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Oden's Cold Portion Review

Oden's Cold Portion
Swedish Snus Review

I have been well impressed with oden’s lately.  Their Wintergreen, Lakrits Licorice, Extreme and original classic have all been high quality, tasty and satisfying.  Picture it; A beautiful day in northern Los Angeles.  The sun is shining bright, our alcoholic beverages are kicking in and our tummies are slowly filling with chicken and fish salad.   You can imagine my surprise when Snus girl handed me a bag of goodies filled with the most delicious Scandinavian milk chocolate, e-cigs, smoke gel and assorted tins of snus. What caught my attention first was this beautiful little gem! I saw it glistening at me through the dark depths of the bag, and I immediately snatched it up for a closer inspection!  Of course the labeling is pure genius. Bright silver on solid black which screams look at me, touch me, open me and try me! Self-control has never been one of my strong points, so who am I to argue!

The smell is that of pure spearmint. I can only liken it to sticking your face into a bunch o mint and sniffing in so hard that the leaves block your nostrils and you are punched down in a sea of Mentha.  It’s a lot more pure and distinguishable then thunder frosted and unlike General Nordic mint, it’s cleaner and more authentic in both smell and flavor.
OMG the burn my friends! By far the most painful and Sterk of all Snus! It makes you want to scream out in pleasure it’s so amazing! Thunder has nothing on this, and it lasts for a good 20 minutes without any subsiding. When the throbbing finally stops you are left wondering what you have been complaining about all this time.  You desperately switch sides to try and get the pain back again but it’s gone, and you are left wanting the effects of the tobacco to dwindle, so you can do another portion as soon as possible.
This one produced a bit of saliva for me and I found myself getting up to spit a few times. Im guessing it’s my body’s way of trying to dilute the perceived irritant.  Definitely not a snus I would want to do on the move. I wouldn’t want the cute guy in the car next to me thinking I was some redneck dipper; after all I still have all my teeth and perfect gum health!

I have found that Odens cold is best kept in the freezer and used in the privacy of your own home.  Having these portions stored as cold as possible allows for longer flavor and burn and a more constant distribution of the nicotine, of which is 9mg, but because of the burn, feels more like 16!

The pouch size is that for all Oden’s products, regular wide, soft material and medium filled.  I wish they came in long portions, I really feel that that is the way of the future in oral tobacco products.  Somebody said the other day they could see my portion protrude down over my teeth so, I would rather have a longer portion that is discrete then one that is visible.
Surprisingly the flavor of Cold is not as strong as the smell. I guess the burn kind of overshadows the mint, but there is a definite taste there, especially when pressed with the tongue.
I cannot wait to get my hands on more Oden’s Cold!  It’s a little too powerful as a breakfast snus, so I have cleared a space for it after dinner to freshen my mouth and enjoy a different textural and taste component that no other snus can provide. You have been warned, but enjoy ok!

Available both to US, Europe and other countries here  

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