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Pure Nordic Classic Portion Review

As you might remember I got a box of Pure Nordic goodies shipped to me a while ago. Since I'm not a big fan of classic flavored snus I gave a can to Sarah when i arrived to LA. Here's her review of Pure Nordic Classic:

Pure Nordic Classic Portion
Swedish Snus Review

I am super excited about this snus! Never heard of Pure Nordic before? That’s ok, neither have I!
I enjoyed almost all of my tin before I decided some research was in order. They are a brand new innovative company from Aalborg Denmark (although some say they are a subsidiary of V2, with the same can design, flavors and processing), but I believe them when they say they are new :)
Their products are what intrigue me the most.  They have a whole line of portioned snus (licorice, icemint, classic and wintergreen) and come in classic and mini pouch sizes, 2 varieties of los (classic and strong), a nicotine free variety, and a new cost effective large resalable bag.
Now we all know that Nordic is not the first company to come up with the whole value model.  V2 also has the snusX bucket; A large economy package in which you can add different flavorings, to create your own individual snus.
The Nordic pouch bag is an economy product where one bag equals 10 normal cans.  The cost however is only about half of the normal recommended retail price.  The pouches only need to have regular water added and left to infuse overnight.  This is what the snus industry needs more of, as we all know how expensive our tobacco addictions can be.  I am yet to try the value bag, and as long as the quality of the portions is not compromised, then I am already a fan.
Pure Nordic is one of the most non-threatening snus’s on the market. Key facts I was thinking about while enjoying these portions was how well rounded and adapting Nordic is. It’s the perfect snus to keep in the fridge and literally have anywhere anytime. The portion material is soft and dry with no drip or irritation. I have had my portions in for an hour with no ill effect.

The taste is almost indescribable as Nordic possesses qualities of many popular snus brands.  It has a citrus note like General, a good quality tobacco taste like Pioneer and Jakobbsons, and a ripe smoothness like Oden’s and Gotlandsnus.  I’m not saying it’s the BEST quality available, but it certainly is a cut above some of the others on the market.
Since there is no published information on the strength of Nordic, I’m guessing from how soon I need another portion that it’s between 11-14mg’s.  Adequate enough to last a long time without the need for more nicotine and the warm peppery tobacco taste makes you feel satisfied without the overpowering hit that strong portions can provide.

Nordic is also the perfect gateway snus as it is mild and possesses the flavor characteristics of many snus’s, thus making it a good jumping off point into other realms of the snus market.
All in all I really enjoyed my sample of Pure Nordic, The taste is nice, the strength good, it’s comfortable and definitely fills a void in my life for a good all-rounder snus for any time of day and any occasion.  I cannot wait to try all their varieties, especially the Los. Yay im a fan!

This snus is available in some stores in Norway as well as on their online web shop.

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  1. Anonymous22.7.13

    Pure Nordic Icemint (strong portion) is my favourite snus. I actually love that it's dry, usually other snus start dripping pretty fast in my mouth. It has even better nic hit than Thunder Frosted.
    Greetings from Estonia :)