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Nordstrommen Julesnus Portion Review

Nordströmmen Julesnus Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Merry Christmas everybody! i hope you all had a wonderful time, I sure did. I got to experience a true Swedish Christmas with the lovely snus girl and her family. The most delicious chocolate in the world, mulled glogg wine with almonds and raisins and a whole smorgasbord of Swedish delicacies, followed by a sinfully good apple crumble with vanilla creme and copious amounts of alcohol and snus in all idea of heaven!
I left feeling satisfied, half cut on wine and full of family Christmas spirit.
With all our cultural Jule traditions, along comes a snus that fits perfectly into the holiday flavor....Julesnus!

2 Brands of Julesnus

There are 2 major brands that have these seasonal varieties; Gotland’s and V2 and they always come on the market a month or 2 before December and sell until they are gone.
I remember trying Gotland’s a few years ago. i was happy to get my los and portions and try them for the first time. A lot of people loved it and i was so excited i couldn't wait to dig my pris in.  This excitement was soon replaced with disgust as i absorbed the flavor of what tasted like tobacco rolled in a ginger cookie. It was totally not my thing and i couldn't keep it in my mouth for more then 2 minutes.  None of the flavors seem to compliment each other and it was just all around wrong!.  Now i could probably handle it with some grace and dignity, but back then i was still developing a taste for snus and couldn't tolerate anything that didnt taste like tobacco, mint or licorice and it was too much for this Koala to bear!

Over lunch a few weeks ago Snus girl told me that she had send me julesnus los and portions and the look on my face was priceless! I was like a beaten stray dog. my eyes closed, my face grimaced and i cringed down in my seat.  I am known for being dramatic and theatrical and snus girl just laughed and told me to deal with it.  My protesting fell on deaf ears and as i was screaming "noo, give it to the other girl" she dropped it on me that i was not getting the Gotland’s variety, but the V2 one instead.  I immediately relaxed and my mind opened to the possibilities that it was going to be better (hopefully, maybe!)

Cool Packaging

The first thing i love about V2 Julesnus is the packaging. so much cooler then their regular labels although it is still the same black can, but that is forgivable with the red vibrancy of the wrapping. A festive holiday design with ye olde European writing with santa bells and a wreath of mistletoe.  I should have held the can above everyone's head and proceeded to kiss them, although i dont think anybody would have appreciated my drunken sexual advances on Jesus' birthday.

Intoxicating Smell

Moving on, the smell is truly intoxicating!  To my joy it smells just like mulled wine and not gingerbread.  It even had the sour spicy note of alcohol, which is yumm!  Ive always been a fan of alcohol infused tobacco, its like the 2 vices of adulthood combined in one small awesome package. It always makes me feel so grown up and mature.

A Well Balanced Taste

The taste is every bit as enticing as the smell, but through the mouth you get the stronger notes of the spices. Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamon and Cloves all add a pungent but savory note to the alcohol infusion and each balance the other perfectly.  There is no one taste overpowering the rest, it just melds into a harmonious symphony of Christmas flavors that compliment all our holiday favorites.
The portions are large, comfortable and filled with 8mg's of tobacco.  Because of the spiciness of this snus you do not notice that it is mild on nicotine content and i certainly didnt feel unsatisfied afterwards.

I will definitely be buying V2 Julesnus every year for Christmas and keep a few cans in the freezer every time i want to reminisce on how awesome the holidays were.
Run out and get yours before they are all gone!

Written By Sarah S

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