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Oden's Licorice Extra Strong Portion Review

Oden's Licorice Extra Strong Portion  

These portions have a semi-strong and very distinct licorice scent that caught me a bit off guard since I first didn’t notice the tiny red patch on the can that said “licorice”. Upon first discovering this I was not entirely pleased since I am not a fan of licorice – at all – by I decided to give it a go anyway!

The flavor lasts for as long as you can tolerate it, haha. As I said I normally don’t like licorice, not
in candy, smell or even to look at, but I was pleasantly surprised by this, and that’s saying a lot since I normally can’t stand this particular flavor. For a licorice snus it is really good – compared to a more sweet and girly snus like Catch Eucalyptus it does not even stand a chance.

This snus also gives you a massive nicotine buzz! It almost seems stronger than for example Copenhagen Straight Long Stuff, which can at times when I steal a pinch from my husband make me almost dizzy.  With its 17mg/g it is way too strong for me!

It’s a tad bit harsher than the white portions, it burns a little bit but it’s not that bad of a burn! I would not recommend it for a first time user though.

The can is a bit different from the usual cans, it doesn’t have a lid on the top which I think is a bit of a miss actually. I like having that little compartment in case I need to get rid of a pouch fast and can’t throw it on the ground. Other than that I think the can looks good, I like the combination of black, blue and gold , it fits with the name Oden! And also, the spiky swirls on the side of the name are just wonderful. I love anything with swirls on it!

I think this snus is way too much for girls, at least for this one! I am not overly fond of licorice to begin with and even though it was surprisingly good for a licorice snus it is way too strong, moist and tastes too much like licorice for my taste. It feels more like a snus that a “manly man” would like!
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