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Pure Nordic Icemint, Strong Portion review

Pure Nordic Icemint, Strong Portion
Swedish Snus review
This snus has a great burning feeling and the smell is just lovely.  I have a bad habit of sticking my nose into this can and breathe in its wonderful aroma. It’s really Icy and fresh and reminds me of a Swedish chewing gum I used to buy when I was a child.

The flavor has a bit of saltiness to it that I really like and enjoy. It also has a little bit of this bitter aftertaste that I usually have a problem with, but it is actually pretty good combined with a glass of red wine. The flavor reminds me a lot of Thunder Frosted though it’s different in some way that I cannot really put my finger on. It has a fresh minty feeling and the saltiness comes through more and more the longer you keep it in. It burns my throat a little so I guess that is due to the high nicotine content.

I must say the nicotine level of this one is a little bit too strong for me. I used to love these high nicotine snus brands but my lifestyle has change a bit since I become a mom. I guess I cannot describe myself as a “nicotine junkie” anymore. When the nicotine is too strong for me I get this feeling of something being stuck in my throat. That’s why I couldn’t keep the first portion in for more than a couple of minutes. The second one was better. Maybe because it was in the evening and I built up my nicotine tolerance a bit more during the day.

This is not a white portion snus which I usually prefer, but the portions are not that runny and that makes me a little bit more comfortable with it. I have seen on Pure Nordic’s website that they have a new product called Icemint White Strong Portion and I think that would be a perfect snus for me, but for those of you who like the regular portions this is a great snus!

I just love the logo and label of the Pure Nordic snus cans. It’s truly traditional and the colors are really neat. The whole design makes it feel expensive.
Icemint is a suitable name for this flavor. It really gives an icing feeling. The saltiness makes it go great with either a glass of wine of a beer. Forget the peanuts and olives, have a Pure Nordic Icemint instead!

Congratulations Norway, You got a really good snus available here!

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  1. Never tried pure nordic before, will add this to my next order with northerner- I agree with you when it comes to strength- I tend to keep the ES stuff for before bed. In the morning its just too much.

  2. It is great! Unfortunately this brand is only available in Norway at this time. Hopefully they will go worldwide soon.