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Encore E-cig Review

Encore Electronic Cigarette -Starter Kit Review

I was both nervous and excited when this kit showed up on my door, I asked Snusgirl personally for it as I have always wanted to see what the hype was surrounding e-cigarettes and if they are really the most perfect substitute for real smoking. This package was daunting, so many components and moving parts and a lot more complex than simply putting a portion in your mouth.  After reading the instructions 3 times and using it for 2 days, I feel I can now give a thorough and non-biased review.
The Encore starter kit package is way cool! It comes with everything you need to get started.  A single (or double) battery, 5 tobacco (or menthol) flavored cartridges, a USB charger (can be recharged by a computer or any USB device), a wall charger, an instruction booklet and a registration card (which can also be presented to anyone who questions you about “smoking” indoors and in public, and explains that this product contains no tobacco or harmful carcinogens).
First things first the battery (white cigarette part) needs to be charged for 8 hours.  This was simple enough; I plugged it into the wall and went to bed.  It was actually good timing as I wanted to try the e-cig first thing in the morning when I was craving my first nic hit. I wanted to see if it could really deliver enough nicotine to be a suitable substitute for a real tobacco product whether that be snus or cigarettes.

I started off with the 16 mg tobacco flavored cartridge (which looks like a regular cigarette filter); peeled off the 2 plastic stoppers and the small cap inside, and screwed it into the main battery body.  I drew back on the e-cigarette and inhaled the vapor.  I can’t describe what it tastes like; it was sweet and to me didn’t taste like tobacco, or anything else for that matter, just a mild sweet vapor that was neither offensive nor pleasing.  I don’t know what I was expecting, I knew it wasn’t going to be like smoke and it wasn’t. The closest thing I could compare it to is Hookah, a mellow throat feeling without the burn of smoking.  When I was smoking I would only inhale half way down my throat and then exhale. With the e-cig that’s not enough, you have to go for a full draw to get any benefit from it. Not a big deal, it just takes some getting used to.  I was quite surprised that vapor came out when I exhaled, that was interesting and fun to see, almost like real smoking.
I unscrewed the tobacco flavored cartridge and screwed on the 16mg menthol.  I was never a regular menthol smoker but I enjoyed them occasionally and to my surprise I really liked the menthol e-cig.  To me it was the closest to smoking out of the two choices and it has a pleasant aftertaste that is reminiscent of real menthol cigs.
The things I enjoyed the most about encore is its ease of operation and readiness to be used anytime any place. When you feel like a hit you can pick it up and smoke away.  The e-cig is easily charged and can be plugged into the wall or computer overnight and be ready for use first thing in the morning.  The battery life was adequate enough for me and lasted, but I was snusing as well (I can’t help myself!), so I wasn’t using it as much as a pack a day smoker would.  I have read comments online that say the encore battery doesn’t last for a whole day but there are two solutions for this if you are a hardcore smoker.  Buy the double battery starter pack, charge them both and keep them on hand or bring along the charger and plug it into a PC, or a car USB adapter. Problem solved!

Something you won’t find with analog cigarettes (yes ive been in the quit smoking forums and learned new lingo! Conventional smoking is analog and e-cigs are digital…get it? Yes? Ok :), is the flavor variations! Encore comes in five propylene glycol based varieties:  tobacco, menthol, vanilla, strawberry and grape; another aspect that reminds me of hookah.
Encore really does have a vested interest in people quitting nicotine 100% and have many avenues of support to help people;  A Facebook site with over 6000 supporters with weekly sweepstakes and giveaways, a forum, a help line phone number and a webpage and factsheet. They have four levels of strengths and are designed to get you down to zero nicotine over a period of time.  The strengths are 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and zero. All the flavors come in all the strengths and its up to you if you want to keep on smoking the zero tobacco option in the end, or give up the habit all together.
The longevity of the flavor cartridges depends on how much you smoke and how much you draw back on them with each inhale. For some people one flavor cartomizer will last as long as 1 packet of cigarettes and for others it only lasts 8-10 cigarettes worth. It is still a lot cheaper than smoking and im sure I don’t have to tell you about the numerous health benefits of quitting analogs.

I actually feel quite naughty when doing the encore e-cig! Every place I have lived I have never been able to smoke inside due to the lease agreement, so I always had to go outside. Not anymore, I can sit here on my couch with my cup of coffee, watch the history channel and smoke away! This shouldn’t be ok but totally is! Amazing :)
I highly recommend this product for all of those who want to quit smoking and do not like oral tobacco like snus or dissolvables.  Some people really can’t kick the habit of holding something in their hand and drawing back on a cig, this is the aid for you! Affordable, easy to use and the closest thing to smoking you will find. Enjoy!

You can buy the Encore E-cig starter kit here. The price is  45 USD which is cheaper than the prices I've seen in other webshops, including Encore's own site.

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  1. i dislikethe taste if I inadvertantly tip the end

  2. i dislikethe taste if I inadvertantly tip the end

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