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Grovsnus Portion Review

Grovsnus Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Don't you just love the name...Grov. If society was a little more forgiving i would call my first born son Grov. Grov Sorge. haha then again maybe not but its still cool!
Grov and i have known each other for a long time now. I first tried it during my experimental phase, after a 6 month long addiction to the female branded vertigo snus in Bahama Velvet and Cuba Gold, that tasted like magical unicorn spit in a portion bag (so yummy!). When that soon became discontinued and i was unable to acquire rolls for future use and freezer storage, i had to branch off into other areas of the snus world.  Since Vertigo was a Swedish Match product, i figured i better stick with that i know and i ordered a whole bunch of portioned SM products. I hated roda lacket portions (the loose of course, is my favorite snus in the whole wide world). I didnt care for General then or the Ettan, but i did enjoy the subtle elder flavor with rich strong tobacco that Grov provides.  It was different and unusual and not at all intimidating. Just a nice well balanced snus that in my opinion took the best characteristics of all the SM products and rolled it into one portion.  I was very satisfied for a while then i came to do loose and well, forgot about the rest.  I like Grov loose and even though the grain is a little too large and its hard to bake, i enjoy having something different from time to time to my usual Roda loose habit.

Indescribable Taste

The flavor of the Grov brand is hard to describe.  I have recently learned that it is popular with american dip users because of its similarity to Copenhagen. I dont know about that.  the only dip i've tried is a tin of Skoal Cherry and that nearly made me toss, tasted like cherry cough syrup in a tobacco base...ewww!

Grov is very spicy! that peppery, woodsey tobacco flavor its what gets me every time. I LOVE the clean smokiness of pure, good quality tobacco and Grov delivers without being overpowering or sickening. I also taste elder berries which i love! I wish there was more of an elder craze here in America as there is in Europe. On my recent trip to New England i did get a jar of elder berry jelly which i have not tried yet. It came in a nice display case with 4 other jellies and i havent had the heart to separate them...maybe one day soon!

A Classy Can and Spicy Smell

I really like the can. It comes in a brown tin that after many years of Grov use, know distinctively as Grov brown.  A gold tin with a cool embossed lid and a label that's a compilation of all shades of brown, orange and gold with a big black GROV. Very classy and stylish.

The spiciness of Grov really comes through in the smell. As soon as you open the lid you are hit with powerful essence and if you are unaccustomed to snus, could bring tears to your eyes. Like a lot of traditional Swedish products, they take a little bit of getting used to, but once you do, man....its amazing!

Not For Newbies

If i gave one of these portions to my friends who smoke, they would spit it out in a heartbeat.  Grov is not for snus newbies and if you are a newbie that loves grov, you have my RESPECT.

The pouch is that of all Swedish match wet portions. large, medium filled and comfortable but not as comfortable as V2, im really getting into their portions lately.

A Spicy Drip

The only thing i dont like about Grov portions is the drip and its a spicy drip! If left in for more then 30 mins its runs down my back teeth and a direct line right into my throat. I make weird squeaking cough that puppies make when choking on their food. I know right, its soo ladylike and attractive, lucky im alone when this happens haha!

Luckily i dont care enough about this small side effect to not do Grov, its too good to let a small thing ruin its bold flavor and suitability, i know we are still friends.

Nicotine Level

The nicotine is 8mg's and standard for regular portions. Im actually happy most are 8mg's. its easy to keep track of and with the spiciness and medium salt of Grov, its definitely enough to keep anyone happy and im not game enough to try 2 portions at once of this or any 8mg SM products.

Are You a Grov Fan?

I am a Grov fan and I know for a fact that some people love it and some hate it and i recommend to all those who hate it to give it another try, as i use to dislike a whole bunch of brands that i now love, so try it again and have an open mind about it.  Taste with your tongue the spiciness of the tobacco and the blend of herbs that are stronger then Roda and Ettan but weaker then General.  Grov has its own place on the snus taste scale and its definitely one that has to be tried, if only to appreciate your other favorites or to become a favorite all on its own :)

Written By Sarah

2 comments on "Grovsnus Portion Review"
  1. I havent tried the Grov portions. Im actually snusing on some Grov Los at the moment. I have recently gotten into Los snus and find it hard to do portions(at least when Im at home). I definitely agree, Grov is uniquely in its own category. ..and rightly so. Grov is here to stay with me. Great review! !!

  2. Thank you Eli! Grov is definitely a favorite. A tip to help you feel more comfortable doing both portions and los is to have your los on the left side of your mouth and your portions on the right (or vise versa). I found by separating the 2 its easier to go back and forth between them when needed. i hope this helps! Sarah.xx