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Oden's 69 White Dry Review

Oden's 69 White Dry Portion

Swedish Snus Review

As usual I always start with opening the lid and breathe in the aroma. This time I was surprised with what happened next because this only ever happened to me when I smelled the purified snus (and that is due to it being so dry I guess). I started to cough. I have no idea why, but I’d like to think it’s because it’s so insanely strong.  I must say the tobacco smell is lovely. It’s funny because I like the smell of tobacco flavored snus although I usually don’t like the flavor of it.

Portion Size

Just as with the Dry Cold portion these pouches are packed to the edge with snus. I wish they were a bit smaller but I guess that’s a compromise since that wouldn’t make the portions as strong.

The Flavor

They tobacco flavor is kind of discreet compared to regular drippy portions and that actually makes me able to enjoy this snus even though it’s a tobacco flavored kind. I love having something to drink while I have a snus portion in, even if it’s just water or lemonade, diet coke, beer or wine. The saltiness of this snus makes it go well with just everything.



A High Nicotine Snus

The nicotine didn’t hit me as hard as with the dry cold so I guess I’m getting used to this high nicotine snuses again. It is very strong though.
Nothing really calms me down during a stressful day as a strong nicotine snus. I love the feeling of my whole body relaxing due to the nicotine release.

I can’t say I like this snus as much as the dry cold. Flavored snus is the thing for me, but this is still very good and I can see myself using this from time to time.
I think this must be the strongest tobacco flavored white portion on the market today so for those of you who enjoy the tobacco flavored white portion snus and are looking for something stronger, THIS IS IT!

Written By Josie

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