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Jakobsson's Icefruit Review

Jakobsson's Icefruit portion - Review

Keeping yesterdays article about Swedish Snus Manufacturing at Gotlandssnus alive with a Review of Jakobsson's IceFruit. 

Icefruit is so popular and every snus enthusiast and their dog has reviewed it, so I will try and keep this as light hearted and entertaining as possible while giving my absolute respect to a long standing worldwide favorite.

I remember the day I made my first snus order 5 years ago.  I was surfing around not knowing what snus to buy. I ended up spending most of the afternoon looking at all the cool things Northerner used to sell. Reindeer boots, wall decorations, cutlery and tableware and an abundance of licorice, candies and chocolate.  Before I knew it I had to make a snap decision on which snus to buy and ordered a bunch of brands including 2 tins of Jakobssons Icefruit.  To me it definitely sounded the most appealing and I admit I was sold on the name long before I even tried the product. I like ice and I like fruit and I had visions of lying on a tropical beach, sipping on a Screaming Orgasm and being waited on by men wearing nothing but loincloths made of used white portions…I was sold!
Unfortunately the reality of my life wasn’t quite that awesome, but luckily for me icefruit lived up to my expectations.  My body didn’t go on a vacation that year but my tastebuds did.

Experimenting with all the different flavors of snus was really new for me, some I liked and some I didn’t but I remember Icefruit standing out above all the rest.
If you took a stick of juicy fruit and a ¼ of a stick of Wrigley’s Spearmint with a hint of tobacco you have the flavor of Icefruit spot on. When you pop in a portion you get the fruit hit first, followed by the mint and the aftertaste of good tobacco. Gotlandssnus are known for their high quality traditional recipes dating back to the 1800’s, and I always like their snus’s as they have a mild taste of the tobacco they use.

It turns out that the year I began snusing was the time when a lot of new snus company’s and brands hit the market (V2 and Gotlandsnus in particular), so I am fortunate to have tried some of them and monitored their changes over the years.  The only thing that has noticeably changed with icefruit is the packaging. Originally it was black plastic and now it is white. I prefer the white as it has a clean crisp feeling about it and unmistakable ship compass top (minus the north south east and west) makes it unmistakably Joakobssons.

With the help of Icefruit I have been able to convert 2 American dip users over the years (woohoo!), who are now regular icefruit users; thus making it the perfect gateway snus.  It has elements that most people enjoy and I have never met anyone who didn’t like its subtle flavors and aroma.  The portion material is also soft and comfortable with minimal drip and discomfort.
Once again the portions are a little on the large side and every night before I go to bed I pray that Jacobssons will diversify their product line.  I have been waiting years for them to bring out a long portion and OMG a loose snus! How amazing would that be! It’s time Gotland boys, its time….
At 9mg of nicotine per 1 gram portion it’s a pretty decent hit.  Like all of their products it satisfies me perfectly and come to think of it I’ve liked all of jakobssons flavors both regular and strong.
This is one snus that you have to try at least once in your lifetime.  When all other brands were sticking to the traditional tobacco, citrus and herbs, Jakobssons came out with icefruit and blew everyone out of the water, try it for that reason alone if you don’t have a better one. I am truly honored to write this review and I will forever be a fan.

2 comments on "Jakobsson's Icefruit Review"
  1. I bought this one after several recommendations, it tasted more bitter than the flader...which I ended up liking. But the icefruit, I must have gotten a bad batch or something. Maybe I really should give it another try.

  2. hi Tiffany!
    hmm i havent heard of anybody saying icefruit has bitter characteristics, although i know its not everyones cup of tea.
    yes i would definitely give it another try, our taste-buds to snus change after a while and i often find that snus i didn't like last year, i love this year.
    you just never know :)
    good luck with your Snus and thank you for your reply.