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The EU snus fight

I heard rumors about a month ago that the EU comission wanted to forbid snus in Denmark. I thought: no way, the gouvernment won't agree to that; since snus is commonly used in Denmark. When I read the newspapers saying snussales will be forbidden in Denmark i was quite chocked and actually felt too tired to even write about it. Apparently the gouvernment in Denmark is giving up their snus and letting the EU commission win their crazy fight against a product that truly is a safer alternative to cigarettes. I have a lot of friends in Denmark and it just feels so wrong that they don't even have a choice but to give up their beloved snus. It feels so wrong that adults shouldn't get to make that choice for themselfs. I mean, it's not like it's some dangerous drug we are talking about. It's snus, a product that actually helps a lot of people quit smoking!
I feel so dejected hearing about all of this.
If this only was a fair fight, where the EU commission considered health studies, harm reduction and compared different tobacco products allowed for sale in the EU to snus, I would totally understand. If they found studies that could prove snus is dangerous to health compared to those other products or if they put a ban on cigarette sales, it would make sense to me. However they don’t. From what I've heard this is a fight all about money... And some companies must really be paying a lot to win this fight.

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