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Pure Nordic - Liquorish white mini portion review

Some weeks ago I got a big package with snus shipped to me from Pure Nordic. Pure Nordic snus is manufactured in Denmark but has all the qualities and requirements that a snus needs to be called "Swedish Snus". It's sold in stores in Norway and also on this webpage.

This is my first review for Pure Nordic snus, Enjoy!

Pure Nordic - Liquorish Mini White Portion

Sometimes I get these really intense cravings for candy… and not any candy, no… Licorice! I had some troubles with this while staying in the US since licorice is not as common there as in Sweden. Especially Salt Licorice. Anyhow, I got one of these cravings last evening. Luckily I remembered I had some Pure Nordic Licorice stocked up in my fridge for moments like this. I enjoyed a nice white mini portion of licorice snus with a glass of coke… might sound like a crazy combination but it tastes great!
This snus is more salmiak flavored then many of the licorice snuses I’ve tried in the past. I love that it has both salty and little hints of sweet notes to it. The flavor comes on strong in the beginning but then fades and just lies there discretely in the background. Luckily for me this snus does not contain that much nicotine compared to what I’m used to…. I would probably not survive otherwise since I eat this snus almost like candy (no of course I do not eat it!).
The size of this white mini is perfect for me. It does not drip but whenever I feel like a little more flavor I just lick it with my tongue and get a new taste sensation every time.
I really enjoyed this snus as you can tell and I can definitely see myself using this from time to time. Just wish it was a bit easier for us non-Norwegians to get our hands on. But maybe in the future?
Now I have to figure out a way to stock up and prepare for my move to LA, because I definitely want this snus with me.
Like I said earlier the nicotine does not really do it for me but it’s a great in between snus. I really don’t feel like I need that “rush” with every snus, sometimes it’s more the habit of having something under my lip.

The can design is really neat and classic. I love it! It also feels a bit more expensive then other danish snus brands.
Notes from Sofa the other night: “God…. This flavor is divine! I already feel like having a new portion put in, then yet again; this is not candy.”

Wow... These lucky Norwegians....


Thunder Berry Blend review

Thunder Berry Blend, Extra Strong Portion

Its LA County Fair time again and I was super excited to go on Sunday! While packing my 100 degree heat survival pack with water, sunblock, hat and sunglasses, I had to make a decision on the snus to take with me for the day. It had to be something strong, flavorful, and cut through the grease in my mouth from eating my usual fair food. I knew I would once again be indulging in gator eggs, chocolate covered bacon, deep fried white castle cheeseburgers, frog’s legs, deep fried Twinkies, funnel cakes, churros, Chili Cheese Ranch Curly Fries and my personal favorite, the BBQ pulled pork butt crepes, phew! And I know what you are thinking and yes, I was sick all day, but the three margaritas I had seem to help a lot ;)
In my opinion there was only one snus that could tackle a job like this, and that my friend is Thunder berry!  This snus is so popular it almost has a cult like following, especially in America with people who are trying to quit dip and switch to Swedish snus. I was lucky enough to get some in my package this month, I have wanted to try thunder berry for years but keep forgetting to add it to my cart with my regular order. I now have the chance and boy am I a fan!
Upon opening the container you are immediately hit with the rich fruity smell of raspberries and strawberries. It reminds me of Stride Sweet berry gum with a slight tobacco odor. The can is the same as all thunder cans; a simple and economical black container with a bright red label.

The taste is very light for an extra stark snus and to my delight; it DOES NOT have any artificial sweeteners! This is a huge plus in my book; I don’t feel that sweeteners have any business being in snus. They are full of chemicals the human body doesn’t need. Thunder berry has 5 ingredients’ and that’s it! No need to mess with perfection.
Despite the portions being wet this snus has very minimal drip. I was amazed! I was expecting it to be like thunder frosted which I love, but I cannot keep it in my mouth for more than 20 minutes. Thunder berry I can keep in for 40+ minutes with no drip or discomfort. 

The pouch sizes are quite large, especially for me who is used to the long plus, but it’s not that full of tobacco, so can easily be smooshed into position with no visible signs of snus lip. It would be great if they could make a thunder berry long +.
The nicotine hit on this one is 16mg’s which is the same as thunder frosted regular (but for some reason thunder berry is more expensive), and 4mg’s stronger then the long+. A decent punch that will not leave you wanting for more and keeps the American dip users who switch to snus very satisfied.
I will definitely be buying thunder berry from now on. I think it is just as appealing to women as it is to men, especially those women who have a high nicotine tolerance, and after being at the fair together all day, and it leaving an imprint on the inside of my jeans pocket, we are no longer strangers :)

Oden's Licorice Extra Strong Portion Review

Oden's Licorice Extra Strong Portion  

These portions have a semi-strong and very distinct licorice scent that caught me a bit off guard since I first didn’t notice the tiny red patch on the can that said “licorice”. Upon first discovering this I was not entirely pleased since I am not a fan of licorice – at all – by I decided to give it a go anyway!

The flavor lasts for as long as you can tolerate it, haha. As I said I normally don’t like licorice, not
in candy, smell or even to look at, but I was pleasantly surprised by this, and that’s saying a lot since I normally can’t stand this particular flavor. For a licorice snus it is really good – compared to a more sweet and girly snus like Catch Eucalyptus it does not even stand a chance.

This snus also gives you a massive nicotine buzz! It almost seems stronger than for example Copenhagen Straight Long Stuff, which can at times when I steal a pinch from my husband make me almost dizzy.  With its 17mg/g it is way too strong for me!

It’s a tad bit harsher than the white portions, it burns a little bit but it’s not that bad of a burn! I would not recommend it for a first time user though.

The can is a bit different from the usual cans, it doesn’t have a lid on the top which I think is a bit of a miss actually. I like having that little compartment in case I need to get rid of a pouch fast and can’t throw it on the ground. Other than that I think the can looks good, I like the combination of black, blue and gold , it fits with the name Oden! And also, the spiky swirls on the side of the name are just wonderful. I love anything with swirls on it!

I think this snus is way too much for girls, at least for this one! I am not overly fond of licorice to begin with and even though it was surprisingly good for a licorice snus it is way too strong, moist and tastes too much like licorice for my taste. It feels more like a snus that a “manly man” would like!

The EU snus fight

I heard rumors about a month ago that the EU comission wanted to forbid snus in Denmark. I thought: no way, the gouvernment won't agree to that; since snus is commonly used in Denmark. When I read the newspapers saying snussales will be forbidden in Denmark i was quite chocked and actually felt too tired to even write about it. Apparently the gouvernment in Denmark is giving up their snus and letting the EU commission win their crazy fight against a product that truly is a safer alternative to cigarettes. I have a lot of friends in Denmark and it just feels so wrong that they don't even have a choice but to give up their beloved snus. It feels so wrong that adults shouldn't get to make that choice for themselfs. I mean, it's not like it's some dangerous drug we are talking about. It's snus, a product that actually helps a lot of people quit smoking!
I feel so dejected hearing about all of this.
If this only was a fair fight, where the EU commission considered health studies, harm reduction and compared different tobacco products allowed for sale in the EU to snus, I would totally understand. If they found studies that could prove snus is dangerous to health compared to those other products or if they put a ban on cigarette sales, it would make sense to me. However they don’t. From what I've heard this is a fight all about money... And some companies must really be paying a lot to win this fight.

Stonewall Java, Dissolvable Tobacco review

Stonewall Java, Dissolvable Tobacco

I was super excited when Snus girl send me this in my latest box of goodies. I had never heard of Stonewall dissolvable tobacco before until now, otherwise I would have brought it for myself. 

A few years ago I wanted to quit smoking really badly. I was tired of the expense, the coughing up phlegm, and stinking like I had just crawled out of a chimney. I unfortunately turned to the pharmaceutical industry for help and after trying numerous quit smoking aids, settled on dissolvable lozenges.  Everything else seemed to make me nauseous, but the lozenges I could tolerate.
After a few weeks I was addicted to them and popping them like candy.  I was using a pack of 80 lozenges every week at a cost of over $55.00! This habit was just as expensive as smoking and one of the major points of me trying to stop smoking was to save a little money.  After 2 months I went back to cigs and then finally found Snus, yay!
Now I know that snus is not everybody’s cup of tea, I get that.  I have three friends who I have tried my hardest to help quit smoking and take up snus to no effect.  They simply do not like the taste, the feeling, the consistency or the pouch material.  Granted they won’t give it a proper chance and spit out the 1-2 portions I insist they try, but hey, I can’t force snus into people’s lips.
This might be the product for them, and in my opinion, a much better product then the artificial pharmaceutical brands. Let’s compare cost per lozenge.

I was buying Nicorette for $55.00 for 80 lozenges at 4mg each (same as stonewall).  This works out to be 68c per lozenge.  Northerner has stonewall for sale at $3.65 for 20 ( 18 c for lozenge). So that’s $14.60 for 80 lozenges. That’s a saving of $40.40! Unbelievable…
Now the taste of Stonewall is something truly unique. Nicorette comes in the basic mint and tastes like chemicals. Stonewall java smells like warm coffee and tastes amazing! So good in fact that it’s a treat and a nic hit all in one!
Sweet, warm, milky and with a mild tobacco flavor I can see these becoming a new favorite. The nicotine hit is also decent and you will not be craving a cigarette whilst enjoying one of these, and the best part is its natural and made of Virginian grown tobacco. Supporting the local US economy is important to me and it should be important to all Americans.
I will be buying more boxes of Stonewall and handing it out to my friends who want to quit smoking, I doubt they could resist these!

Happy oral tobacco-ing!


Phantom/Rothbrix Blue, white portion

Phantom/Rothbrix Blue, White Portion

This snus both taste and smells refreshing! It’s a bit more moist than some of the other white portions out there and is very flavorful.

I cannot really pin-point exactly what this tastes or smells like but I would almost want to describe it as a pure tobacco taste with a hint of freshness.. And not the minty kind of freshness but more like a wake-up-in-a-tent-to-the-smell-of-morning-dew-freshness. I love it, also had a hard time keeping my husband away from it and his first words were ‘wow’!

The pouches are unlike most other white portions not neatly organized in a pattern, but they also look a tiny bit different – softer. And they are softer than the other ones, which I enjoyed quite a bit actually. They almost feel like a little memory foam pillow in your mouth!

Smooth nicotine buzz (8mg/g), not too much and not too little. You can leave it in without getting a massive nicotine rush – and you would want to because the taste is just wonderful.

This snus is just so soft! Good portion size too, it could have been a tad less moist though.

The can itself does not reveal anything about how this snus actually tastes, I personally think it looks a bit flimsy and cheap, I do like the font on the can but that is pretty much it! If they would have put some details of silver on this can it would have looked a lot more intriguing but as is it’s just a boring blue, white and black can – boring!

This snus is really great when it comes to everything from how the pouch feels to taste and smell! It wasn’t too strong or to weak and the only real downside was the design of the can.. which isn’t much to complain about at all so I would recommend this to anyone and will definitely pick up a few more cans of this myself.

You can buy and get this snus shipped to EU, the US and other countries here  


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Oden's Extreme Wintergreen Review

Oden's Extreme Wintergreen, Strong portion
Ohhh another Oden’s arrived on my doorstep yesterday, full of Oden awesomeness! My change of heart for this brand has been miraculous and I find myself being just as excited over this as any of my usual favorites.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Oden’s licorice I got last time, the flavor was intense and the best tasting Anise snus I have ever tasted. This time, its Wintergreen, a woodsy ingredient made popular by American tobacco and candy manufacturers.

I had high expectations for this one. A bright olive green packaging with the funky oden’s design and a “caution: it can blow your mind” in big bold writing! Haha, that’s all relative I suppose.
I asked my boyfriend (who does not use any kind of tobacco) to smell the can and he described it as walking into the pine forest and sticking your face into the dirt.  That’s actually a compliment really, a fresh earthy fragrance reminiscent of pine and wet tobacco, a combination I find very pleasant and appealing.  I believe all snus should have a natural earthy aroma, being that it is the most minimally processed, this is a real and natural product.

As a huge fan of jakobssons flavoring, I was expecting oden’s to have the same bold wintergreen’s punch, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t really taste of anything. I have rolled several portions around in my mouth and cannot taste anything except a mild tobacco flavor with a hint of something very faint, maybe of a creamy vanilla. At first I was really disappointed, I have come to love the harsh herbal taste of wintergreen, but then I got to thinking, some people don’t like strong flavored snus like Jakobsson's and Thunder, and that’s ok. Swedish Match makes many products don’t really taste much like anything in particular and they are very popular and successful.  That’s the great part about these reviews; you can learn what brands are heavily flavored and what brands aren’t.

The pouches are also very comfortable. They are a wet portion and kind of lump up in the middle. I like to squish it around in my fingers first to distribute the tobacco and get the juices flowing.

Now the really cool thing about this snus is that the nicotine level is 22mg! Amazing, especially considering there is no harshness.  I didn’t even know it was that strong until I looked it up on Northerner. With other strong brands I sometimes get a jittery/heart-racing feeling, but not with Oden’s. I really like them for that; it must be more of a slow released nicotine additive. Much better than the instant hit/release into the bloodstream that is sometimes nauseating.
I personally wouldn’t buy this snus. The Nicotine level is great but I prefer my portions to be flavored. I mainly use portions when I am out and about and prefer interesting flavors, something to keep my mind and mouth occupied for long sittings in LA traffic, I will stick to my oden’s licorice for that. 

I would recommend it to those who prefer a mild portion and big nicotine hit. I know you are out there!
This is yours, enjoy.