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Swedish Snus Manufacturing - Gotlandssnus

Welcome to Gotlandssnus!
This summer I made a visit to the Gotlandssnus factory placed on Gotland Island in Sweden. I got a guided tour around the factory and an exclusive interview with Jimmy Karlsson.
Now, let me show you around the factory..

Welcome to the Gotlandssnus Factory. This is where the magic happens, were our snuser's dreams come true when it comes to high quality Swedish Snus. This is Gotlandssnus's 3rd factory building and they've been here since 2005. It's placed in an old famous sugarfactory so the building is actually from the late 1800's. A lot of history here.

This is on of the famous pasteurization vessels at Gotlandssnus. This process eliminates any bacteria that might be present in the tobacco and that is especially characteristic for Swedish Snus manufacturing. The quality tobacco blend is mixed into this vessel together with water and salt and goes through the pasteurization process. When this is ready you add the sodium carbonate to raise the PH level to 8,3-8,6. You also add propylene glycol to retain the moisture. Then it's time to add the aromas. This whole process takes a couple of days.

Portion snus manufacturing. These machines can each produce 320 portions per minute.

Jakobsson's lids are put on

These machines puts the lids on the snus cans

Labeling around the cans

The labels on the lid is put on.

And finally the snus cans are packed in rolls of 10 and then packed in boxes with 20 rolls in each. Now ready to be distributed out to stores and then to us consumers. Did you know Jakobsson's is manufactured for and distributed in a lot of countries? Among them are Russia, Israel, Norway The US and Sweden of course!

Now time to enjoy your fresh can of high quality Jakobsson's snus. Don't you agree it tastes even better when you know how it's made?

Written By Josie

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