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Blue Ocean Blue Portion Review

Blue Ocean, Blue Portion

Swedish Snus Review
Blue Ocean, I have never heard of you! I’m sure I’m not the only one either, but you were a pleasant surprise after a long snus delivery hiatus, and I welcome all portions as a change up from my regular loose Habit. Another company from the ocean cities of Denmark, I just had this feeling AG snus was not Swedish, but an incredible simulation, and I was right. I used to hate on Danish snus, but this far into my habit, I really don’t care where my ‘stuff’ comes from as long as I get a hit. (kidding!) Blue Ocean came as a tribute to the great blue sees surrounding the sea faring country of Denmark.We have the 5 generations of Gundersen family to thank for this wonderful blue snus gift!

Striking Packaging and Surprising Pouches

Your striking blue packaging is what first caught my eye, totally different from any other brand out there, although your grammatical errors made me want to get a sharpie and scribble in the right catch phrase. Ahh stuff it I’ll do it now! Blue Ocean, A taste of THE Sea!

Moving on, the biggest surprise of all was when I opened the can. The pouches are blue! Never in all my snusing years have I seen a blue portion and I was hesitant to put it in my mouth. I had these flashing visions of me smiling at the UPS delivery guy with blue teeth.  After closer inspection, I realized I was not in any imminent danger and proceeded with curiosity.

A Pure Tobacco Smell

The smell is that of pure tobacco. Rather surprising considering I was expecting a mint portion with all the ‘cool ocean breeze’ packaging. Come to think of it the ocean has never smelled like mint, it’s usually a mixture of fart and seaweed, so anything other than that is a good thing!

Comparative to White Portions

The Pouch material is dry and comparative to a white portion. I noticed no external wetting process and was quite parched to the touch. The snus inside is easy to soften and seems quite moist.

Unusual Taste Experience

The taste is the most unusual and different snus experience that I have ever tasted.  A rich, warm tobacco comes through on the first note. Not the best quality, but definitely better then some others on the market.  Then the taste of mint comes through. A faint, very mild mint that tastes exactly like menthol cigarettes, and then a slight saltiness that tastes like baking soda.  I know this all sounds quite disgusting but it’s actually very good!  There’s no harsh burn, but a pleasant mild mint that freshens the mouth and relaxes the soul.

Large Portions - Average Nicotine Level

The only downside (to me at least) is that each portion is large, but only contains 8mg of nicotine. Now since I only do 5-6 portions a day, I want them to wow me with their nicotine prowess and knock me on my ass! Especially if I am out and about, anything to get my mind off LA traffic and keep me powering on for a while, BUT I know everybody is not a nic head like me, and enjoy the subtle delights of not so strong portions, so for you this is it.

In my fantasy life, I hand a list of requests to every snus company, and they joyfully comply to my demands for stronger and longer portions, but in reality, I don’t run the snus game, and I have to bow to societies “norm”, and accept that I’m not the only person that portions are targeted at. So for the 6,973,738,432 who are not Sarah, enjoy! :)

Written By Sarah S

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