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Stonewall Java, Dissolvable Tobacco review

Stonewall Java, Dissolvable Tobacco

I was super excited when Snus girl send me this in my latest box of goodies. I had never heard of Stonewall dissolvable tobacco before until now, otherwise I would have brought it for myself. 

A few years ago I wanted to quit smoking really badly. I was tired of the expense, the coughing up phlegm, and stinking like I had just crawled out of a chimney. I unfortunately turned to the pharmaceutical industry for help and after trying numerous quit smoking aids, settled on dissolvable lozenges.  Everything else seemed to make me nauseous, but the lozenges I could tolerate.
After a few weeks I was addicted to them and popping them like candy.  I was using a pack of 80 lozenges every week at a cost of over $55.00! This habit was just as expensive as smoking and one of the major points of me trying to stop smoking was to save a little money.  After 2 months I went back to cigs and then finally found Snus, yay!
Now I know that snus is not everybody’s cup of tea, I get that.  I have three friends who I have tried my hardest to help quit smoking and take up snus to no effect.  They simply do not like the taste, the feeling, the consistency or the pouch material.  Granted they won’t give it a proper chance and spit out the 1-2 portions I insist they try, but hey, I can’t force snus into people’s lips.
This might be the product for them, and in my opinion, a much better product then the artificial pharmaceutical brands. Let’s compare cost per lozenge.

I was buying Nicorette for $55.00 for 80 lozenges at 4mg each (same as stonewall).  This works out to be 68c per lozenge.  Northerner has stonewall for sale at $3.65 for 20 ( 18 c for lozenge). So that’s $14.60 for 80 lozenges. That’s a saving of $40.40! Unbelievable…
Now the taste of Stonewall is something truly unique. Nicorette comes in the basic mint and tastes like chemicals. Stonewall java smells like warm coffee and tastes amazing! So good in fact that it’s a treat and a nic hit all in one!
Sweet, warm, milky and with a mild tobacco flavor I can see these becoming a new favorite. The nicotine hit is also decent and you will not be craving a cigarette whilst enjoying one of these, and the best part is its natural and made of Virginian grown tobacco. Supporting the local US economy is important to me and it should be important to all Americans.
I will be buying more boxes of Stonewall and handing it out to my friends who want to quit smoking, I doubt they could resist these!

Happy oral tobacco-ing!

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  1. Anonymous18.12.12

    Company just announce they will discontinue makin this. Lack of sales. Stock up on em if u can find them.

  2. Get them while ya can...
    Star Scientific just quit the tobacco game and is moving onto weight loss products.