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Röda Lacket White Portion Review

Röda Lacket White Portion 
Swedish Snus Review

I am not entirely sure what it is that Roda Lacket tastes like, I can’t put my finger on it but it’s a very sweet and fruity kind of flavor that’s really well balanced with the tobacco flavor. Cherries? I would almost say it’s a bit girly – but not so much that your boyfriend won’t love it too! I suggest hiding it from your man if you have one that can snoop around in your purse, mine keeps steeling these from me..

I love the smell of this snus, that fruity almost potpourri/cherry kind of scent is wonderful! It tastes even better than it smells though, so make sure to pop one in after you’re done sniffing the can! The pouches are exactly like the other white portions from Swedish Match except these aren’t as neatly organized in the can like some of the white portions are. As usual I love the softness of the pouch and the fact that it lays comfy in my mouth, it’s not too big and not too small and not too moist – perfect!

The nicotine content is also perfect, it’s not too strong but more of a medium strength which makes it great for shopping and other fun activities that requires you to be somewhat focused on the present.. I personally don’t like the stronger kinds of snus (like Oden’s Extreme Portion) because the buzz is just too much and I get dizzy. It is hard to make good shopping decisions when you feel like you’re spinning around haha!

So how about the can? Well, sometimes less IS more and this can is just beautiful. It looks really classy and I just love the shiny red label in combination with the black can!. This is the kind of can I would pull out of my purse just to flaunt it! I can also see it being a good conversation started just because of the shiny label, it’s very eye catching.

So to sum it up; Roda Lacket is definitely one of my new favorites (alongside the Goteborgs Rape’ Lime), I would absolutely buy this and will always make sure I have a few cans at home! There’s no gold star system in place in my reviews but I’d still like to give this one at least 5 gold stars, haha! Go get some girls!

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