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Northerner Licorice/Lemon Snus Review

Northerner Licorice/Lemon White Purified Portion Snus 
If you are like me, the first thing you do when you get a new can of snus is open it up and take a big whiff. Do not do it with this one! It left me a in a sneezing fit for 5 minutes! Haha

Ive never had this happen before and I went online to find out what was causing it.  It turns out that these Northerner snus’s are extra dry, purified and powdered.  This is quite a revolutionary step in snus production and I like it.

1. Its extra dry so no refrigeration and no spoilage,
2. Direct and fast nicotine absorption (excellent for those trying to quit smoking),
3. They are Discreet and very long lasting.

With all these great qualities why wouldn’t any one want to try it!
The thing I love most about the Northerner brand is the portion martial. It has to be the softest dry white portion on the market. Once it has absorbed the desired saliva levels, it’s like having a fluffy soft cloud in your mouth.  I have been known to forget about these portions and go to sleep only to wake up with them stuck to my forehead!

The flavor was a bit on the weak side, it didn’t really taste of licorice or lemon, very bland and non-assuming.  I enjoy my licorice snus to have a really strong anise punch. I realize that others don’t like an overpowering taste and this is the flavor for you. What it does have is a really warm peppery characteristic which is kinda cool, something you will never get with any other snus.

I was very curious to find out what is on the inside of these portions so I had to cut one open. I was so shocked to see a powder reminiscent of finely ground salt and pepper, very interesting and similar to snuff, although I was definitely not game enough to snort this into my nose!

At 6mg, one portion is not enough for me so I always use 2 portions and luckily they are small enough to do this.  I find that 12mg is perfect for me and very comfortable.  I also like that it comes with 24 portions. the highest amount per can on the market. 

I am a huge advocate for people trying to quit smoking and every time I get a can of Northerner snus I always give out portions to my friends trying to quit.  It’s the ideal anti-smoking product for people unaccustomed to snus.  Very non-threatening, not overly strong or intimidating, comfortable and easy to adjust to, and if it is a gateway product to help people improve their life then it is worth more than any other snus out there.  People who are full-time snus users might not be that interested in Northerner snus but I highly recommend it to those who finally want to quit smoking and delve into a healthier and safer nicotine habit.
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