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Goteborgs Prima Fint Review

Göteborgs Prima Fint Loose

Swedish Snus Review

Ahhhh Prima Fint!!!! I have forgotten about you! I am soo sorry!
We were best friends back in the day you and I. You in your pale blue tiffany looking box with a gold lid, but instead of containing diamonds, you exuded a black, exotic, mild, slightly salty/sweet tar, which wrapped around my mouth like a big warm blanket and rocked me into a sphere of esoteric subliminal heaven! Oh how I have missed you my dear friend and lover!

Around since 1919

I remember the day you and I met. I being new to the snus game, had explored the option of ordering a mixed bag of loose.  You being around since 1919, and no stranger to newbies, glistened at me from the bottom of the box; our eyes met and I immediately had to put you in my mouth.  Having no ice tool, I scooped up a piece of your raw ebony brilliance and hand baked you into a palatable and appropriately sized pris.  I was instantly taken aback by your awesomeness.  

Mild and Easy To Handle

Not only were you divinely tepid and mild, but you were also easy to handle.  Tasting you was like having the LORD putting forth his hand, and touching my mouth “And he said unto me, Behold, I have bestowed you with my tobaccowy goodness in thy gob! Enjoy my child”. I was truly blessed that day and felt everything in the world was alright again.
Although we were 62 years apart in age, it didn’t stop us from being together.  You were born in a turbulent time of WW1 ceasefire, volcanoes and economic uncertainty, but that didn’t stop me from loving you.  You came to me with your west coast Swedish good looks and smooth Sauvé taste and I was hooked.
Then something tragic happened. You became unavailable for a period of time and I had to find comfort in the arms of another dark stranger. A guy in a red jacket that is slightly saltier and more robust, the one they call Roda, but let’s not talk about him now.
Simple words cannot express my sorrow at loosing you, nor can they fully encapsulate my joy of finding you again.  For the sake of taking a walk down memory lane, let’s briefly discuss your awe inspiring qualities: VERY fine grained and easy to form, light on the salt and mild in flavor, 8mg of awe inspiring nicotine, strongly enticing tobacco aroma and a smooth intoxicating level of mouth comfort that not even clouds surrounding Mount Everest could replicate. I am so glad we are once again together!
With much sorrow in my heart (because I don’t want to share you), I must recommend you to everyone who partakes in oral tobacco.  For those who do not like you, I feel very sorry for them, for they have never experienced true happiness.

Written By Sarah S

4 comments on "Goteborgs Prima Fint Review"
  1. Best review on snus ever :). My first was the mentioned roda, when I came to work with a hangover and a colleague gave it to me. It was a wow effect. I could work without any problems.

  2. Anonymous10.12.12

    Okay, that is one of the most sensual reviews of any snus I have ever read.
    I was riveted by every word.
    Makes me want to buy a role!

  3. hahha thank you Gentleman! i had a great time writing it. Sometimes i just like to get crazy and have fun! :)

  4. Beautiful review! I've been snussing for only about 7 months and just today popped open a can of Prima Fint. Beautiful...tasty... tobaccoey goodness. I met that guy in the red jacket....nice gentleman as well...but just with a different personality. :)