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Gotländskt Julesnus ( Christmas Snus) Portion Review

Gotländskt Julesnus (Christmas snus) Portion
Swedish Snus review

I just love these seasonal snuses that comes out a few times a year. It's fun, and you always look forward and long for the next one. I got a can of Summer Snus shipped to me from Gotlandssnus last summer. I loved that snus! I've been longing for the next Summer Snus since then.

Anyway, this is all about the Julesnus (Christmas snus).

I started with opening the can and smelling the product as I always do, and OMG this actually gets me in Christmas mood! It's really hard for me to take in the Christmas Atmosphere here in LA. It gives me this unreal feeling when seeing the Christmas trees and decorations out on a hot sunny day. I'm used to it being snow everywhere during Christmas in Sweden. (I'm not complaining about the weather though! Love it here!)

The smell of this snus is absolutely wonderful! I definitely think it smells of cloves, cinnamon and other Christmas spices. What my nose says is not always right so I checked Northerners description "A taste of Christmas! Flavor of ginger bread, cinnamon and glu wein." I bet it is clove in there somewhere as well. I'm very sensitive about that flavor ever since my husband put cloves in our pepper mill believing it was pepper. Leaving me wondering why all our food tasted like cloves for a month before I figured it out.

I put a portion in and at first I was kind of disappointed. I thought it would have more of this wonderful Christmas flavor but it actually came through more and more as longer I kept it in. The tobacco flavor which I actually am not to found of also came through very nice in this snus. It suits very well with these spices. I thought it could have a little more sweetness to it as the Jakobsson's snus does, but on the other hand I tend to eat a lot of sweets during Christmas so this might even it out a little. I also think the saltiness would make it good together with a Christmas beer.
This snus is runny, so for those of you who likes tobacco juice this is a really good snus. The nicotine level is good and both me and my husband compared it to Jakobsson's strong, although it's only 9mg of nicotine. It feels stronger than that. Jimmy explained to me that it contains more moisture than their regular snus so that's why it might feel stronger.
This snus is a little bit to strong for me to use in the morning (most snuses are nowadays) however I found it to be a great evening snus.

The snus tin is very nice. It's the same clean white tin as for the Jakobsson's snus and it has the same neat compass details as the other cans. It has really nice Christmas decorations all over it and is definitely a nice can to have laying around to raise the Christmas atmosphere. 

Go get yourselves a can of authentic Gotländsk Julesnus, it's definitely worth the money.

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