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Kaliber White Portion Review

Kaliber White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

The flavor is a very mild hint of what I believe is some citrus, some herbs I can not place and what I believe is berries? I am not sure but it has a summer forest feel to it, but as I said it is a very mild flavoring - barely noticeable but still just enough to separate it from any unflavored kinds of snus and it is quite pleasant actually!

The Portion Size and Nicotine Level

The pouch is the standard white portion one from swedish match - just the same as they use for Ettan White Portion and also Goteborgs Rape White Portion, and I like it just as much as I do with the other brands just mentioned. It is just the right size and softness and not too moist or too dry. As far as the nicotine content it is also similar to the two brands I just mentioned, meaning it is medium strength and for example not as strong as some of the Oden's pouches. Perfect for a day of shopping cause it won't knock you off your feet haha :)

Very Swedish Design

The design of the can is what I would call very swedish, it is white with a grey stripe and has a very clean and simple design to it. There is nothing fancy or special about it but it does make it feel really fresh and clean! I do prefer the fancier snus cans though like the one from Roda Lacket with shiny red and gold text on it.. But I guess this would be perfect for everyday use!

Overall I think this snus is great, with its clean design and mild flavoring it is perfect to use on a daily basis, it feels fresh and it's not something I can see myself getting sick of at all unlike some of the stronger flavors out there that might be too much to use all day every day. I would definitely make sure to have a few cans of this at home!

Written By Anna M

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  1. Gustav, Swedish30.6.13

    I hope that you know, since I'm a swede, that it's neither written nor pronounced goteborgs rape. It's rapé, pronounced rappe(if that helps??). I'm pretty sure you know it but your readers might not :)