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Jägarpris Original Portion Review

Jägarpris Original Portion by AG Snus

Swedish Snus Review

The flavor is definitely different from any other brands of snus, although I am not sure what kinds of flavoring it is that they put in there! It has a fresh outdoor, log cabin, forest kind of flavor and that goes for the smell of it too, it is very pleasant and kind of makes me want to go for a walk in the forest and look for elks or deer or something! Maybe that's why they named it Jägarpris..

A Nice Little Pillow In Your Mouth

The pouch is not as dry as a white portion, it's moist and a bit thicker than a white portion too. It's like a nice little pillow in your mouth, just a tad bit bigger than the regular white portion like for example Ettan White. When you first put it in it is kind of juicy (I had to spit once or twice) but after that it was just the right amount of moist without being too much, so still pretty mellow compared to other regular portions. Also noteworthy is that the texture of the pouch is actually really nice and soft, a lot more comfy in the mouth than white portions and honestly also a lot better than the regular Ettan portion (and less moist too which I like).

Deer Hunting - Feeling

The can is white with a green label with some gold in it, it really has a deer hunter-feeling to it without being too manly or looking like a typical male kind of snus so you can get one even if you're a girl without looking like you're butchy, haha. I also like that the little dip in where you put your finger to open the little compartment on top is slightly bigger than all other snus cans I've tried before. Overall I'd say this is a great snus, I really like it and would definitely buy it again.. But this time maybe hide it from my husband who is absolutely nuts about it. He thinks it's the greatest snus ever made :)

Written By Anna M

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