’s which portions are a little bit too big for me. This snus I could definitely use out in public without it showing under my lip.

Flavor and Mouth Feel

The flavor is good. In addition to the wintergreen flavor it has a little saltiness to it which I like. It also gives a nice burn for the first minutes which I’ve almost become addictive to. I always thought the regular Thunder wintergreen has a bitter aftertaste to it and I also feel the tobacco juice burns my throat but this snus has none of that. The wintergreen flavor did fade after a while and the snus just tastes salty. I actually like that since you can get tired of a flavor after a while. This way I can keep the portion in longer and this is the kind of snus that I just park under my lip and then after a while forget it’s there. So I can walk around with it for hours and then just realize I still have it in.  

What About The Nicotine?

The nicotine hit is really good. It does not feel as strong as a regular Thunder but almost. I guess that is due to the regular portions containing more moisture and makes you absorb the nicotine faster. I’m not really an expert on this whole nicotine absorbation PH level thing so if anyone wants to enlighten me you are more than welcome!

Overall this is a good snus and I will definitely use this whenever I’m in a mood for stronger nicotine snus. I’m so glad there is a white Thunder portion available now. Thunder is definitely one of the best brands out there and for us white-portion-lovers this new series of white portions are more than welcome!

Written By Josie

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