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Nordströmmen Julesnus Lös Review

Nordströmmen Julesnus Lös

Swedish Snus Review

Happy birthday to me!!! And what did I do to celebrate you ask? An impromptu weekend in the snow in Big Bear. We are so fortunate here in California that a lot of us take it for granted.  One of the very few places in the world you can surf and ski in the same day. Of course im not that athletic but im sure others have done it, and if you are willing to overlook high unemployment and crime, a constant threat of a natural disaster (something that keeps me awake some nights) and the outrageous taxes, California is AWESOME and there is a season for all occasions! The winter is my favorite time of year in this part of the country and my two favorite things to do are to go the desert and the mountains. Its soo good to escape the city and get out and appreciate our landscape and there is no better place around here then big bear. 
BUT as with all activities in my life, I needed a snus to go along for the ride and i had the perfect one sitting in my fridge....Julesnus Los! 
As we dont have much snow in Southern California, i knew that as soon as i had the opportunity i would experience what our European friends do, a white winter and a snus that was designed for it!
i loved the portions, so i knew i would like the los and i do. After this weekend of hard drinking and snusing i had 1 more pris worth left and i am enjoying it now :)

Different From the Portions

I was expecting the los to be just like the portions but surprisingly its a little bit different.  The first comparison is the smell. The los has more of a tobacco odor with slight ammonia, but nothing overly offensive and you still get the rich scent of mulled wine, fruit and delicious!  Its a amazing how something as simple as portion material can alter a snus so much that its sometimes unrecognizable from it's former self, but i am happy to say that the los is just as satisfying as the portions.
The flavor is the second difference i noticed.  With no pouch barrier you notice more of the salt AND tobacco.  Its a lot less sweet and fruity then the portions and it's earthy tobacco is the strongest characteristic, but the fruit and wine is definitely there.

The Texture

Now the texture is that of all V2 los products which i am really not a fan of to be honest.  It's crumbly and grainy and falls apart easy but Julesnus seems a lot more moister then some of the other v2 los i have had which comes in handy when forming by hand or icetool.  Haha There is nothing worse then forming the perfect pris only to have it crumble in your hand moments away from insertion.  I still hold firm to my beliefs that Swedish Match makes much better los but at least V2 doesn't wrinkle my lip as much as SM los does, a definite bonus!

Standard Nicotine Level

A standard nicotine level at 8mg compliments this snus nicely and makes me think about seasonal christmasie possibilities that could arise... a Jule skoal for dip users, a Jule refill for e-cig users.. urgh the possibilities are endless and now that we are drifting further away from smoking, things are looking up for those who want a healthier more enjoyable smoking alternative.
I would buy the los but i would buy the portions first. The portions are stronger and more flavorful then the loose and offer something different that you cant buy everyday, and its more of a treat while the los has the same characteristics of all V2 los with a weaker flavor. 

Next season i will buy a full roll of the portions and half a roll of the los and be prepared. Its definitely a seasonal favorite to look forward to! :)

Written By Sarah S

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