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Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion Review

Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion
Swedish Snus review

At first when I smelled this I was a bit hesitant, it reminded me of chewing gum or the dentist office – a very clean and STRONG minty scent. I honestly doubted that they would taste good and expected some sort of clinical, sterile dentist flashback to hit me and cause great mental trauma (I am not a fan of dentists). Then I grabbed one of the pouches and tried it and I was pleasantly surprised!

I have always been a fan of minty tobacco ever since I first tried Catch Eucalyptus (which is awesome too just so you know) and this one is almost just as good. I did not expect that considering how strong the scent was – and it doesn’t taste like a dentist office at all. This is a really nice mint flavored snus, I would recommend it to anyone that likes mint tobacco.

The pouches are standard size and softness but a lot more moist than what I am used to since I normally only go for the white portions so I did have to spit a few times, but honestly I didn’t mind at all because this snus is great. As you can tell from the name they are strong and that is no lie, I got a major nicotine buzz from these and they even burned the inside of my lip. I love that burning feeling!

This might be my new favorite morning snus, I always like getting a bit of a kick out of the first snus of the day since I went without nicotine all night (awful, I know) and that’s also why I don’t mind that they’re more moist than the stuff I am normally used to cause this is what I would use in the morning or in the evening before bedtime to load up on nicotine, and usually I am at home at those hours of the day so I can have a little spit cup nearby. Allthough you really don't have to spit when using Swedish Snus, it's completely safe to swallow the tobacco juice. I would probably not recommend this snus for shopping sprees though since it would make you too dizzy to be around people.. Well maybe not if you are used to stronger tobacco, but I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to tobacco strength haha.

The can is kind of nice, I love the white base of the can which is just like the Jakobsson Flader snus with fun details and a unique top lid but I think the blue looks a bit boring, or maybe the can just looks finnish. I bet everyone in Finland loves it haha, all jokes aside though it’s a clean looking can and the blue goes good with the mint flavor but I think a dash of green would have made it even better!

If you like mint snus and want more of a nicotine buzz from your tobacco then Jaksobssons Strong Mint is perfect and if you like Finland and the color blue too then this is the snus for you. I will definitely keep a few cans at home for my morning and evening nicotine buzz!


Pure Nordic Icemint, Strong Portion review

Pure Nordic Icemint, Strong Portion
Swedish Snus review
This snus has a great burning feeling and the smell is just lovely.  I have a bad habit of sticking my nose into this can and breathe in its wonderful aroma. It’s really Icy and fresh and reminds me of a Swedish chewing gum I used to buy when I was a child.

The flavor has a bit of saltiness to it that I really like and enjoy. It also has a little bit of this bitter aftertaste that I usually have a problem with, but it is actually pretty good combined with a glass of red wine. The flavor reminds me a lot of Thunder Frosted though it’s different in some way that I cannot really put my finger on. It has a fresh minty feeling and the saltiness comes through more and more the longer you keep it in. It burns my throat a little so I guess that is due to the high nicotine content.

I must say the nicotine level of this one is a little bit too strong for me. I used to love these high nicotine snus brands but my lifestyle has change a bit since I become a mom. I guess I cannot describe myself as a “nicotine junkie” anymore. When the nicotine is too strong for me I get this feeling of something being stuck in my throat. That’s why I couldn’t keep the first portion in for more than a couple of minutes. The second one was better. Maybe because it was in the evening and I built up my nicotine tolerance a bit more during the day.

This is not a white portion snus which I usually prefer, but the portions are not that runny and that makes me a little bit more comfortable with it. I have seen on Pure Nordic’s website that they have a new product called Icemint White Strong Portion and I think that would be a perfect snus for me, but for those of you who like the regular portions this is a great snus!

I just love the logo and label of the Pure Nordic snus cans. It’s truly traditional and the colors are really neat. The whole design makes it feel expensive.
Icemint is a suitable name for this flavor. It really gives an icing feeling. The saltiness makes it go great with either a glass of wine of a beer. Forget the peanuts and olives, have a Pure Nordic Icemint instead!

Congratulations Norway, You got a really good snus available here!


Phantom / Rothbrix brown loose review

Phantom / Rothbrix brown loose 
Swedish snus review

I knew this snus looked familiar to me but I have never heard of Rothbrix. Turns out its good old Phantom re-packaged for the American market. I have never tried Phantom, with so many other *cough! Better* Snus on the market I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Phantom by V2 is based on a recipe from the late 1700’s (although I doubt they had Propylene Glycol back then), and is a medium grain snus with a lustrous black appearance. The can is that of all V2 products, solid black, bare-bones, basic and functional.
The first thing you notice when you crack the can is the smell. My goodness it’s really stinky! It’s like sticking your nose in pure ammonia. I figured this can’t be right, I must have been given a rancid batch by mistake, but I went online and nope, that’s how it’s meant to be. I am kind of in disbelief, going by this odor I don’t

know how it could appeal to anyone. After reading a few forum posts I discovered that if you leave the can in the fridge overnight with the lid off that the ammonia will dissipate and the snus will mellow out to a more pleasing tobacco aroma. For me this didn’t work and my tin was still really stinky the next day.

Now came the time to try it and this is something I was really dreading. I molded a pris and held my breath. Every inhalation stung my nostrils and I was truly worried about what was to come. To my surprise it wasn’t that bad. The mouth aroma has a totally different feel to the nose and it mellows out into a tolerable level where you can taste the salt and earthy tobacco without the overpowering ammonia.

The grind of tobacco is perfect. It’s the same grain as thunder los, and stays in position and lasts a long time. Rothbrix, like thunder is moist and when packed into the icetool a film of juice will collect around the sides of the aluminum. I love a moist snus as it does not draw so much moisture out of my gums and is very comfortable and non-irritating.

The nicotine level is at 8mg and is adequate; it certainly didn’t leave me wanting for more. Everything about this snus is pleasing but the smell. I can’t spit used portions of Rothbrix in the trashcan. Maybe I am oversensitive to ammonia but I can smell it all the way in the living room. I ended up having to flush used pris’s down the toilet or wrap them in a tissue and immediately throw it in the bins outside. Most of the time I keep a paper towel next to me on the couch and put my used goodies in there and throw it out at the end of the night. I especially like it when it’s jakobssons melon; I love the smell of it, but not with Roxbrix.

My final verdict is that Rothbrix is a good snus but the smell has totally ruined it for me. I do not recommend this for new snusers or those sensitive to strong odors, but don’t take my word as the gospel, apparently its very popular with a few snus enthusiasts who actually like it more then Swedish Match products. Yeesh! Not me!
You have been warned, snus at your risk:)


General Long, Strong Portion Review

General Long, Strong portion
Swedish Snus review

I have never seen these new general portions before and I was very happy to receive it.  It is so nice to see that General has diversified their product range and spruced up their packaging and appeal. For the longest time I have hated General with a passion, but in the last year my opinions have changed. I now crave the salty citrus taste and order it regularly, usually in loose form.  I enjoyed these so much so that I only had 2 portions left before I remembered that I had to write a review!
The packaging is really cool! A shiny round plastic tin with a gold embossed general logo and sleek grey wrapping.  The used portion compartment is large and encompasses the whole top of the can with an easy to open slit to put your finger.  It is also relatively easy to open and not only is it 100% functional but stylish too.
Now the smell of general is something that I have NEVER liked. Even to this day if I smell a portion or a pris of it before it goes into my mouth I am instantly revolted. I don’t know what it is but I find it totally unappealing… I think the citrus/bergamot notes are just far too strong and overpowering.

The taste is a totally different beast. I actually crave General now if I have not had it for a while.  It’s a lot tamer in flavor then it is in scent and when I feel brave and want to encapture more taste, I send my tongue on a recovery mission for more of that acidic bergamot.  The one thing that general has that most other snus’s don’t (my opinion of course) is the perfect balance of salt and flavor.  One does not over-power the other and they both provide a symbiotic taste experience far superior to most. It is no wonder that general is the most supplied, consumed and recognized snus worldwide.

This new portion shape has me sold! It’s a long portion! Yay! I was waiting to see how long it would take Swedish Match to bring out a long portion.  This is my personal favorite shape and I still don’t understand why the longs aren’t the original snus design.  First brought out in the Lab 01 and 02 series, long portions just make sense. Our mouths are not square or rectangular and a longer portions= greater surface area= maximum gum contact and nicotine absorption…..Winner!
General long strong portion are a little different from other long portions on the market.  They are shorter then thunder long+ but contain the same about of snus (about a gram), and contain 15mg of nicotine. Adequate for a strong portion but definitely unusual, I have never seen a 15mg portion before in any brand except Granit Sterk white portion.  14mg is said to be the lower benchmark of a strong portion so this is definitely on the lighter side as far as other brands go.
General Long Strong portion would be a perfect starting snus for those who want to stray over to the dark side and try stronger portions.  The portion material is soft and not too dry, they are long lasting (had a portion in for over 1 hour with no drip or discomfort), and the taste is great.
I have been looking for a long portion snus to do at night before bed and I have found it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Catch Licorice, White Portions Review

Catch Licorice, White Portions
Swedish Snus review

The flavor of these pouches is a smooth, non-abrasive licorice flavor. It definitely tastes like licorice but not so much that it feels like you’re chewing on some licorice candy – which is good cause I am not into licorice candy at all. Compared to the Oden’s Licorice portions this one is a lot more gentle – and feels a bit more ‘high class’.

If you are a licorice lover then this just might be the perfect snus! As someone who’s not into licorice I can still use it (just that alone is a good sign) but probably wouldn’t buy 10 cans of it. It definitely smells like licorice when you open the can but it is, just like the flavor of the pouches, a very smooth kind of smell. I would almost want to call it a more natural licorice scent rather than a faked, chemical kind of scent.. All you licorice lovers out there would love it!

The pouches are just like most other brands of white portions, nice clean and very soft, I’d say they’re comparable to for example Ettan White Portion pouches both in look and texture.
The nicotine content is medium strong, just that perfect amount you’d want when watching a good movie, doing household chores or reading a book – just enough to give you a nice buzz but not so much that you start feeling like you’ve smoked 5 cigarettes in a row and star getting dizzy!  There’s not much of a burn with these pouches, it’s moist in a white portion sort of way – meaning you won’t have to peel off your skin when you take it out but it also won’t make you spit every two seconds so.. pretty much perfect! The size of the pouches are good too, not too big and not too small.

The can is white (which I like) with a strange purple background and silver details. It looks really clean but I think it’s on the verge of being boring and I am not liking the purple color at all to be honest. Every time I see the can my brain gets tricked into thinking it’s a black currant sort of snus instead of a licorice one, and as a girl/woman I honestly want more fun details on the can! My husband on the other hand pointed out that he likes the look of the can so maybe it’s a unisex sort of design, who knows :D

I think as far as licorice snus is concerned this is the best one you can find (at least the best one I have ever tried!). I personally wouldn’t buy this since I don’t like licorice, but if I came across someone who likes licorice I would absolutely recommend it in a heartbeat!

For licorice lovers or who ever want's to try it, it's available here


Thuner Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion Review

Thunder Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion 
Swedish snus review
Oh my goshhh! These are the smallest, cutest little portions I have ever seen! I imagine these are what fairies use to get their nicotine high.
As you all know I am a huge fan of the thunder frosted line. Its been the first thing I wake up to and the last thing I use before bed for the last 3 years and despite the ferocious nicotine level, it actually has a calming effect on me.
I didn’t know they actually had a portion this small. I thought thunder long+ was the smallest they had, but no, along comes mini me!
The thing I was most curious about was the nicotine level. Would it be as strong as the others in the frosted line? Turns out its 8mg’s, the thunder long + is 12mg and the thunder regular is 16mgs, (and then of course you have that RAW beast at a whapping 21mgs, but let’s not talk about that). A pretty decent nic hit and a clear graduation of strength between the sizes gives people an option in their individual nicotine needs…very impressive.

The flavor is the same as the other thunder frosted varieties, clean strong mint with a high drip factor and a tobacco aftertaste.  I know these qualities aren’t actually sought out by snus connoisseurs, but all together it works out really well.
Now as I mentioned before, the portion size is super small, and could present itself as a choking hazard to me during certain activities. For example I would not be taking these out on the town, especially if I intend to get drunk, I can just imagine myself swallowing them, urgh!
They would however be PERFECT for work, or any other place where discretion is the key.  To all of those who work in a tobacco free environment, fear not, your Snus is here, no one will ever know, you secret is safe with me, for now ;)

As usual you can get it here! 


Röda Lacket White Portion Review

Röda Lacket White Portion 
Swedish Snus Review

I am not entirely sure what it is that Roda Lacket tastes like, I can’t put my finger on it but it’s a very sweet and fruity kind of flavor that’s really well balanced with the tobacco flavor. Cherries? I would almost say it’s a bit girly – but not so much that your boyfriend won’t love it too! I suggest hiding it from your man if you have one that can snoop around in your purse, mine keeps steeling these from me..

I love the smell of this snus, that fruity almost potpourri/cherry kind of scent is wonderful! It tastes even better than it smells though, so make sure to pop one in after you’re done sniffing the can! The pouches are exactly like the other white portions from Swedish Match except these aren’t as neatly organized in the can like some of the white portions are. As usual I love the softness of the pouch and the fact that it lays comfy in my mouth, it’s not too big and not too small and not too moist – perfect!

The nicotine content is also perfect, it’s not too strong but more of a medium strength which makes it great for shopping and other fun activities that requires you to be somewhat focused on the present.. I personally don’t like the stronger kinds of snus (like Oden’s Extreme Portion) because the buzz is just too much and I get dizzy. It is hard to make good shopping decisions when you feel like you’re spinning around haha!

So how about the can? Well, sometimes less IS more and this can is just beautiful. It looks really classy and I just love the shiny red label in combination with the black can!. This is the kind of can I would pull out of my purse just to flaunt it! I can also see it being a good conversation started just because of the shiny label, it’s very eye catching.

So to sum it up; Roda Lacket is definitely one of my new favorites (alongside the Goteborgs Rape’ Lime), I would absolutely buy this and will always make sure I have a few cans at home! There’s no gold star system in place in my reviews but I’d still like to give this one at least 5 gold stars, haha! Go get some girls!


Jakobsson's Icefruit Review

Jakobsson's Icefruit portion - Review

Keeping yesterdays article about Swedish Snus Manufacturing at Gotlandssnus alive with a Review of Jakobsson's IceFruit. 

Icefruit is so popular and every snus enthusiast and their dog has reviewed it, so I will try and keep this as light hearted and entertaining as possible while giving my absolute respect to a long standing worldwide favorite.

I remember the day I made my first snus order 5 years ago.  I was surfing around not knowing what snus to buy. I ended up spending most of the afternoon looking at all the cool things Northerner used to sell. Reindeer boots, wall decorations, cutlery and tableware and an abundance of licorice, candies and chocolate.  Before I knew it I had to make a snap decision on which snus to buy and ordered a bunch of brands including 2 tins of Jakobssons Icefruit.  To me it definitely sounded the most appealing and I admit I was sold on the name long before I even tried the product. I like ice and I like fruit and I had visions of lying on a tropical beach, sipping on a Screaming Orgasm and being waited on by men wearing nothing but loincloths made of used white portions…I was sold!
Unfortunately the reality of my life wasn’t quite that awesome, but luckily for me icefruit lived up to my expectations.  My body didn’t go on a vacation that year but my tastebuds did.

Experimenting with all the different flavors of snus was really new for me, some I liked and some I didn’t but I remember Icefruit standing out above all the rest.
If you took a stick of juicy fruit and a ¼ of a stick of Wrigley’s Spearmint with a hint of tobacco you have the flavor of Icefruit spot on. When you pop in a portion you get the fruit hit first, followed by the mint and the aftertaste of good tobacco. Gotlandssnus are known for their high quality traditional recipes dating back to the 1800’s, and I always like their snus’s as they have a mild taste of the tobacco they use.

It turns out that the year I began snusing was the time when a lot of new snus company’s and brands hit the market (V2 and Gotlandsnus in particular), so I am fortunate to have tried some of them and monitored their changes over the years.  The only thing that has noticeably changed with icefruit is the packaging. Originally it was black plastic and now it is white. I prefer the white as it has a clean crisp feeling about it and unmistakable ship compass top (minus the north south east and west) makes it unmistakably Joakobssons.

With the help of Icefruit I have been able to convert 2 American dip users over the years (woohoo!), who are now regular icefruit users; thus making it the perfect gateway snus.  It has elements that most people enjoy and I have never met anyone who didn’t like its subtle flavors and aroma.  The portion material is also soft and comfortable with minimal drip and discomfort.
Once again the portions are a little on the large side and every night before I go to bed I pray that Jacobssons will diversify their product line.  I have been waiting years for them to bring out a long portion and OMG a loose snus! How amazing would that be! It’s time Gotland boys, its time….
At 9mg of nicotine per 1 gram portion it’s a pretty decent hit.  Like all of their products it satisfies me perfectly and come to think of it I’ve liked all of jakobssons flavors both regular and strong.
This is one snus that you have to try at least once in your lifetime.  When all other brands were sticking to the traditional tobacco, citrus and herbs, Jakobssons came out with icefruit and blew everyone out of the water, try it for that reason alone if you don’t have a better one. I am truly honored to write this review and I will forever be a fan.


Swedish Snus Manufacturing - Gotlandssnus

Welcome to Gotlandssnus!
This summer I made a visit to the Gotlandssnus factory placed on Gotland Island in Sweden. I got a guided tour around the factory and an exclusive interview with Jimmy Karlsson.
Now, let me show you around the factory..

Welcome to the Gotlandssnus Factory. This is where the magic happens, were our snuser's dreams come true when it comes to high quality Swedish Snus. This is Gotlandssnus's 3rd factory building and they've been here since 2005. It's placed in an old famous sugarfactory so the building is actually from the late 1800's. A lot of history here.

This is on of the famous pasteurization vessels at Gotlandssnus. This process eliminates any bacteria that might be present in the tobacco and that is especially characteristic for Swedish Snus manufacturing. The quality tobacco blend is mixed into this vessel together with water and salt and goes through the pasteurization process. When this is ready you add the sodium carbonate to raise the PH level to 8,3-8,6. You also add propylene glycol to retain the moisture. Then it's time to add the aromas. This whole process takes a couple of days.

Portion snus manufacturing. These machines can each produce 320 portions per minute.

Jakobsson's lids are put on

These machines puts the lids on the snus cans

Snus News - Corrupt EU-commissioner resigns

Snus News:
Good news when I woke up this morning.
EU commissioner John Dalli resigns after being accused of corruption. Apparently Swedish Match reported John Dalli to the EU commission this spring which lead to EU's own authority against bribery and fraud OLAF (Office Européen de Lutte Anti-Fraud) starting an investigation against him.
According to Expressen John Dalli tried to get Swedish Match to pay him through his friend, a businessman from Malta. In return he would help Swedish Match to get influence on the legislative proposals, and then especially the proposal regarding Swedish Snus.

According to the report from OLAF Swedish Match never payed the businessman any money but John Dalli was well aware that the contact between the Maltese businessman and Swedish Match was made.
The report from OLAF made John Dalli resign with immediate effect. 
You can read the whole article in Swedish here.

This gives new hopes for the EU snus ban to be removed! Finally someone might give snus a fair chance. 

Encore E-cig Review

Encore Electronic Cigarette -Starter Kit Review

I was both nervous and excited when this kit showed up on my door, I asked Snusgirl personally for it as I have always wanted to see what the hype was surrounding e-cigarettes and if they are really the most perfect substitute for real smoking. This package was daunting, so many components and moving parts and a lot more complex than simply putting a portion in your mouth.  After reading the instructions 3 times and using it for 2 days, I feel I can now give a thorough and non-biased review.
The Encore starter kit package is way cool! It comes with everything you need to get started.  A single (or double) battery, 5 tobacco (or menthol) flavored cartridges, a USB charger (can be recharged by a computer or any USB device), a wall charger, an instruction booklet and a registration card (which can also be presented to anyone who questions you about “smoking” indoors and in public, and explains that this product contains no tobacco or harmful carcinogens).
First things first the battery (white cigarette part) needs to be charged for 8 hours.  This was simple enough; I plugged it into the wall and went to bed.  It was actually good timing as I wanted to try the e-cig first thing in the morning when I was craving my first nic hit. I wanted to see if it could really deliver enough nicotine to be a suitable substitute for a real tobacco product whether that be snus or cigarettes.

I started off with the 16 mg tobacco flavored cartridge (which looks like a regular cigarette filter); peeled off the 2 plastic stoppers and the small cap inside, and screwed it into the main battery body.  I drew back on the e-cigarette and inhaled the vapor.  I can’t describe what it tastes like; it was sweet and to me didn’t taste like tobacco, or anything else for that matter, just a mild sweet vapor that was neither offensive nor pleasing.  I don’t know what I was expecting, I knew it wasn’t going to be like smoke and it wasn’t. The closest thing I could compare it to is Hookah, a mellow throat feeling without the burn of smoking.  When I was smoking I would only inhale half way down my throat and then exhale. With the e-cig that’s not enough, you have to go for a full draw to get any benefit from it. Not a big deal, it just takes some getting used to.  I was quite surprised that vapor came out when I exhaled, that was interesting and fun to see, almost like real smoking.
I unscrewed the tobacco flavored cartridge and screwed on the 16mg menthol.  I was never a regular menthol smoker but I enjoyed them occasionally and to my surprise I really liked the menthol e-cig.  To me it was the closest to smoking out of the two choices and it has a pleasant aftertaste that is reminiscent of real menthol cigs.
The things I enjoyed the most about encore is its ease of operation and readiness to be used anytime any place. When you feel like a hit you can pick it up and smoke away.  The e-cig is easily charged and can be plugged into the wall or computer overnight and be ready for use first thing in the morning.  The battery life was adequate enough for me and lasted, but I was snusing as well (I can’t help myself!), so I wasn’t using it as much as a pack a day smoker would.  I have read comments online that say the encore battery doesn’t last for a whole day but there are two solutions for this if you are a hardcore smoker.  Buy the double battery starter pack, charge them both and keep them on hand or bring along the charger and plug it into a PC, or a car USB adapter. Problem solved!

Something you won’t find with analog cigarettes (yes ive been in the quit smoking forums and learned new lingo! Conventional smoking is analog and e-cigs are digital…get it? Yes? Ok :), is the flavor variations! Encore comes in five propylene glycol based varieties:  tobacco, menthol, vanilla, strawberry and grape; another aspect that reminds me of hookah.
Encore really does have a vested interest in people quitting nicotine 100% and have many avenues of support to help people;  A Facebook site with over 6000 supporters with weekly sweepstakes and giveaways, a forum, a help line phone number and a webpage and factsheet. They have four levels of strengths and are designed to get you down to zero nicotine over a period of time.  The strengths are 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and zero. All the flavors come in all the strengths and its up to you if you want to keep on smoking the zero tobacco option in the end, or give up the habit all together.
The longevity of the flavor cartridges depends on how much you smoke and how much you draw back on them with each inhale. For some people one flavor cartomizer will last as long as 1 packet of cigarettes and for others it only lasts 8-10 cigarettes worth. It is still a lot cheaper than smoking and im sure I don’t have to tell you about the numerous health benefits of quitting analogs.

I actually feel quite naughty when doing the encore e-cig! Every place I have lived I have never been able to smoke inside due to the lease agreement, so I always had to go outside. Not anymore, I can sit here on my couch with my cup of coffee, watch the history channel and smoke away! This shouldn’t be ok but totally is! Amazing :)
I highly recommend this product for all of those who want to quit smoking and do not like oral tobacco like snus or dissolvables.  Some people really can’t kick the habit of holding something in their hand and drawing back on a cig, this is the aid for you! Affordable, easy to use and the closest thing to smoking you will find. Enjoy!

You can buy the Encore E-cig starter kit here. The price is  45 USD which is cheaper than the prices I've seen in other webshops, including Encore's own site.