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When does snus tastes its best?

Some fun info a grey thursday morning in LA:

Sifo did a survey among Swedish snusers at the request of a snus-company. One of the questions they asked was when snus tastes its best.

41 % said snus tastes its best after morning coffee
37% said after a meal

Read the whole article in Swedish here

I know I've said it before, my best snus during the day is definitely after my morning coffee. Nothing can compare to the first snus in the morning.

I also like the last snus in the evening before I go to bed. Knowing it's my last snus during the day makes me enjoy it more.

What do you think? Which is your favorite snus during the day?

1 comment on "When does snus tastes its best? "
  1. I drink my morning coffee WITH snus in my lip, not after. D: Maybe I am just really weird like that.

    But its what I enjoy the most.