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Snus Portion Pillows

This is really funny!
Pillows that looks like snus portions! I would love to have these in my sofa, haha.

These lovely pillows are designed in Finland by Denz & Son.

I contacted Denz & Son to ask them some questions about the snus portion pillow design. I was so curious as to know how they came up with the idea. I got an answer from Timo, the designer himself telling me he wasn't sure but he thought it might have been the sight of used snus portions laying around on the streets of Helsinki. A somewhat strange sight considering snus can't be purchased legally in Finland. 

At first his wife sewed the snus portion pillows but as the demand grew he had to outsource the production. He also says there are black and white portion pillows coming soon. 

The snus pillows are for sale at Northerner, a bit expensive but could be worth it. Can you imagine cuddling up in the sofa with a snus portion pillow under your head? Wow... :)
I definitely want one! or two... 

Jägarpris Original Portion Review

Jägarpris Original Portion by AG Snus

Swedish Snus Review

The flavor is definitely different from any other brands of snus, although I am not sure what kinds of flavoring it is that they put in there! It has a fresh outdoor, log cabin, forest kind of flavor and that goes for the smell of it too, it is very pleasant and kind of makes me want to go for a walk in the forest and look for elks or deer or something! Maybe that's why they named it Jägarpris..

A Nice Little Pillow In Your Mouth

The pouch is not as dry as a white portion, it's moist and a bit thicker than a white portion too. It's like a nice little pillow in your mouth, just a tad bit bigger than the regular white portion like for example Ettan White. When you first put it in it is kind of juicy (I had to spit once or twice) but after that it was just the right amount of moist without being too much, so still pretty mellow compared to other regular portions. Also noteworthy is that the texture of the pouch is actually really nice and soft, a lot more comfy in the mouth than white portions and honestly also a lot better than the regular Ettan portion (and less moist too which I like).

Deer Hunting - Feeling

The can is white with a green label with some gold in it, it really has a deer hunter-feeling to it without being too manly or looking like a typical male kind of snus so you can get one even if you're a girl without looking like you're butchy, haha. I also like that the little dip in where you put your finger to open the little compartment on top is slightly bigger than all other snus cans I've tried before. Overall I'd say this is a great snus, I really like it and would definitely buy it again.. But this time maybe hide it from my husband who is absolutely nuts about it. He thinks it's the greatest snus ever made :)

Written By Anna M


N&J Black Tarmac Review

Nick & Johnny Black Tarmac, Xtra Strong Licorice

Swedish Snus Review
I wanted something Dark, strong and sexy while I watched the latest episode of Amish Mafia. I scoured my fridge and freezer for a snus that could live up to all the theatrical staged drama, and also reminded me of my trip to Lancaster County a few months ago.  As it turned out I had the prefect snus staring at me from the butter case.  Black Tarmac! That sounds so amazingly appetizing and I was really looking forward to touching, smelling and tasting. It brought me instant flashbacks of driving down the old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse PA,  in a rickety old buggy drawn by a totally unruly horse and dreading that the tailgate was going to fly open at any time and my face was going to meet the tarmac AND I ate plenty of Amish licorice twists while I was there so this was a perfect win win!

Never Disappointing

Nick and Johnny has not disappointed me to this date and if it wasn’t for my gig here I never would have had the opportunity to try it. Why? Because I truly believe I suffer from a mild form of Autism and slight changes in my regular routine drive me crazy, and this goes for snus too! It’s my regular line up month after month and nothing else. I am now learning that this is the wrong attitude to have a variety is the spice of life! Plus the voices in my head told me to try this and write a good review ;)

A Strong Licorice Portion

Black Tarmac has everything I love in a portion. Its extra strong AND its licorice! And snus girl knows this all too well, she always hooks me up with things she knows I will enjoy.  Not many flavorings can hold up to the rich taste and texture of snus, and in my opinion licorice is the best.  Tobacco and licorice are very different is flavor but when they come together, they complement each other beautifully.

The can is that of all N&J strong portions, but this one has "black Tarmac" scribbled on the side in a big white flash.

Mild and Spicy

I was expecting a really strong licorice punch when i opened the can. More like an Odens or V2, but its really mild and spicy with a strong overpowering tobacco. Licorice  is definitely there but its a second note and not the strongest scent.  The portions are large and wet like all N&J strong portions and are filled to the brim with delicious licorice scented heaven.

Headspin Strong

WOW this snus is definitely strong has has given me a slight headspin! that hasnt happened for a while and i think its because i have been trying to use up a lot of my mini portions today before they go past expiry.  Well i enjoyed my hedonistic nic hit anyways, and at 15.4 mg of tobacco per portion its understandable.
The taste of pure strong tobacco really comes through in this and all of the other strong portions i have tried in this line.  I really like my snus to taste like tobacco, after all that's what it is, but i know some others dont like it and thats too bad for them because this has it all baby!

Not an Overpowering Licorice Flavor

Licorice is definitely there but not at all overpowering.  Even those who (heaven forbid!) don't like licorice, will still like these as its not as intense as the other licorice varieties on the market.   I was expecting a huge anise hit like a licorice stick or a black cat but its not at all like candy. Just a nice subtle hint.

I am pleased to report that black tarmac has had a slight warming effect on my gums, not as much as n&j chilli, but its there and i feel calmer and more relaxed with each portion.
I definitely recommend extra strong licorice to all connoisseurs of strong snus. I have been very impressed with all the new Nick and Johnny flavors and im sure you will be too, so give it a try for yourself and tell me what you think!

Written By Sarah S


Blue Ocean Blue Portion Review

Blue Ocean, Blue Portion

Swedish Snus Review
Blue Ocean, I have never heard of you! I’m sure I’m not the only one either, but you were a pleasant surprise after a long snus delivery hiatus, and I welcome all portions as a change up from my regular loose Habit. Another company from the ocean cities of Denmark, I just had this feeling AG snus was not Swedish, but an incredible simulation, and I was right. I used to hate on Danish snus, but this far into my habit, I really don’t care where my ‘stuff’ comes from as long as I get a hit. (kidding!) Blue Ocean came as a tribute to the great blue sees surrounding the sea faring country of Denmark.We have the 5 generations of Gundersen family to thank for this wonderful blue snus gift!

Striking Packaging and Surprising Pouches

Your striking blue packaging is what first caught my eye, totally different from any other brand out there, although your grammatical errors made me want to get a sharpie and scribble in the right catch phrase. Ahh stuff it I’ll do it now! Blue Ocean, A taste of THE Sea!

Moving on, the biggest surprise of all was when I opened the can. The pouches are blue! Never in all my snusing years have I seen a blue portion and I was hesitant to put it in my mouth. I had these flashing visions of me smiling at the UPS delivery guy with blue teeth.  After closer inspection, I realized I was not in any imminent danger and proceeded with curiosity.

A Pure Tobacco Smell

The smell is that of pure tobacco. Rather surprising considering I was expecting a mint portion with all the ‘cool ocean breeze’ packaging. Come to think of it the ocean has never smelled like mint, it’s usually a mixture of fart and seaweed, so anything other than that is a good thing!

Comparative to White Portions

The Pouch material is dry and comparative to a white portion. I noticed no external wetting process and was quite parched to the touch. The snus inside is easy to soften and seems quite moist.

Unusual Taste Experience

The taste is the most unusual and different snus experience that I have ever tasted.  A rich, warm tobacco comes through on the first note. Not the best quality, but definitely better then some others on the market.  Then the taste of mint comes through. A faint, very mild mint that tastes exactly like menthol cigarettes, and then a slight saltiness that tastes like baking soda.  I know this all sounds quite disgusting but it’s actually very good!  There’s no harsh burn, but a pleasant mild mint that freshens the mouth and relaxes the soul.

Large Portions - Average Nicotine Level

The only downside (to me at least) is that each portion is large, but only contains 8mg of nicotine. Now since I only do 5-6 portions a day, I want them to wow me with their nicotine prowess and knock me on my ass! Especially if I am out and about, anything to get my mind off LA traffic and keep me powering on for a while, BUT I know everybody is not a nic head like me, and enjoy the subtle delights of not so strong portions, so for you this is it.

In my fantasy life, I hand a list of requests to every snus company, and they joyfully comply to my demands for stronger and longer portions, but in reality, I don’t run the snus game, and I have to bow to societies “norm”, and accept that I’m not the only person that portions are targeted at. So for the 6,973,738,432 who are not Sarah, enjoy! :)

Written By Sarah S


Odens Cold Dry, White Portion Review

Odens Cold Dry, White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I was so excited when I got this can in the mail. Oden’s extreme Cold, White Dry portion. Wow! Can it get better then this? I've always loved the buzz you get from Oden’s extreme regular portions even though I haven’t had it in a while since it’s mega-strong. Another reason is that I don’t really enjoy the regular drippy portions.

Fresh and Clean

So this is really exciting news people! Oden’s Extreme Cold in a dry white portion. Couldn’t wait to try it.
The portions looks really fresh and clean and they are really fully packed with snus. Some portions from other brands can feel really empty, like it’s just a bag with a little little amount of snus inside. This is the real deal! They are slightly on the edge of being too big for my small little mouth but it’s OK.

Portion 1:

Portion 1: When I first put the portion in I felt this huge burn under my lip. The burn that I’ve become so addicted to. I had the first portion in for like 5 minutes then I had to take it out. It felt like a powerful river running through my head and I got this great nicotine buzz I’ve actually never felt in that way before. When I described it to my husband he told me to spit it out so I wouldn’t become sick. This is strong stuff!

However now 2 minutes after I spit it out I really crave for a new one. I want this feeling again! I I have to wait a while before trying the next one otherwise I’ll get a nicotine overdose so big it will ruin my day I guess so I’ll be patient.

Portion 2:

Portion 2: I Had a late lunch and then I decided to hit it again. I put in my second portion and one minute after I noticed my fingers started shaking. My head feels all cloudy and my body feels really heavy now. Again I have to say, the burn is just wonderful and the mint flavor is kind of discreet and nice. When I lick the portion a bit with my tongue the flavor really comes out nice.  OMG this is STRONG! I get a great nicotine buzz from this snus.

Some portions later I can definitely say this is one of my favorite snuses. I want this can to last forever and ever and ever, but I’m almost out so I gotta order some more.

A Cool Design

The can is really nice. It has this cool hard-rock-viking feeling to it but at the same time it’s nice and clean. Goes well with my red nails :). I went to Rock Music school when I was 19, I would have loved to have this can then, but at that time I thought it was so cool to smoke those nasty cigarettes.

Definitely one of the best snuses I've tried. Be careful though, it is very strong.
Northerner has got this new Oden's product in their US warehouse now so guess it's being shipped all over the world. If you try it, let me know what you think! I just have to say it again: I love this snus!

Written By Josie


Goteborgs Prima Fint Review

Göteborgs Prima Fint Loose

Swedish Snus Review

Ahhhh Prima Fint!!!! I have forgotten about you! I am soo sorry!
We were best friends back in the day you and I. You in your pale blue tiffany looking box with a gold lid, but instead of containing diamonds, you exuded a black, exotic, mild, slightly salty/sweet tar, which wrapped around my mouth like a big warm blanket and rocked me into a sphere of esoteric subliminal heaven! Oh how I have missed you my dear friend and lover!

Around since 1919

I remember the day you and I met. I being new to the snus game, had explored the option of ordering a mixed bag of loose.  You being around since 1919, and no stranger to newbies, glistened at me from the bottom of the box; our eyes met and I immediately had to put you in my mouth.  Having no ice tool, I scooped up a piece of your raw ebony brilliance and hand baked you into a palatable and appropriately sized pris.  I was instantly taken aback by your awesomeness.  

Mild and Easy To Handle

Not only were you divinely tepid and mild, but you were also easy to handle.  Tasting you was like having the LORD putting forth his hand, and touching my mouth “And he said unto me, Behold, I have bestowed you with my tobaccowy goodness in thy gob! Enjoy my child”. I was truly blessed that day and felt everything in the world was alright again.
Although we were 62 years apart in age, it didn’t stop us from being together.  You were born in a turbulent time of WW1 ceasefire, volcanoes and economic uncertainty, but that didn’t stop me from loving you.  You came to me with your west coast Swedish good looks and smooth Sauvé taste and I was hooked.
Then something tragic happened. You became unavailable for a period of time and I had to find comfort in the arms of another dark stranger. A guy in a red jacket that is slightly saltier and more robust, the one they call Roda, but let’s not talk about him now.
Simple words cannot express my sorrow at loosing you, nor can they fully encapsulate my joy of finding you again.  For the sake of taking a walk down memory lane, let’s briefly discuss your awe inspiring qualities: VERY fine grained and easy to form, light on the salt and mild in flavor, 8mg of awe inspiring nicotine, strongly enticing tobacco aroma and a smooth intoxicating level of mouth comfort that not even clouds surrounding Mount Everest could replicate. I am so glad we are once again together!
With much sorrow in my heart (because I don’t want to share you), I must recommend you to everyone who partakes in oral tobacco.  For those who do not like you, I feel very sorry for them, for they have never experienced true happiness.

Written By Sarah S


Thunder Cool Mint, White Portion Review

Thunder Cool Mint White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I have been waiting for thunder to come out with a new product for ions! Waiting, waiting patiently, not knowing what i was initially hoping for. V2 are a very innovative and ever changing company, and everything i have wanted so far, including mini strongs and long portions have come to fruition. so what's next for one of the largest discount snus makers? White portions of course!

Snus girl was soo excited about this, as she is a white portion kinda girl. Me? i like em dark, strong and straight on the gums for maximum tobacco absorption and burn.
Normally i would turn my nose up at anything white portion, but its thunder so i was a little curious and also excited.

A Classic V2 Can

You can tell its a V2 product just from the can. I read around the forums that these are bulk made in china cans that anyone can buy. This made me laugh, I really dont care what my snus is packaged in as long as the product itself is good and thunder never disappoints me! What is cool and different though is the label. A light blue and bubbly design that stands out from the rest of the usual product line.

The new white portions come in three varieties: Cool Mint, Wintergreen and Frosted.  It is said that cool mint and wintergreen are limited edition items and may or may not be continued on.  I hope they are, the more snus choices we have available the better.

Not a Frosted Kind Of Smell

The smell of cool mint is unlike frosted. It has more of a chewing gum spearmint flavor that you don't get with frosted. its stong, but not overpowering and the tobacco still comes through in a rich peppermint tone.
The good thing about white portions is that since the they are dryer, it lets the flavoring come through a lot stronger before the initial hit of the tobacco. So its kind of like chewing a piece of gum before snusing and that's exactly what cool mint tastes like, mint with a touch of sweetness. Another bonus of course is NO DRIP. You would think that that alone would be enough to convert me to all white portions but sadly it's not, i still prefer my regular! :)

Regular Portion Size

The portion size itself is regular.  I know a lot of people are going to want these in strong minis. That would make it perfect for work and other discreet situations, but since i work from home, im happy to have a fat snus lip.  The white material itself is slightly more irritating then regular portions, but that comes with the territory, as with everything there is a trade off.
The nicotine level is at 16 mg's which is the same as the regular thunder portion. You definitely feel the nic hit and are not wanting another portion for a good long while.

I am super excited about the new thunder product line. Its not enough to switch me from my usual frosted long +, but it offers something different and as i know i am not the only one in the snus manufacturers target market, i just know others will love it :)
Try it before its all gone!

Written By Sarah

The EU snus ban - Petition

So according to the German Parliament, they might discuss the EU snus ban since a member of the Parliament sent in a petition about the issue. The petition says it's not clear why chewing tobacco is allowed in Germany when Swedish Snus that is more protective to the gums is not. It also says Swedish medical studies shows that snuser has a significant lower risk of getting cancer than smokers and that it's crazy how the government can forbid a product with so much lower health risks than snus.

Hopefully the German Parliament will put this up for discussion now. Keep fighting for your right to snus guys!

For those of you who read German this is the link to the petition:

My translate might not be the best, so read for yourselves :)