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Thuner Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion Review

Thunder Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion 
Swedish snus review
Oh my goshhh! These are the smallest, cutest little portions I have ever seen! I imagine these are what fairies use to get their nicotine high.
As you all know I am a huge fan of the thunder frosted line. Its been the first thing I wake up to and the last thing I use before bed for the last 3 years and despite the ferocious nicotine level, it actually has a calming effect on me.
I didn’t know they actually had a portion this small. I thought thunder long+ was the smallest they had, but no, along comes mini me!
The thing I was most curious about was the nicotine level. Would it be as strong as the others in the frosted line? Turns out its 8mg’s, the thunder long + is 12mg and the thunder regular is 16mgs, (and then of course you have that RAW beast at a whapping 21mgs, but let’s not talk about that). A pretty decent nic hit and a clear graduation of strength between the sizes gives people an option in their individual nicotine needs…very impressive.

The flavor is the same as the other thunder frosted varieties, clean strong mint with a high drip factor and a tobacco aftertaste.  I know these qualities aren’t actually sought out by snus connoisseurs, but all together it works out really well.
Now as I mentioned before, the portion size is super small, and could present itself as a choking hazard to me during certain activities. For example I would not be taking these out on the town, especially if I intend to get drunk, I can just imagine myself swallowing them, urgh!
They would however be PERFECT for work, or any other place where discretion is the key.  To all of those who work in a tobacco free environment, fear not, your Snus is here, no one will ever know, you secret is safe with me, for now ;)

As usual you can get it here! 

2 comments on "Thuner Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion Review"
  1. I have yet to try mini portions,not sure if it would be "enough" for me but I think I will pick up a tin with my next order!

    The frosted line really is excellent. I used to do a lot of raw but I found that it made be shy away from the "weaker" stuff so now I am dialing down my use of super strong snus just so I can enjoy all the other varieties!

  2. hi Smokeandsteel!
    yes i totally agree, its so much easier to increase snus strength then decrease.
    I am sure you will have no problem with these, they were enough for me and im a "1 tin of strong a day" kinda girl.
    Maybe not first thing in the morning (i use a long+ strong for that), but during the day its perfect.
    i hope you enjoy !