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N&J Black Tarmac Review

Nick & Johnny Black Tarmac, Xtra Strong Licorice

Swedish Snus Review
I wanted something Dark, strong and sexy while I watched the latest episode of Amish Mafia. I scoured my fridge and freezer for a snus that could live up to all the theatrical staged drama, and also reminded me of my trip to Lancaster County a few months ago.  As it turned out I had the prefect snus staring at me from the butter case.  Black Tarmac! That sounds so amazingly appetizing and I was really looking forward to touching, smelling and tasting. It brought me instant flashbacks of driving down the old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse PA,  in a rickety old buggy drawn by a totally unruly horse and dreading that the tailgate was going to fly open at any time and my face was going to meet the tarmac AND I ate plenty of Amish licorice twists while I was there so this was a perfect win win!

Never Disappointing

Nick and Johnny has not disappointed me to this date and if it wasn’t for my gig here I never would have had the opportunity to try it. Why? Because I truly believe I suffer from a mild form of Autism and slight changes in my regular routine drive me crazy, and this goes for snus too! It’s my regular line up month after month and nothing else. I am now learning that this is the wrong attitude to have a variety is the spice of life! Plus the voices in my head told me to try this and write a good review ;)

A Strong Licorice Portion

Black Tarmac has everything I love in a portion. Its extra strong AND its licorice! And snus girl knows this all too well, she always hooks me up with things she knows I will enjoy.  Not many flavorings can hold up to the rich taste and texture of snus, and in my opinion licorice is the best.  Tobacco and licorice are very different is flavor but when they come together, they complement each other beautifully.

The can is that of all N&J strong portions, but this one has "black Tarmac" scribbled on the side in a big white flash.

Mild and Spicy

I was expecting a really strong licorice punch when i opened the can. More like an Odens or V2, but its really mild and spicy with a strong overpowering tobacco. Licorice  is definitely there but its a second note and not the strongest scent.  The portions are large and wet like all N&J strong portions and are filled to the brim with delicious licorice scented heaven.

Headspin Strong

WOW this snus is definitely strong has has given me a slight headspin! that hasnt happened for a while and i think its because i have been trying to use up a lot of my mini portions today before they go past expiry.  Well i enjoyed my hedonistic nic hit anyways, and at 15.4 mg of tobacco per portion its understandable.
The taste of pure strong tobacco really comes through in this and all of the other strong portions i have tried in this line.  I really like my snus to taste like tobacco, after all that's what it is, but i know some others dont like it and thats too bad for them because this has it all baby!

Not an Overpowering Licorice Flavor

Licorice is definitely there but not at all overpowering.  Even those who (heaven forbid!) don't like licorice, will still like these as its not as intense as the other licorice varieties on the market.   I was expecting a huge anise hit like a licorice stick or a black cat but its not at all like candy. Just a nice subtle hint.

I am pleased to report that black tarmac has had a slight warming effect on my gums, not as much as n&j chilli, but its there and i feel calmer and more relaxed with each portion.
I definitely recommend extra strong licorice to all connoisseurs of strong snus. I have been very impressed with all the new Nick and Johnny flavors and im sure you will be too, so give it a try for yourself and tell me what you think!

Written By Sarah S

2 comments on "N&J Black Tarmac Review"
  1. I just ordered some. Can't wait to try it :)

  2. wonderful! enjoy it Justin.
    Sarah.xx :)