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Offroad Licorice Loose Review

Offroad Licorice Loose 

Swedish Snus Review
Yet another wonderful addition to my licorice Odyssey.  It’s so fun to try all the different flavors that companies bring out and compare the differences.  This one is one of my favorites thus far.  Not for the texture (i really dont like V2 los products as much as Match, they tend to be grainy and fall apart easily), but i really liked the taste of this and in my opinion, offroad has some of the best flavorings on the market.  While orange Popsicle and vanilla crème might not be everyone's idea of a good snus pairing, you can’t deny the harmonious symphony of tobacco and licorice.

Standard black V2 packaging: check!

Standard V2 course to medium grain cut: check!

Crazy, inventive and high quality V2 flavoring: double check!

The Taste Of Offroad Licorice

The taste is the most pleasing licorice flavor I’ve ever had in a snus. It doesn't taste artificial like some of the others and has a mellow licorice root flavor that is very long lasting and substantial.  The flavoring is very obvious and not for the faint of heart, but i think that's what i love about it! you definitely know what you have in your mouth and very little prompting from your tongue is needed to extract the strong anise flavor.  This one also has a little bit of sweetness to it which is a nice surprise. I tried looking for a form of sweetener on the list of ingredients but its only tobacco, salt and flavor, so i guess it’s part of the flavoring profile. very nice!

The Texture  & Smell

The texture is not my favorite. I prefer a really finely ground snus that encapsulates itself nicely in your gum pocket and stays put for an hour. You dont get that with V2, it tends to fall apart quicker and moves around a lot.

The smell is that of pure lakrits/licorice. You get hardly any tobacco fragrance, it’s all anise baby and its very hedonistic.

What was cool is that my can had glitter in it! I took a picture and you can faintly see Mr. Sparkle! I have no idea what caused this but I’m guessing they are little crystals of undissolved salt.  Totally awesome!  I felt like Malibu Barbie with my Californian beach house and glitzy snus. It's definitely earned a place in my handbag.

Nicotine Level

A standard 8mg that doesn't leave you unsatisfied, i think partly because of the strong flavoring.  Makes you feel like you have had a lot of snus but really you haven’t.

This snus has now earned a place as my perfect after dinner treat. A mouth cleanser and a nicotine hit, what more could you ask for in a snus.

Not recommended for non-licorice people, but who knows, try it and you might learn to develop a better palate ;)

Written By Sarah S


Oden's 69 White Dry Review

Oden's 69 White Dry Portion

Swedish Snus Review

As usual I always start with opening the lid and breathe in the aroma. This time I was surprised with what happened next because this only ever happened to me when I smelled the purified snus (and that is due to it being so dry I guess). I started to cough. I have no idea why, but I’d like to think it’s because it’s so insanely strong.  I must say the tobacco smell is lovely. It’s funny because I like the smell of tobacco flavored snus although I usually don’t like the flavor of it.

Portion Size

Just as with the Dry Cold portion these pouches are packed to the edge with snus. I wish they were a bit smaller but I guess that’s a compromise since that wouldn’t make the portions as strong.

The Flavor

They tobacco flavor is kind of discreet compared to regular drippy portions and that actually makes me able to enjoy this snus even though it’s a tobacco flavored kind. I love having something to drink while I have a snus portion in, even if it’s just water or lemonade, diet coke, beer or wine. The saltiness of this snus makes it go well with just everything.



A High Nicotine Snus

The nicotine didn’t hit me as hard as with the dry cold so I guess I’m getting used to this high nicotine snuses again. It is very strong though.
Nothing really calms me down during a stressful day as a strong nicotine snus. I love the feeling of my whole body relaxing due to the nicotine release.

I can’t say I like this snus as much as the dry cold. Flavored snus is the thing for me, but this is still very good and I can see myself using this from time to time.
I think this must be the strongest tobacco flavored white portion on the market today so for those of you who enjoy the tobacco flavored white portion snus and are looking for something stronger, THIS IS IT!

Written By Josie


Grovsnus Portion Review

Grovsnus Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Don't you just love the name...Grov. If society was a little more forgiving i would call my first born son Grov. Grov Sorge. haha then again maybe not but its still cool!
Grov and i have known each other for a long time now. I first tried it during my experimental phase, after a 6 month long addiction to the female branded vertigo snus in Bahama Velvet and Cuba Gold, that tasted like magical unicorn spit in a portion bag (so yummy!). When that soon became discontinued and i was unable to acquire rolls for future use and freezer storage, i had to branch off into other areas of the snus world.  Since Vertigo was a Swedish Match product, i figured i better stick with that i know and i ordered a whole bunch of portioned SM products. I hated roda lacket portions (the loose of course, is my favorite snus in the whole wide world). I didnt care for General then or the Ettan, but i did enjoy the subtle elder flavor with rich strong tobacco that Grov provides.  It was different and unusual and not at all intimidating. Just a nice well balanced snus that in my opinion took the best characteristics of all the SM products and rolled it into one portion.  I was very satisfied for a while then i came to do loose and well, forgot about the rest.  I like Grov loose and even though the grain is a little too large and its hard to bake, i enjoy having something different from time to time to my usual Roda loose habit.

Indescribable Taste

The flavor of the Grov brand is hard to describe.  I have recently learned that it is popular with american dip users because of its similarity to Copenhagen. I dont know about that.  the only dip i've tried is a tin of Skoal Cherry and that nearly made me toss, tasted like cherry cough syrup in a tobacco base...ewww!

Grov is very spicy! that peppery, woodsey tobacco flavor its what gets me every time. I LOVE the clean smokiness of pure, good quality tobacco and Grov delivers without being overpowering or sickening. I also taste elder berries which i love! I wish there was more of an elder craze here in America as there is in Europe. On my recent trip to New England i did get a jar of elder berry jelly which i have not tried yet. It came in a nice display case with 4 other jellies and i havent had the heart to separate them...maybe one day soon!

A Classy Can and Spicy Smell

I really like the can. It comes in a brown tin that after many years of Grov use, know distinctively as Grov brown.  A gold tin with a cool embossed lid and a label that's a compilation of all shades of brown, orange and gold with a big black GROV. Very classy and stylish.

The spiciness of Grov really comes through in the smell. As soon as you open the lid you are hit with powerful essence and if you are unaccustomed to snus, could bring tears to your eyes. Like a lot of traditional Swedish products, they take a little bit of getting used to, but once you do, man....its amazing!

Not For Newbies

If i gave one of these portions to my friends who smoke, they would spit it out in a heartbeat.  Grov is not for snus newbies and if you are a newbie that loves grov, you have my RESPECT.

The pouch is that of all Swedish match wet portions. large, medium filled and comfortable but not as comfortable as V2, im really getting into their portions lately.

A Spicy Drip

The only thing i dont like about Grov portions is the drip and its a spicy drip! If left in for more then 30 mins its runs down my back teeth and a direct line right into my throat. I make weird squeaking cough that puppies make when choking on their food. I know right, its soo ladylike and attractive, lucky im alone when this happens haha!

Luckily i dont care enough about this small side effect to not do Grov, its too good to let a small thing ruin its bold flavor and suitability, i know we are still friends.

Nicotine Level

The nicotine is 8mg's and standard for regular portions. Im actually happy most are 8mg's. its easy to keep track of and with the spiciness and medium salt of Grov, its definitely enough to keep anyone happy and im not game enough to try 2 portions at once of this or any 8mg SM products.

Are You a Grov Fan?

I am a Grov fan and I know for a fact that some people love it and some hate it and i recommend to all those who hate it to give it another try, as i use to dislike a whole bunch of brands that i now love, so try it again and have an open mind about it.  Taste with your tongue the spiciness of the tobacco and the blend of herbs that are stronger then Roda and Ettan but weaker then General.  Grov has its own place on the snus taste scale and its definitely one that has to be tried, if only to appreciate your other favorites or to become a favorite all on its own :)

Written By Sarah


Nordströmmen Julesnus Lös Review

Nordströmmen Julesnus Lös

Swedish Snus Review

Happy birthday to me!!! And what did I do to celebrate you ask? An impromptu weekend in the snow in Big Bear. We are so fortunate here in California that a lot of us take it for granted.  One of the very few places in the world you can surf and ski in the same day. Of course im not that athletic but im sure others have done it, and if you are willing to overlook high unemployment and crime, a constant threat of a natural disaster (something that keeps me awake some nights) and the outrageous taxes, California is AWESOME and there is a season for all occasions! The winter is my favorite time of year in this part of the country and my two favorite things to do are to go the desert and the mountains. Its soo good to escape the city and get out and appreciate our landscape and there is no better place around here then big bear. 
BUT as with all activities in my life, I needed a snus to go along for the ride and i had the perfect one sitting in my fridge....Julesnus Los! 
As we dont have much snow in Southern California, i knew that as soon as i had the opportunity i would experience what our European friends do, a white winter and a snus that was designed for it!
i loved the portions, so i knew i would like the los and i do. After this weekend of hard drinking and snusing i had 1 more pris worth left and i am enjoying it now :)

Different From the Portions

I was expecting the los to be just like the portions but surprisingly its a little bit different.  The first comparison is the smell. The los has more of a tobacco odor with slight ammonia, but nothing overly offensive and you still get the rich scent of mulled wine, fruit and delicious!  Its a amazing how something as simple as portion material can alter a snus so much that its sometimes unrecognizable from it's former self, but i am happy to say that the los is just as satisfying as the portions.
The flavor is the second difference i noticed.  With no pouch barrier you notice more of the salt AND tobacco.  Its a lot less sweet and fruity then the portions and it's earthy tobacco is the strongest characteristic, but the fruit and wine is definitely there.

The Texture

Now the texture is that of all V2 los products which i am really not a fan of to be honest.  It's crumbly and grainy and falls apart easy but Julesnus seems a lot more moister then some of the other v2 los i have had which comes in handy when forming by hand or icetool.  Haha There is nothing worse then forming the perfect pris only to have it crumble in your hand moments away from insertion.  I still hold firm to my beliefs that Swedish Match makes much better los but at least V2 doesn't wrinkle my lip as much as SM los does, a definite bonus!

Standard Nicotine Level

A standard nicotine level at 8mg compliments this snus nicely and makes me think about seasonal christmasie possibilities that could arise... a Jule skoal for dip users, a Jule refill for e-cig users.. urgh the possibilities are endless and now that we are drifting further away from smoking, things are looking up for those who want a healthier more enjoyable smoking alternative.
I would buy the los but i would buy the portions first. The portions are stronger and more flavorful then the loose and offer something different that you cant buy everyday, and its more of a treat while the los has the same characteristics of all V2 los with a weaker flavor. 

Next season i will buy a full roll of the portions and half a roll of the los and be prepared. Its definitely a seasonal favorite to look forward to! :)

Written By Sarah S


Kaliber White Portion Review

Kaliber White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

The flavor is a very mild hint of what I believe is some citrus, some herbs I can not place and what I believe is berries? I am not sure but it has a summer forest feel to it, but as I said it is a very mild flavoring - barely noticeable but still just enough to separate it from any unflavored kinds of snus and it is quite pleasant actually!

The Portion Size and Nicotine Level

The pouch is the standard white portion one from swedish match - just the same as they use for Ettan White Portion and also Goteborgs Rape White Portion, and I like it just as much as I do with the other brands just mentioned. It is just the right size and softness and not too moist or too dry. As far as the nicotine content it is also similar to the two brands I just mentioned, meaning it is medium strength and for example not as strong as some of the Oden's pouches. Perfect for a day of shopping cause it won't knock you off your feet haha :)

Very Swedish Design

The design of the can is what I would call very swedish, it is white with a grey stripe and has a very clean and simple design to it. There is nothing fancy or special about it but it does make it feel really fresh and clean! I do prefer the fancier snus cans though like the one from Roda Lacket with shiny red and gold text on it.. But I guess this would be perfect for everyday use!

Overall I think this snus is great, with its clean design and mild flavoring it is perfect to use on a daily basis, it feels fresh and it's not something I can see myself getting sick of at all unlike some of the stronger flavors out there that might be too much to use all day every day. I would definitely make sure to have a few cans of this at home!

Written By Anna M


Thunder Wintergreen White Portion Review

Thunder Wintergreen White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Thunder Wintergreen has always been one of my favorites although I’m not too fond of regular portions. I find them too runny and moist also I think white portion are much fresher. That’s why I was super happy when I saw the new Thunder White portions.
When opening this can I was happily surprised it smelled just like the regular Thunder Wintergreen. I’m a huge fan of Wintergreen flavor and it’s aroma smells like heaven to me. I love how it kind of tingles your nose when you breathe it in.

Fresh and Clean

The white portions look very fresh and clean compared to Thunder regular portions and the pouch material is very soft and feels very comfortable in your mouth.

The portion size is good. Can’t really say anything negative about that. It’s smaller than a Jakobsson’s which portions are a little bit too big for me. This snus I could definitely use out in public without it showing under my lip.

Flavor and Mouth Feel

The flavor is good. In addition to the wintergreen flavor it has a little saltiness to it which I like. It also gives a nice burn for the first minutes which I’ve almost become addictive to. I always thought the regular Thunder wintergreen has a bitter aftertaste to it and I also feel the tobacco juice burns my throat but this snus has none of that. The wintergreen flavor did fade after a while and the snus just tastes salty. I actually like that since you can get tired of a flavor after a while. This way I can keep the portion in longer and this is the kind of snus that I just park under my lip and then after a while forget it’s there. So I can walk around with it for hours and then just realize I still have it in.  

What About The Nicotine?

The nicotine hit is really good. It does not feel as strong as a regular Thunder but almost. I guess that is due to the regular portions containing more moisture and makes you absorb the nicotine faster. I’m not really an expert on this whole nicotine absorbation PH level thing so if anyone wants to enlighten me you are more than welcome!

Overall this is a good snus and I will definitely use this whenever I’m in a mood for stronger nicotine snus. I’m so glad there is a white Thunder portion available now. Thunder is definitely one of the best brands out there and for us white-portion-lovers this new series of white portions are more than welcome!

Written By Josie


Nordstrommen Julesnus Portion Review

Nordströmmen Julesnus Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Merry Christmas everybody! i hope you all had a wonderful time, I sure did. I got to experience a true Swedish Christmas with the lovely snus girl and her family. The most delicious chocolate in the world, mulled glogg wine with almonds and raisins and a whole smorgasbord of Swedish delicacies, followed by a sinfully good apple crumble with vanilla creme and copious amounts of alcohol and snus in all idea of heaven!
I left feeling satisfied, half cut on wine and full of family Christmas spirit.
With all our cultural Jule traditions, along comes a snus that fits perfectly into the holiday flavor....Julesnus!

2 Brands of Julesnus

There are 2 major brands that have these seasonal varieties; Gotland’s and V2 and they always come on the market a month or 2 before December and sell until they are gone.
I remember trying Gotland’s a few years ago. i was happy to get my los and portions and try them for the first time. A lot of people loved it and i was so excited i couldn't wait to dig my pris in.  This excitement was soon replaced with disgust as i absorbed the flavor of what tasted like tobacco rolled in a ginger cookie. It was totally not my thing and i couldn't keep it in my mouth for more then 2 minutes.  None of the flavors seem to compliment each other and it was just all around wrong!.  Now i could probably handle it with some grace and dignity, but back then i was still developing a taste for snus and couldn't tolerate anything that didnt taste like tobacco, mint or licorice and it was too much for this Koala to bear!

Over lunch a few weeks ago Snus girl told me that she had send me julesnus los and portions and the look on my face was priceless! I was like a beaten stray dog. my eyes closed, my face grimaced and i cringed down in my seat.  I am known for being dramatic and theatrical and snus girl just laughed and told me to deal with it.  My protesting fell on deaf ears and as i was screaming "noo, give it to the other girl" she dropped it on me that i was not getting the Gotland’s variety, but the V2 one instead.  I immediately relaxed and my mind opened to the possibilities that it was going to be better (hopefully, maybe!)

Cool Packaging

The first thing i love about V2 Julesnus is the packaging. so much cooler then their regular labels although it is still the same black can, but that is forgivable with the red vibrancy of the wrapping. A festive holiday design with ye olde European writing with santa bells and a wreath of mistletoe.  I should have held the can above everyone's head and proceeded to kiss them, although i dont think anybody would have appreciated my drunken sexual advances on Jesus' birthday.

Intoxicating Smell

Moving on, the smell is truly intoxicating!  To my joy it smells just like mulled wine and not gingerbread.  It even had the sour spicy note of alcohol, which is yumm!  Ive always been a fan of alcohol infused tobacco, its like the 2 vices of adulthood combined in one small awesome package. It always makes me feel so grown up and mature.

A Well Balanced Taste

The taste is every bit as enticing as the smell, but through the mouth you get the stronger notes of the spices. Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamon and Cloves all add a pungent but savory note to the alcohol infusion and each balance the other perfectly.  There is no one taste overpowering the rest, it just melds into a harmonious symphony of Christmas flavors that compliment all our holiday favorites.
The portions are large, comfortable and filled with 8mg's of tobacco.  Because of the spiciness of this snus you do not notice that it is mild on nicotine content and i certainly didnt feel unsatisfied afterwards.

I will definitely be buying V2 Julesnus every year for Christmas and keep a few cans in the freezer every time i want to reminisce on how awesome the holidays were.
Run out and get yours before they are all gone!

Written By Sarah S