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Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion Review

Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion
Swedish Snus review

At first when I smelled this I was a bit hesitant, it reminded me of chewing gum or the dentist office – a very clean and STRONG minty scent. I honestly doubted that they would taste good and expected some sort of clinical, sterile dentist flashback to hit me and cause great mental trauma (I am not a fan of dentists). Then I grabbed one of the pouches and tried it and I was pleasantly surprised!

I have always been a fan of minty tobacco ever since I first tried Catch Eucalyptus (which is awesome too just so you know) and this one is almost just as good. I did not expect that considering how strong the scent was – and it doesn’t taste like a dentist office at all. This is a really nice mint flavored snus, I would recommend it to anyone that likes mint tobacco.

The pouches are standard size and softness but a lot more moist than what I am used to since I normally only go for the white portions so I did have to spit a few times, but honestly I didn’t mind at all because this snus is great. As you can tell from the name they are strong and that is no lie, I got a major nicotine buzz from these and they even burned the inside of my lip. I love that burning feeling!

This might be my new favorite morning snus, I always like getting a bit of a kick out of the first snus of the day since I went without nicotine all night (awful, I know) and that’s also why I don’t mind that they’re more moist than the stuff I am normally used to cause this is what I would use in the morning or in the evening before bedtime to load up on nicotine, and usually I am at home at those hours of the day so I can have a little spit cup nearby. Allthough you really don't have to spit when using Swedish Snus, it's completely safe to swallow the tobacco juice. I would probably not recommend this snus for shopping sprees though since it would make you too dizzy to be around people.. Well maybe not if you are used to stronger tobacco, but I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to tobacco strength haha.

The can is kind of nice, I love the white base of the can which is just like the Jakobsson Flader snus with fun details and a unique top lid but I think the blue looks a bit boring, or maybe the can just looks finnish. I bet everyone in Finland loves it haha, all jokes aside though it’s a clean looking can and the blue goes good with the mint flavor but I think a dash of green would have made it even better!

If you like mint snus and want more of a nicotine buzz from your tobacco then Jaksobssons Strong Mint is perfect and if you like Finland and the color blue too then this is the snus for you. I will definitely keep a few cans at home for my morning and evening nicotine buzz!

2 comments on "Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion Review"
  1. I got nothing but love for Jaksobssons tobacco- thats the real difference between V2 and them. For sure the mint is strong but that Jaksobssons quality just seeps through.

  2. Anonymous19.10.13

    I absolutely love the flavor of this snus, and the slight burn on the lip (reminds me of American dip, which snus helped me quit); it's excellent all around. It's mint, but has this slight sharpness and a very faint fruitiness, adding to the overall complexity of the flavor. Pretty genius.

    My only problem with it is, it's a little bit too sweet, and sugary, and drippy. I personally spit my snus (if you see a cup full of what you would be swallowing, you'll instantly understand why swallowing snus juice is a horrible idea). This snus produces such a THICK, sugary drip; it has to be terrible for your teeth.

    It's still probably my favorite snus; I just wish they'd dial back the sugar content a little bit.