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Thunder Berry Blend review

Thunder Berry Blend, Extra Strong Portion

Its LA County Fair time again and I was super excited to go on Sunday! While packing my 100 degree heat survival pack with water, sunblock, hat and sunglasses, I had to make a decision on the snus to take with me for the day. It had to be something strong, flavorful, and cut through the grease in my mouth from eating my usual fair food. I knew I would once again be indulging in gator eggs, chocolate covered bacon, deep fried white castle cheeseburgers, frog’s legs, deep fried Twinkies, funnel cakes, churros, Chili Cheese Ranch Curly Fries and my personal favorite, the BBQ pulled pork butt crepes, phew! And I know what you are thinking and yes, I was sick all day, but the three margaritas I had seem to help a lot ;)
In my opinion there was only one snus that could tackle a job like this, and that my friend is Thunder berry!  This snus is so popular it almost has a cult like following, especially in America with people who are trying to quit dip and switch to Swedish snus. I was lucky enough to get some in my package this month, I have wanted to try thunder berry for years but keep forgetting to add it to my cart with my regular order. I now have the chance and boy am I a fan!
Upon opening the container you are immediately hit with the rich fruity smell of raspberries and strawberries. It reminds me of Stride Sweet berry gum with a slight tobacco odor. The can is the same as all thunder cans; a simple and economical black container with a bright red label.

The taste is very light for an extra stark snus and to my delight; it DOES NOT have any artificial sweeteners! This is a huge plus in my book; I don’t feel that sweeteners have any business being in snus. They are full of chemicals the human body doesn’t need. Thunder berry has 5 ingredients’ and that’s it! No need to mess with perfection.
Despite the portions being wet this snus has very minimal drip. I was amazed! I was expecting it to be like thunder frosted which I love, but I cannot keep it in my mouth for more than 20 minutes. Thunder berry I can keep in for 40+ minutes with no drip or discomfort. 

The pouch sizes are quite large, especially for me who is used to the long plus, but it’s not that full of tobacco, so can easily be smooshed into position with no visible signs of snus lip. It would be great if they could make a thunder berry long +.
The nicotine hit on this one is 16mg’s which is the same as thunder frosted regular (but for some reason thunder berry is more expensive), and 4mg’s stronger then the long+. A decent punch that will not leave you wanting for more and keeps the American dip users who switch to snus very satisfied.
I will definitely be buying thunder berry from now on. I think it is just as appealing to women as it is to men, especially those women who have a high nicotine tolerance, and after being at the fair together all day, and it leaving an imprint on the inside of my jeans pocket, we are no longer strangers :)

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